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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Raghav’s Rudeness For Maithili

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Power returns with Maithili’s graha pravesh. Constable says light returned with Maithili’s steps. Chanchal says she is right, Lakshmi entered their house. Maithili and Raghav take Mangi and Jwala’s blessings. Jwala thinks Maithili is someone else in Lakshmi’s disguise and asks Maithili enters to step on alta/red color and take 2 steps as its auspicious. Chanchal says 5 steps. Constable asks Raghav to walk with Maithili as its auspicious for them. They walk together remembering promises made to each other. Bin Puche Mera Naam Aur Pata.. song plays in the background. Maithili slips looking into Raghav’s eyes. Raghav holds her. Jwala and her team get jealous seeing that. Chanchal welcomes Maithili. Jwala says its done. Chanchal asks if Maithili liked her welcome and if yes, she should promise to take are of this family’s dignity with Raghav by imprinting turmeric laced hands on wall. Maithili remembers Arun performing same ritual when he brought her home and accepted her as his daughter. Rani thinks all the rituals are performed with denial.

Vigilance officer tells Maithili that he knows she is forced in this marriage and should inform him. She says no. He says his colleague will visit her for a week to find out if she is being troubled. She says they are welcomed and will be greeted with tea and sweets. Officer leaves. Maithili says they both know this marriage is forced on them and hence she wants to clear 2 conditions that she will stay here for a week until officers visit and nobody will trouble her till she is here. Jwala asks who will pay her expenses. Raghav stops her. Jwala says let her clear it. Maithili says she will. Raghav says even he has 2 conditions, she will be her room always and will not try to make any relationships with his family members. She agrees and thinks she came here but knows that things won’t be so easy for her. Servant brings her luggage and informs that Aarti sent it for her. She thanks him.

Jwala tells Rani that they should keep Raghav and Maithili away as they loved each other before and its their mission. Rani agrees. Her husband laughs and shows Chanchal decorating Raghav and Maithili’s room. Jwala says Chanchal played this game, now she got a first reason for attack. Rani walks to Maithili and asks if she is still standing her. Maithili says she doesn’t know which is her room. Rani shows her room. Maithili is shocked to see room and bed decorated with flowers and gets angry. She asks Raghav if she decorated room for suhagraat, she didn’t expect this from him. He asks if she thinks he is a creep. She says he speaks something and does something else. He asks like what. She says like he was in town and told he went on training, his family demanded dowry from her papa, etc. He shouts how dare she is, he is not interested in touching her, even he wants to know who decorated the room. He holding her hand walks to family and asks who decorated his room. Chanchal says he did. Jwala shouts that this marriage is just for 7 days and will he force Raghav to perform suhagraat with Maithili. Chanchal says he is not a big officer like Raghav and intelligent, but he wants to ask why did Raghav apply sindhoor in Maithili’s hairline and put mangalsutra in her neck; whether he believes it or not, fate got them married and performed Maithili’s graha pravesh, so whatever people say, Maithili is Raghav’s wife and Jwala’s DIL. Raghav shouts to mind his own business. Maithili tells Chanchal that she understood that he is an emotional man, but things are not like he thinks, mangalsutra is valued if its fixed with trust or else it doesn’t have any value. Jwala asks her to throw it away. Maithili removes her mangalsutra.

Precap: Maithili prepares dinner for family.
Family praises and finishes whole food. Maithili asks what will she have.
Jwala says hot water. Maithili orders pizza and says she will make payment with her first rasoi/kitchen shagun money.

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