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Kkb episode 44 (Love of Life)

But I am still angry. ” say four different person in a unison.

All the eyes were on them and four people come forward from the crowd and they were – Prachi, Ranbir, Rhea and Ishaan.. They all go towards mandap and then towards the person they were the most close to..
Rannir to Mishti, Prachi to Shahana, Rhea to Aryan and Ishaan to Shashank.

” I am your brother” say Ranbir and Ishaan in a unison to their respective siblings.

“And you hid this thing for me, I shared everything with you but you, can’t even believe. ” say Prachi and Rhea in a unison to Aryan and Shahana respectively.

“And this Aryan he hid such an important thing from me, not done at all” says Ranbir while glaring at Aryan.

” Sorry ” say the couples in a unison.

“Not okay” say Pranbir and Rhehaan in a unison.

” I promise I will never hide anything from you after this. ” says Shahana while making a cute pout on her face and this was sufficient to melt Prachi’s heart. Prachi smiles at her and hugs her.

“I am really happy for you ” says Prachi while still hugging Shahana.

” Ranbir forgive me next time it won’t happen. ” says Aryan while moving towards Ranbir.

” But I want a party, secret lover ” says Ranbir teasingly.

” Bhai forgive me ” says Shashank and Mishti to their respective brothers.

Ranbir and Ishaan give a smile and hug their siblings.

“Rhea you also forgive me” says Aryan while moving towards Rhea.

” I was knowing that you love Shahana” says Rhea while shocking everyone.

” What.. Means how? ” asks a suprised Aryan.

” I saw you talking to yourself when you were speaking ill about
Shashank and almost planning to kill him for proposing Shahana. ” says Rhea

” So you knew it. ”  asks Aryan.

“Yes but I kept quite as I wanted to see how would you stop the marriage otherwise I was ready to stop it. ” says Rhea.

“So I guess you people don’t want to get married that’s why you all are conversing till now. ” says Kiara.

The pandit starts chanting the mantras and the couples happily sit on the mandap performing the rituals.
All were happy for them and were showering their love on them in the forms of flowers.. Kiara was the happiest she slowly moves back and stands beside a person.. She looks at the person and it was Sunny, she remembers how cold was he with her and the smile vanishes she feels little uncomfortable as she thought Sunny was upset with her, so she moves away from there.. Sunny feels sad.
Both the couple take seven rounds and seven vows of always supporting each other in any condition….. The wedding was finally over both the couples take blessings from elders. Sunny goes near Kiara and takes her with her.

“Kiara I am sorry” says Sunny.

Kiara – Sorry, I thought you are upset with me.

Sunny – Why should I be upset with you indeed it should be you who should be upset, I behaved rudely with you. I am sorry.
Kiara – It’s okay. But why were you angry by the way?
Sunny (stammering) -Actually.. I was angry… Because..
Kiara – Because?

Just then a delivery boy enters with a box in his hand.

Delivery boy – Excuse me, can I meet  Mr. Sunny Singh.

Sunny (got an excuse) “Kiara you asked me that why was I angry this is the reason. ” says Sunny while pointing towards the delivery boy.

“But how? ” asks a confused Kiara.

“Come with me. ” says Sunny while dragging Kiara towards the door.

“Sir your parcel. ” says the delivery boy.

“I waiting for this since morning and he is arriving now. ” says Sunny while faking his anger.

“Sir but.. ” says a confused delivery boy.

“What sir? ”  says Sunny.

“Sunny leave it, see he is here now. ” says Kiara trying to calm Sunny.

” Today Kiara is here so I am letting go. ” says Sunny while still faking his anger.

He collects the parcel and requests Kiara to take it inside to which Kiara agrees happily. After Kiara leaves he turns towards the delivery boy.

“Sorry and thank you today you saved me” says Sunny while looking at the delivery boy.

” Now I understood she is your girlfriend. ” says the delivery boy.

“No to be girlfriend and very soon after that my would be wife. ” says Sunny while blushing.

“I will invite you also in my wedding today you saved me. ” says Sunny.

“Okay sir, now I am leaving. ” says delivery boy.

After this the delivery boy leaves while Sunny enters in happily. He collides with someone and on noticing the person his smile vanishes.

