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#Family (Part 1) (IMMJ2 One Shot)

Hey everyone. I have a news for you all, so do read till end.

A/N: Starts from the last scene when Riansh left Snake Family!

Let’s start:

A beautiful bed, three people sleeping soundly.
Suddenly a lady got up, found her baby beside her hugging her daddy, and her husband, one hand on baby and one on the lady’s waist.

Riddhima, Vanya and Vansh!
A perfect family for them.

When they left VR mansion, they thought how will they start everything once again?!
But Vansh knew accountancy subject, hence became a professor in a college.
Their standard was not like the previous one, but enough to serve all their demands!
When Vanya born, both of them were very happy.
Living in a small flat, they are happy with each other!

The seven year old kid, Vanya loves her parents dearly!
They are her world! Without them, she can’t think her life.
Vansh and Riddhima have hid his previous identity to Vanya, too small to know!

Mumma, today we’ll go shopping’, said an elated Vanya.

You know what, even I was thinking this, Come on Vansh get ready to fight,‘ winked Riddhima.

Huh, why fight, we aren’t going in a war sweetheart,’ (deep baritone) Vansh said.

Umm, Papa, holding so many shopping bags is not less than a war,’ Vanya said laughing and Riddhima joined her.

Accha bacchu,’ saying so Vansh started tickling her.

Whole house was echoing with Vanya’s melodious laugh!

Bappa, never snatch this happiness from us now, atleast!’ prayed Riddhima.

Riddhima: Chalo enough ha, now get up and go to bath you both turn by turn.

Vanya and Vansh: Okay Mumma!
(Riddhima rolled her eyes)

Mumma, kajal also na, my big big eyes will look so beautiful with kajal, aaye haye, nazar na lage mainu!’ said Vanya observing herself in mirror.

Riddhima was making her pony, and did whatever her self obsessed baby was asking her to do!

Ready?’, asked Vansh entering.


Vansh: Oh My God, these ladies will kill me someday by their looks I swear!

Vanya: Oh my innocent Papa, buttering won’t work. Today I’ll eat pizza, burger, pani puri….

And she kept blabbering while Vansh facepalmed seeing his little bunch of joy!!

At mall:

Manager(female): Hello, Sir and Mam. (Eyeing Vansh and smiling too much)

Riddhima observed this, entangled her arm with Vansh’s and said…

Riddhima: He is my husband. Can you please show some shirts for MY husband.

While Vanya and Vansh chuckled at her.
Manager went from there sulking.

Vansh: She was just smiling sweetheart!

Riddhima: Just thank god I didn’t broke her teeth! Huh!

After some time,

Vansh: Sweetheart, a call is coming, wait I’ll come right here.

Riddhima nodded and Vansh went.
While both of them started selecting clothes and decided to wait for Vansh so that he come and pay bill at last.

Scene shifts to Vansh:

Vansh: Hello, I am not able to listen you, Hello?? Sir your voice is not audible.


Vansh: Sir check you network please !!

Suddenly call cutted.

Vansh: Strange!

He went to mall again.

Riddhima: Hey Vansh, we did all shopping just pay the bill.

While Vansh rolled his eyes at her.

After paying bill they went to restaurant and eat a lot as told by Vanya!!

After such a enjoyable yet tiring day, trio came to their flat.

Again a call came when they were playing ludo.

Vansh: Arre, same call again, what’s wrong.

Saying so he cutted the call.
Again his phone’s notification popped up indicating a call.

Riddhima: Might be something important, go!

Vansh nodded at went to balcony.

Vansh: Hello? Hello? When you don’t have to speak, why disturb my time then. Don’t call me next time…

But before he could drop the call, the person’s voice shook him hard.

:Bhai..bhai… Vansh bhaiiii!!!

Vansh(extreme low voice due to shock): Ishani!!!

Ishani(started crying): Vansh Bhai, how are you and bhabhi? All well?

Vansh(on verge on tearing up but strictly): What made you call me, and Riddhima is not your bhabhi got that!!

Ishani: I know Bhai you are angry, I know.
I am sorry for whatever I did!
I know, sorry is a very small word what I did with you, bhabhi and you child.
But please forgive this stupid sister of yours. I still love you alot, you are my same bhai!!
After you left, Siya didn’t talked to me. Everyday, I use to die to listen Ishani from her mouth, everyone misses you!
Aryan has also rectify his mistake and we all want to welcome you. Please bhai, come na!(crying bitterly)

Vansh: Oh wow!! Just because Siya isn’t talking to you, you got your memory that I am your brother.
Just shut up Ishani, just shut up!
You don’t deserve it! You hurted me, it’s okay, but you dared to hurt my Riddhima and my Vanya!!

Ishani: Vanya?

Vansh: Yes, your niece, unfortunately!!

Ishani: Bhai, listen na, I know it’s not easy to forgive and forget for what I did, but everyone gets a chance na, give to me also bhai I beg you(crying)

Vansh: I already gave you hundreds of chances Ishani, but not now!!
Enough!! Don’t waste my time by your rantings because I DONT CARE, listened, I don’t care!!

Ishani: Bhai, just a last chance. After then, if I do any mistake, shoot me. Please Bhai!!
You don’t know what happened when you left!
Your business rivals are not behind us!

Vansh: For that only, I left Angre with you!!

Ishani (crying like hell): Angre is their hostage Bhai!!!!! From past 3 months, he is captivated under them!!
And now they are torturing us!! Chachi, Me , Siya and Aryan!!
I beg you bhai, not for your sister, but for you brother, please come back!!

Without listening more, Vansh cutted the call.
He was crying, yes, he was crying.
He can’t see tears in his sister’s eyes, but today she made herself like this, in which he just can’t help!
But most shocking was Angre’s captivation!!
He didn’t expected that.

Vansh’s POV:
Although, I don’t care, but deep inside I know, I can’t see my family in tears.
I can’t see them as hostage.
I can’t see them as hurted!
Aryan, my brother, although he never loved me, I slapped him million times, but at last, he is one, who helped me in business many a times!
Chachi, or I should say my gold chachi (sarcastically chuckled), she also hated me, but never left me, whenever I needed a lap to sleep and shoulder to cry and what not!
Siya, my life, my world, my sweetest sister! I still can’t digest the fact they hurted her!
I will kill them(crying)!!
Ishani, for whom I went in Juvenile, hurted me, but I never considered her as my enemy until she dared harm my child and wife.
But at last, she too is my sister whom I love dearly!!
Angre, what should I say of him!
Without having blood relation, not even same family, he helped me as my brother. Indeed he is my brother.
And they captivated him, how dare they!!!
(Wiping his tears) I won’t leave them. I’ll burn them alive!! Just wait and watch, I’ll send you to worst place than hell!!!

Saying so he went to his room, and saw Vanya sleeping and Riddhima doing something in phone.
He silently went to cupboard’s locker, opened it and took a gun.

Riddhima (coming from his back): Why today? We talked na we won’t take out when Vanya is with us. And she is in no danger, why gun then?

Vansh: Not she, but our(choking) family is in danger.

He told her everything.
She was shocked and crying.

Riddhima: Now? We can’t leave then like this, our family. We have to save them!!

Vansh: We will!!
Time to go back to Mafia world, get ready for a roster coster ride!!

To be continued…
How was it? Tell me your views.

So, I wanted to tell that my school is opening from 1 September, and I have exams from 6th September, all offline. So you all can understand further. I am really sorry if I’ll not be able to read your story or reply you, but I’ll try my best. Thank you!

Till then,
Take Care
Stay Safe

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