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His Hostage in Love- Allergy ep. 18 IMM2


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He brought her down and she turned to look at him, both lost in each other’s eyes. Riddhima broke the eye lock and moved towards the cooker. Vansh stared at her, leaning on the table top. He saw her mixing everything and she covered the pot with the lid. Vansh went close to her, tracing his arms with her and held her by her waste, shocking Riddhima.

He picked her and placed her gently on the table top and stood in front of her staring in her eyes. She raised her eyebrows while he copied the same. She frowned cutely while he copied the same. She folded her arms towards her chest and he copied.

Riddhima: Is there a copying competition going on?

Vansh: Time pass! (winking, thinking) This should be the right time to ask her about the nightmare

Riddhima: (clicking her tongue) Perfect isn’t it Vihaan? (sarcasm)

Vansh: Vansh!! (in his mind) She isn’t going to let me ask!

Riddhima: You’re behaving like Vihaan! (murmuring) Personality disorder.

Vansh: I think I heard that (squinting his eyes)

Riddhima: What did you hear?

Vansh: That I’m handsome! (winking)

Riddhima: Uhh! Stop it…check the meethi bhaat!

Vansh turned off the gas and stirred the meethi bhaat that was now ready. Riddhima got off the table top and served it in the bowls and along with Vansh took it to the dining table where the rest were waiting for them. They both settled down and served the food to themselves.

There was white sauce and red ariabiata penne, lasagna and garlic bread. Riddhima took some white sauce penne and garlic bread, while Vansh took red ariabiata penne and some lasagna. Ishani and Kabir had lasagna while Anupriya took some red ariabiata penne.

They talked about their day keeping it lively on the dining table however Riddhima felt strange, she felt all of a sudden low. Soon she started scratching her neck while her throat and head pained. Her scratching grew faster gaining everyone’s attention.

Vansh: Why are you scratching yourself like this? (confused)

Anupriya: Is everything fine dear?

Riddhima: N..o (choking)

She wasn’t able to speak so she tried sign language. They couldn’t understand so she grabbed a tissue and a pen from Vansh’s pocket and wrote;

I’m suffering from an allergy

Was there mushroom?

On this Anupriya worriedly nodded.

Anupriya: Are you allergic to them? (she nodded) God! Your medicines?

She wrote again

I don’t have them

Vansh looked at her in concern, she was turning red. Without wasting any time he picked her up from her seat and took her to their room, instructing Kabir to call the doctor. Ishani and Anupriya ran behind them to look after Riddhima who grew weak. Vansh made her lie down on the bed while she had uneven breathes, he rubbed her hand and tried stopping her from scratching.

Riddhima looked at him, seeing him worried and panicking for her was something new to her, except for her brother and friends, no one had ever behaved like that for her. While Vansh panicked thinking about the consequences, he almost had tears in his eyes shocking everyone present there. He felt something rolling down his cheek and he took his hand rubbing it to see a tear.

He was shocked seeing them….he had never allowed them to flow after his father had died. Maybe this was because it was his heart that was crying for his unknown love for Riddhima that he assumed to be friendship.

Kabir arrived with the doctor and Vansh stepped back allowing her to check her. She administered her an injection to calm the reactions in her body. She prescribed some medicines for her and soon left. Vansh asked Kabir to get them while he told Anupriya and Ishani to stay beside Riddhima who had fallen asleep due to dose of injection she received.

Vansh went down to the servants quarters.

Vansh: All of you! (shouting) Keep this in mind that mushroom will never enter this house again! Get it! (his inner mind mocked him)

“Are you sure forever Vansh…or to remind you just for a month! She’s staying here for only a month!”

Vansh: (brushing off his thoughts) Get it clear!! Never!

Vansh left from there scaring the servants while they wondered why their boss refused when he loved them to the core. Vansh loved mushrooms in his food, did he just kill his desire for his friend? Or for his love who was now becoming his life? Vansh went back to his room and sat beside Riddhima, caressing her hair gently.

Ishani: Vansh where had you gone? (curious)

Vansh: To tell the servants to never bring mushrooms back into this house! (focusing on Riddhima)

Kabir: (from the door) What!! The man who never ate his food without mushrooms is the guy who said that! (shocked) What a change Bhai! Oh and here are the medicines (handing over) By the way, Riddz Bhabhi sleeping so peacefully….strange right?

Anu: What do you mean?

Kabir: Simple, that when she’s awake she’s a lioness and now the total opposite. (chuckling) Mushrooms have the magic to do that wow!

Vansh: (glaring) Kabir! If that was a joke then a poor one, not funny.

Kabir: Sorry

Vansh: Mom, di you can leave I’m here for her.

Anupriya and Ishani agreed and left while Kabir stayed back without even being asked to. They waited for her to come her senses.


Night club

A question: Who do you want….Riddhima to be drunk or Vansh, or both?

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