“Sorry.” says Sunny rudely while leaving from there.

“Sunny just wait.” says Purab looking at Sunny.

“What happened?” asks Sunny.

“I am sorry. “says Purab

“Sorry but for what? ” asks a suprised Sunny.

“For everything. ” says Purab.

“Ohh so you are apologizing now , after 22 years, isn’t it too early? Wait for few more years take time and then come to apologize. And now it’s worthless, I wish that you would come to us that day then maybe we would be living happily. But you, you chose that Aliya over us. Everytime I think of that day your betrayal, my mom’s tears and cries come in front of my eyes, because of you my mom cried so much, I lost my bro..  says Sunny emotionally.

While Purab was still confused about Sunny’s incomplete statement.

“What was he about to say? ” thinks Purab while still pondering over the last incomplete statement. On noticing Sunny, Purab moves towards him in order to comfort him. Purab puts his hand on his shoulder and was about to hug him when Sunny pushes him away.

“Stay away from me and my mom, you lost your all rights on us, the day you ditched us so better stay away. ” says Sunny while wiping his tears.

After this he leaves from there while Purab feels hurt, unknown to him Aryan who came there to ask him to come heard everything, he was completely heart broken after learning the dark secret of his mom and dad’s wedding, everyday he gets to know something new which leaves him dejected. He didn’t expect his dad to be a cheater and his mom to be an evil obsessed lover who ruined a happy family but the question in his mind was “Why did his dad marry his mom if he was in love with Disha and had a son? ” He was completely confused, the mystery was becoming more and more complicated day by day and it was high time now for him to know everything and solve this mystery.

Little fast forward ⏩.
All the guests were gone and only the family members including Disha and Sunny were present there.. All the rituals like griha pravesh were done on the both sides.. Ishaan comes the Mehra mansion. The couples were in their room celebrating their special day in the embrace of their partners with whom they united after many obstacles.. While Ishaan was passing a girl collides with him and falls in his arms.. Ishaan who was holding the girl in his embrace, was all lost in the beautiful  eyes who were staring at him continuously , both of them have an intense eye lock.. The girl could feel his touch and a shiver passes through her body, she felt it for the first time and was feeling completely differently. After sometimes they break the eye lock and get back to their normal position.

“I… I am sorry ” says Rhea excusing herself.

“It’s okay but are you okay? ” asks Ishaan.

“Ya I am okay. ” says Rhea stuttering as the shiver was still passing through her body, she was feeling completely different.

“But you don’t seem to be okay” says Ishaan.

” No no I am okay, what brings you here by the way? ” asks Rhea in order to divert the topic.

“You.” says Ishaan surprising Rhea.

“Me.” asked a confused Rhea.

“Yes don’t you remember today is Mishka’s birthday and she invited you also when we met her last time at club? ” asks Ishaan.

“Ohh, Mishka, remembered now but it’s at night right? ” asks Rhea.

“Obviously at night only but I came here to tell you that come to my house first we will leave together. ” says Ishaan while passing a smile to Rhea .

“Okay I will. ” says Rhea while smiling.

“So I am leaving now. ” says Ishaan while turning back.

“Wait.” says Rhea.

“Is there anything? ” asks Ishaan.

“Should I ask him or not? ” thinks a confused Rhea.

“Actually yes. ” says Rhea gathering all the courage and then dragging Ishaan with her.

Ishaan was all confused but walks with her.. He was feeling different but brushes his thought away.

While in Arhana’s room.
Shahana was standing near the window continuously staring at the empty sky, Aryan who comes there after changing looks at her and back hugs her, placing his head in a resting position on her shoulder.

Aryan – What are you thinking?

Shahana – Aryan isn’t it like a sweet dream, a few hours ago I thought that I will loose you forever but now you see you are with me, it’s like a miracle, I still can’t believe that I and you are together, for the first time I got so much happiness, you are the first person on whom I claim my right fully, you know I lost my parents when I was too small indeed I don’t even remember how they look or who they were, massi and Prachi were with me but my mom and dad were not. So now I don’t want to loose you and promise me you will never leave me alone. ” says Shahana emotionally with tears flowing from her eye.

