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Ghar Ek Mandir 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Genda rents Jewellery for wedding

Ghar Ek Mandir 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun says to Genda I have full faith when everyone will see you in Mandap, they will say look at Agarwal’s daughter in law and everyone is so impressed with me for choosing you, Genda thinks, Varun jas so much faith in me, how will I manage. Varun says Genda you will be same way as I am thinking right, Genda nods yes, Genda gets call from Harsha that Santosh is not doing well, Genda says I will be back soon, Genda says Varun I have to leave, Mummy is having BP problem I just hope she is fine, Genda rushes home.

Anuradha feeding Shivam and telling him Lord Ganesha stories, Shivam says I saw this story on TV and now give me toys, Anuradha says first have food, Shivam says I will get on my own, Anuradha says you sit I will get it.

Ratan on call says I am busy don’t call me 4 days, Manish walks to him says I have something important to talk to you, I need a favor, Ratan says yes tell me, Manish says my friend applied for a job in your company, Ratan says for marketing manager right, many have been interviewed for that post, but I want you to have it, Manish very happy says even I want to join your company and not sit in shop but, Ratan says I am not offering this post because your my nephew but because you are talented, you deserve this job and don’t refers friends, you have 10 days decide and tell me, we are waiting for you, Anuradha hears them talk. Ratan leaves, Anuradha stops Manish and says here I am teaching your son about how important parents are and you are leaving your parents and join something else, listen carefully you aren’t going anywhere or going for a job, for you and Varun, your father wants a shop, Anuradha remember Kundan saying not to tell anyone and stops and says your father is working hard for you and if there are situation where I feel something wrong, I will ask you to go to your Mama, your father worships shop, don’t do anything that he won’t be able to handle and if he finds about it, we both know his anger.

Pradhanji gives 5 lakhs to Kundan, Kundan says just 5 lakhs, you said 55 lakhs, Pradhan says market is tight, Kundan says tell me when will I get rest, Pradhan says give me 1-2 days, Kundan says I have marriage at my place, I need this money and leaves.

Genda gets home and asks doctor how is she, Doctor says she was stressed just make sure she is fine, Harsha asks did Kumarji help, Genda says he said no, Pankhuri says what will we tell aunty, Genda says I don’t know. Genda asks Santosh is she fine and says why arw you stressing, don’t you trust me, Santosh says I trust you but not my faith, it’s your wedding tomorrow, and we have no Jewellery and did you talk to few people you said will help us, Genda says Mummy, if you trust me, trust your faith and Maharaji.
Genda prays to Maharaji to not let both families down.

Gopal asks Suman, what did they give in Manish’s wedding, Suman says 2 rings and a chain and this time I think these earrings and saree will be fine, Gopal says I am thinking same because even Kundan won’t give us anything in Bunty’s wedding, Kundan visits Gopal, Suman goes inside, hides and listens, Gopal says why did you come, why not call me, Kundan sees saree and says its nice, you are prepping for your nephews wedding, Gopal says he is like a son to me, and here are earrings, Kundan says Gopal, these rings and all other guests will give, I want you to give expensive necklace to Genda, Gopal says okay, Kundan says give yourself and whatever gold is required I will give you, people should know we may live separate but we are a family and will send gold.
Gopal says its a wedding house and there are oot of expenses already how about we use 18k gold, instead of 24k, Kundan says we are ancestral Jewellers so gold will be pure.

Genda buying Jewellery says I don’t want artificial or mixed gold, Jeweller says but it has gold water who will understand that, Genda says I know that right and I have promised someone so this won’t work. Jeweller says here is a 24k gold jewellery, Genda loves the necklace, jeweller signs his salesman. Genda says its very pretty I will buy this, Jeweller says we don’t give real Jewellery on rent but since you are requesting we will give you but will charge more and if not returned on said date, will charge more, Genda says I want it for 1 week, Jeweller says that will be 40,000. Genda says Kumar will give money by then. Jeweller says there is some finishing work pending so will do that and deliver Jewellery tomorrow, Genda says its my wedding tomorrow, Jeweller says don’t worry will drop it tomorrow morning, Genda gives her address, Jeweller says you came here to Lajpat Nagar from Chandni Chowk, Genda thinks how should I tell him why am I here because in Chandani chowk all know Papaji. Genda leaves.

Salesman says to Jeweller we have sold this set, now how will we make same set in gold, Jeweller says we can, fake piece, who will know its gold plated, we will earn real gold money and she is not from a jeweller family to know about it.

Santosh happy thay Genda managed jewellery, Santosh says I was so worried, how did you do this, and now see our reputation will be as it is and no one will be hurt, and now your responsibilities will increase.

Suman says to Anuradha, now your responsibility will increase, and your work will be to keep patching between two daughter in laws.
Santosh says Genda don’t worry you have blessings of Maharaji and your father.
Suman says to Anuradha that you have control over first daughter iilaw what about other, it shouldn’t happen she rules over others, Varun hears that and says Genda will do only what mummy says, Anuradha thinks about the saree incident, Suman leaves, Anuradha says I dont know will Genda walk behind me or ahead off, because till now she did what she wants, Varun says she will do as we want and you will believe that tomorrow when she will be ready as we want.

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