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Lamp of Love Episode-10: Anirudh fulfills first step in Bondita’s dream.

The episode starts with a voice says, “Who are you to tell this, to send my family away from my house”. Everyone turns and look Thakumaa stands there. What did you people ask how can Bondita and Tapur stay here right? Actually why can’t they stay here, did you all forget that Bondita and Tapur are my granddaughter, they will stay here only.  The villagers say but Thakumaa, she stops them and tells they are my blood, so I don’t want any further discussion on this topic, if you people came for any other work you can stay otherwise you can all leave. The villagers leave from there.

Ksj asks, how was your work Kalindi? She says it’s was fine, Sampoorna brings tea for them and sits with them. Thakumaa asks about Bondita, Anirudh tells her that she is resting. He tells them about Satyamev Jayate campaign place. Thakumaa asks how did he manage to complete soon, Sampoorna says anything for Bondita right? Anirudh looks at her, she smiles. Ksj asks so when you are planning to take Bondita there. Anirudh tells he will take her tomorrow. Bondita comes there and asks Thakumaa where she went? Thakumaa tells about her work. Bondita tells that they are heading to court regarding Vibha’s case and will meet everyone after some time. Anirudh and Bondita leaves. Anirudh on the way tells Bondita that they have Polygamy meeting also, Bondita tells regarding what Sakha babu we are working on it right? He says yes but have to discuss something regarding that. They reach court, other barrister’s working on Polygamy starts their discussion. Anirudh tells them that this is not easy and they really need women’s support to this or they may fail miserably in this. Bondita tells we will make them understand, we already knew some women who are ready to fight. They discuss one barrister tells first for Polygamy abolishment we have to solve the problems in that branch, Anirudh tells him that it’s right actually first we have to reduce dowry system, they discuss for some more time and everyone disperse from there.

Somnath, Tapur and Sampoorna discuss about Anirudh and Bondita. Tapur tells did you both saw how Anirudh dada looked Bondita di. Sampoorna tells yes but it isn’t enough for us to decide that Anirudh has feelings we have to bring it out. Somnath says, but I feel that dada is hiding his feeling. Tapur tells we already know this, Som throws a glance at her and tells that he didn’t complete what he was to say. Tapur says okay, then tell us, for that you have to stop interfering. Sampoorna asks them to stop arguing and start thinking, they start thinking. Tapur says why can’t we check dada’s room, actually we confirmed Bondita di feeling after reading her dairy so in similar way if Anirudh dada has something like that. Som says, but if someone sees that we are sneaking in his room then it will be huge trouble for us, Sampoorna tells I will see to that and smiles.

Anirudh and Bondita decides to meet Vibha, they reach ashram. Bondita asks her some question that is needed for case. Vibha answers them. Bondita asks about her husband, Vibha tells he was really a good man and cared her enough, she tells that her sasural people was also good that time but after his death they decided for sati, at that time I informed them about pregnancy so they didn’t practice sati and in fact they were happy about it, but later they turned cruel and she starts to cry, Bondita consoles and tell her to be strong, she tells that there case will be coming to court tomorrow and asks her to be ready, Anirudh explain her about court atmosphere and assures her that they both stand with her in this journey. Vibha thanks them and leaves. Bondita and Anirudh returns to haveli.

Ksj and Thakumaa discuss about the morning happenings. Thakumaa tells him not to worry as they are relation. Ksj tells that this would have not come if Anirudh and Bondita both got married. Thakumaa tells that we cannot force them and also we don’t know if they both are in this thought or not. Ksj tells that this Anirudh will not accept this, he will start telling that Bondita is only my responsibility not other than that. Ksj says, “Kalindi sometimes I think Anirudh has misconception towards his feeling, if it is clear then we don’t have to worry for then”. Thakumaa asks what misconception. KSj tells Anirudh is thinking love as responsibility but how can we make him realize that, they both are still behaving like kids, particularly Bahu is with same naughtiness.

Anirudh asks Bihari to call Bondita, before Bihari leaves from there Bondita comes. Bihari says choti malkin I was about to come and call you. Bondita tells now I have come and smiles. Anirudh asks Bondita to get ready as they are heading to an important place. Bondita asks where, Anirudh tells her to get ready and not to ask question, she goes to her room and gets ready. Tapur comes there and asks where she is going? Bondita tells don’t know Sakha babu wants to take me somewhere. Tapur says, di what if dada surprise you, Bondita asks what surprise. Tapur says, what did you not understand? Bondita shakes her head. Tapur tells what if dada takes you out and suddenly grasp your hand and tells Bondita I love you so much but I didn’t get any right time to confess my feeling, Bondita looks. Bondita sees Anirudh coming there and grasps her hand and look straight into her eyes and says, Bondita I was dying to say this, I want to spend my rest of life with you, and Bondita hugs him tight and says I too want to say this to you.  Tapur says di leave me, I am not Anirudh dada, she screams di. Bondita comes back to reality and leaves Tapur. Tapur asks di I just asked you to imagine not to get into action, Bondita holds her ears and apologies and laughs, they both burst into laughter.

Anirudh and Bondita reach a place. They both get down. Anirudh closes her eyes, Bondita asks where he is taking her, he didn’t respond. Anirudh opens her eyes, Bondita gets stunned and looks emotional looking into the board which displays Satyamev Jayate, a campaign by Barrister Bondita das. Bondita asks Anirudh when he did all this things, Anirudh tells her that this is her first step and he wants best for his Bondita. Bondita looks hearing his words and hugs him. Bondita says, Sakha babu you have been in every step of my life, words are not enough to describe my emotions and cry, Anirudh too reciprocate her hug and caress her head, he tells that not today I will always be in each and every step of your life (RTM plays).

Anirudh and Bondita return home, on their way Anirudh stops his vehicle, Bondita asks what happened. Anirudh shows a man and says that this is Vinay Basu, famous barrister in criminal law. Bondita asks yes Sakha babu I have read about him in article. Anirudh nods and tells he is the one to fight against you. Bondita asks what? Anirudh tells yes Bondita he will be defending Vibha’s sasural people. Bondita looks on, she tells whoever it is I will fight for justice, and Anirudh tells you said right but at present we don’t have any witness, we have to gather evidence or else it will be really difficult. Bondita says, Sakha babu but we have evidence with us and smiles.

To be continued…

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