“I promise I will never leave you alone and now make a habit of getting happiness because now I am with you, I won’t even allow a single tear to come in your eyes and that’s a promise. ” says Aryan while cupping her face and wipping her tears.

“I love you. ” says Shahana while hugging Aryan.

“I love you too. ” says Aryan.

Shahana – Let’s sleep I am tired.
Aryan – What so early?
Shahana – Yaa I am tired so I am sleeping.

Saying this she goes near bed but was stopped by Aryan who pulls her back.

“Aryan what are you doing? ” asks Shahana.

“Romancing my wife. ” says Aryan with a smirk on his face.

“What if anyone sees us? ” asks Shahana.

“The door is closed and now no one can even stop me because you are officially mine. ” says Aryan while dressing her long tresses.

” Okay but…” says Shahana.

“But what? ” asks Aryan.

Shahana (getting out of his grip) – But now I want to sleep.

Saying this Shahana gives an angry look and lies  on bed. Aryan follows her and sleeps beside her.

“It was better if I would marry Mishti rather than marrying you.” says Aryan intentionally.

Shahana (angry) – What did you say?
Aryan – What you heard.
Shahana – I am not talking to you.

Saying this Shahana gets up but was pulled by Aryan. She falls on his chest. Shahana’s heartbeat increases
and it could be easily heard by her.
Aryan pulls her more closer to him. He smirks while Shahana looks on.. She gets back to the normal position.

“I guess we should sleep now. ” says Shahana while stammering.

“You may but I don’t have any reason to sleep so early. ” says Aryan while looking at her with a smirk on his face

” You better sleep because from tomorrow onwards you are going to do all the work and this can be your last comfortable sleep my dear husband. ” says Shahana while pulling his cheeks and passing an evil smile.

The expression on Aryan’s face changes, he was getting the feeling of a married man whose freedom was slowly and slowly turning into slavery.

“So now you are sleeping right? “asks Shahana with a smirk.

” Yes . ” says a helpless Aryan

Shahana laughs and then wishes him good night.. Both of them sleep.

In Rhea’s room.

Rhea and Ishaan reach her room. Ishaan was little confused but Rhea drags him inside.

“I may sound odd and I know after what I am going to ask you, you may call me psycho also but I really need your help. ” says Rhea.

“Help but what kind of help? ” asks a confused Ishaan.

” Actually I need your help in selecting my outfit. ” says Rhea .

“Really Rhea, you brought me here to choose your outfit, you are really crazy. ” says Ishaan while giving an impossible look to Rhea.

“Ishaan it’s not my fault, no it’s my fault only actually I can’t decide what to wear. I had nobody that’s why I asked you, Shahana must be busy, Kiara dii is with Sunny bhai and Prachi was also busy so I asked you but if you don’t want to help I can manage. ” says Rhea while indirectly emotionally blackmailing Ishaan.

” No no don’t worry I will help you. ” says Ishaan while looking at Rhea.

“Yes.” shouts Rhea and hugs Ishaan without realizing her this moment.

Ishaan was little suprised, Rhea who just realises what she did breaks the hug.

“Woh… I am sorry actually I was excited so this happened, really sorry. ” says an embarrassed Rhea.

“You don’t need to explain yourself, it happens with me also but I don’t hug anyone. ” says Ishaan in order to lighten the atmosphere.

Rhea chuckles and then Ishaan helps her to choose the outfit.

While on the other side.

Prachi was sitting in her room, working on her laptop … Just then Ranbir who was passing through the corridors sees her and an evil idea comes to him. He goes near the window and enters her room without making any noise. Prachi was so lost in her work that she didn’t even notice him. While Ranbir hides behind the couch, he takes a paper from the stool which was placed near by and starts making paper balls out of it. He  gets up and throws  the paper ball on Prachi and before Prachi could see him he hides behind the couch and silently laughs.. Prachi ignores it for the first time. He then again looks up and again throws a paper ball but Prachi again ignores it, he continues to do this and on the fourth time .
He throws the ball and hides.

“Who is disturbing me, just come out. ” shouts an annoyed Prachi.

She again continues doing her work, Ranbir again throws a ball which makes her more annoyed. She calms down herself and acts to work. Ranbir gets up and again throws the ball but this time Prachi saw his reflection in the mirror.

