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Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea steals Prachi’s credit

Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that Tanu wants to sell you, but I don’t want to buy you. He says Tanu wants to sell me and you don’t want to buy. Pragya tries to clarify, but the call gets disconnected. She throws her phone. Abhi takes a drink and collides with someone. He asks a drunk guy not to let him get hurt as he is getting sold and nobody buys defective item. Rhea serves the stolen chole to the guests. The guest tells that the chole seems to be tasty. Pallavi asks them to tell whose chole batura are good, of Rhea or Prachi. Rajeshwari tells that she has never eaten so much tasty chole batura. Sharda ji says it is good than that famous restaurant. Rhea says choleya and says she used to go with friends, during college days. Rajeshwari ji tells Pallavi that yesterday she showed understanding and now serving us food. She praises Rhea. Other guest asks Rhea to teach her qualities to her bahu. Teji says we will not send our diamond to anyone. Pallavi asks where is Prachi? Teji says I asked her to come, shall I enquire. Rajeshwari asks for another batura. Dida asks them to wait as Prachi is also making. Prachi comes there and says she has brought sweets. Rhea says I will help you and asks why she is stressed. She says you have made sweets along with main course, that is commendable. She serves them. Rajeshwari says we will have it after chole batura. Rhea asks them to taste it, but don’t forget my chole taste. Prachi serves the batura. Pallavi asks where is your chole? Prachi says she had gone out of kitchen for 2 mins and when she returned, it was fallen on the ground. Pallavi asks how did it fall. Rajeshwari ji says it is ok. All of them praise Rhea for the chole (which she had stolen from Prachi’s kitchen) and leaves. Rhea tells Prachi that its ok, what is your mistake if your chole had fallen down. She says today’s lunch would be incomplete without your sweets. Dida and Pallavi greet the guests as they leave.

Pallavi shouts Prachi. Rhea asks Soni to clear the table fast and comes to Pallavi. Pallavi scolds Prachi and asks why she didn’t make chole for the lunch. She asks how did the chole fell down. She says I thought to give you a chance, but you have done mistake again. She asks how can you be so clumsy. Prachi says I didn’t make the chole fall. Pallavi asks who made it fall? Rhea, Teji or me. Prachi says may be cat came. Dida asks Pallavi not to get angry. Pallavi asks what to do, shall I not see her mistakes. Teji tells that Pallavi was right and tells that if she gives her chance then she will do mistake again. Pallavi asks if chole was of bad taste that you made it fall and making an excuse. Dida asks why are you thinking like this, and tells that they had food here. Pallavi says they might be thinking when I can’t handle my bahu, then how can I handle the foundation. Dida says you are dragging the issue. Pallavi says when Rhea can make food, then why can’t Prachi. She says Rhea made a good tasty food, and impressed everyone. She says when one sister can do then why can’t other. She says how can it be possible that Rhea can do good things always and Prachi does mistake. Rhea says I accept that Prachi has done blunder and asks her to forgive her. She says I will make sure that she does good thing. Pallavi asks why did she go out of call. Rhea says may be someone’s call came. Pallavi says surely it might be Ranbir’s call. Teji says though she talks more with Ranbir, but feels it is less. Pallavi says she is alone with him since 2 years and says nobody shall take her side. she says Prachi has disappointed me again and says it is my mistake. Rhea says she is already feeling guilty and asks her not to scold Prachi. Pallavi says Rhea is the perfect wife to have saved her husband, she is the perfect bahu who saved her family’s respect and she is the perfect sister who thinks of her sister good and she is a perfect dewrani, thought about your betterment always. She asks Rhea to make Prachi like her. She asks dida to give same place to both bahus in her heart. She says Rhea deserves your love and blessings. Prachi says sorry to Dida.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and hugs her. He says mummy scolded you today and says don’t know why she does like this. Prachi says it was my mistake. She tells that she tries not to make mistake, but it happens at the end. She says when Mummy was scolding me, but Rhea supported me and told that she will take care of me and will make sure that I will not do any mistake. She says I felt good as she actually cares for me. Ranbir says I didn’t know you will be happy with her care. She says I feel that my life has completed. She says things changed after Sid and Rhea’s marriage, it was my dream to love her, pamper her, fight with her and other things. She says whatever Rhea did with me, I felt really happy. Ranbir says you like Mummy and Rhea, do you like me.

Prachi gets a call from her old landlord aunty. She picks the call and notes down something. Ranbir asks what happened, whose address is this? Prachi gets emotional and says Maa.

Vikram asks Pallavi how was her foundation lunch. Pallavi tells that Prachi had tried to ruined her image, but thanks to Rhea, she saved their image. She tells that she thought to give her fair chance, but she is still the same. Vikram says she is our bahu and that’s why she is here. Pallavi says she is just Ranbir’s wife and says yesterday she ruined Rajeshwari’s saree, but Rhea sets it right and today also Rhea managed the situation. Vikram says you says so much to Prachi and scold her much, what if Ranbir defends her. Pallavi says I have worked so much to set this reputation and says Prachi tried to ruined it. Vikram asks why will she do this? Pallavi says Abhi has ruined our reputation in the society and his daughter will do the same. Vikram says Abhi had never done, I am sure. Pallavi says I heard. Vikram says a person is not bad, but his time.

Abhi is drinking on the road and thinks of Pragya’s words. Just then he gets hit by the car and falls down. It was Ranbir’s call. Prachi sees him and says Papa. Ranbir calls him chief and gets down. He asks what are you doing here Chief? Prachi holds his hand. Abhi says I came on the road, I don’t understand that the guy who came on road, how can he get sold. He says my wife has sold me to my ex wife. Prachi washes his injury and gets shocked hearing this. Ranbir also gets shocked.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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