“Ohh so he is the one, let me deal with him in his own way. ” thinks Prachi and smirks.

The another time Ranbir gets up to throw the ball but gets shocked to see that Prachi wasn’t on the bed.

“Where did Prachi go? ” he says this to himself.

“Are you finding me? ” asks Prachi while standing next to him, folding her hands and glaring at him.

Ranbir looks at Prachi.

“Yes ” says Ranbir without realizing anything.

Suddenly the reality hits him and he realises that Prachi was standing next to him.

“Prachi… Woh… Actually.. ” says Ranbir while stuttering.

“Speak.. You, you were trying to disturb me by throwing paper balls. ” says Prachi while trying to catch him but before Prachi could catch him he starts running followed by Prachi who was chasing him.

There was a lot of choas in the room with Ranbir running and Prachi chasing him.. After an unsuccessful try of catching him, Prachi climbs on the bed and starts throwing things on Ranbir… Ranbir starts moving from right to left in order to escape from Prachi’s deadly attacks.. Prachi throws a pillow towards him on seeing this Ranbir bents and the pillow finding the way through the window lands on a person’s face… Ranbir and Prachi look at the person, the expression on their face changes, Prachi opens her mouth.

“Aliya buji… ” says Prachi but before Aliya could see her Ranbir pulls her and they both hide behind the couch. While Aliya opens her eyes which were full of anger, Sunny and Kiara were also coming front that side laughing together and talking. Aliya misunderstands them to be the one who threw the pillow on her to make fun of her. She angrily walks towards them.

Aliya – How dare you throw pillow on my face.
Kiara – Hey are you mad why will we throw pillow on your face, the plan is good enough but we didn’t do that.
Aliya – Then why were you laughing?
Sunny – Our wish and who the hell are you to ask us why are we laughing.
Aliya -You!
Kiara – What you?
Sunny – Kiara let’s go don’t waste time in talking to dirty people.

Saying this Kiara and Sunny leave from there.

“I know that you were behind it, you are not leaving a single moment to insult me, but not now, now you will pay for your every deed Kiara, you have to pay the price for insulting me. Countdown begins now.. Tik tik tik…. thinks Aliya in her evil mind with a smirk on her face.

She leaves from there while Prachi and Ranbir slowly peep through the window and on noticing that Aliya had already left they both get relieved.

“Ahh.. She is gone. ” says Pranbir in a unison.

They both look at each other and start laughing, lying on the floor holding their stomach and having a hard time to control their laughter.. Suddenly Ranbir’s eyes fall on Prachi whom he saw laughing her heart out after ages, he was all lost in her.

While on the other side.
Sunny and Kiara were continuously roaming, passing from corridors to corridors having nothing to do and nowhere to go, just finding one or more excuse to stay with each other for the whole day. Spending their time together , laughing and talking, cherishing the moment and keeping it stored in their hearts and minds forever.. They enter the main Hall where Disha and every family member including Purab were sitting.

Disha – Sunny we should leave now.
Kiara – Aunty now, I mean so early.
Sunny (looking at his wrist watch) – What early it’s already eight.
Pragya – Why don’t you stay here today?
Disha – But dii…
Kiara – Mom is right today you can stay here only.
Abhi – Yes Disha, what’s the problem.
Sunny – But chucks…
Kiara – No ifs and buts it’s final that you are staying here.
Abhi – Yes Kiara is right after all Sunny and Kiara are meeting after ages let them also enjoy and Disha you completely forgot us today we will also get a chance.
Disha – Jiju..
Pragya – So Kia, you and Sunny enjoy together.
Kiara – Okay mom, Sunny come.

Saying this both of them leave from there… They reach Kiara’s room..

Kiara – Sunny so let’s go out.
Sunny – At this time where we will go?
Kiara – Club! You know I made a few new friends so let’s go out.
Sunny – But ..
Kiara – No we will go out and that’s final, I am getting ready you wait for me and exactly at ten we will leave.
Sunny – So will you take two hours to get ready?
Kiara – Not sure but you have to wait.

Sunny moves out waiting for Kiara.. While Ishaan and Rhea leave for the party..

Precap- Jealousy!!… King departures.. Aliya’s plan…

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