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Choti Sardarni 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 25th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausa says let’s go sleep. Rajveer says let’s eat ice cream first. Dida says you are not going anywhere. Someone else will get it. sit with us. Rajveer says I will get it. She says no sit and talks to us. Someone else would bring it. Rajveer says he needs to go to the hotel. Seher is stuck with her brothers. She says Rajveer must be waiting. Rajveer texts her. Karan and Param take her phone and tease her. They says oho already texting? Let us see. They tease her. Badi bi takes his phone and reads I am stuck at home. Leaving in a bit. Badi bi says he is saying I want to have coffee with you. Don’t go at this hour. Param says no go. This will be cute. Take my car.

Scene 2
Rajveer says let me get the ice cream. He says Ramila why is dida not letting me go? Ramila says go. I will talk to your dida. Dida says Mausi ji.. She says will you stop me? Dida says no. Okay, go. Dida says to Nikhila Rajveer has left. Do it before him. He says I will be there. Rajveer picks Seher. Nikhil reaches there before him. Nikhil goes inside to the security room. Nikhil gets the video. Dida says to delete it. He says the system is hanged. Rajveer and Seher come outside. He says they are here what should I do. She says do as I ask. Nikhil sends a rat out. Seher gets scared and falls on Rajveer. Their lockets get stuck. Seher says hurry up. They go to security room.

Rajveer hears a noise. She says there’s someone here. He says no one is here. They see the footage. The footage doesn’t load. Fire alarm blares. He says let’s go see. Seher says I want to see the footage. He says I can’t put you in danger. They go out. There’s a fire in the hall. Seher says someone did this. This is a trap. Someone else is also here. They come back and see all the footages are deleted. They are shocked. Seher says this was my last hope. There’s nothing. Rajveer says we need to find who is here. They run out.

Rajveer sees someone running in hoodie. He runs after Nikhil. Rajveer comes on road. A car hits him. seher says are you okay? Be careful. Nikhil runs. Rajveer grasps his hopdie. Nikhil is scared. Nikhil shoves him and runs. Rajveer’s foot bleeds. Seher says are you okay? He says shit he ran. Rajveer says who was he? He says that man got injured too. See his blood. Don’t worry we will do something. Seher says that CCTV footage was our last hope. We got engaged because of it. He says I promised you I will get you your love. Seher says I can’t be this selfish. I can’t put you in more trouble. I can’t hurt you and I pretend about this wedding either. You don’t have to ruin your happiness and life because of me. He says my happiness is your happiness and my dream is your smiling face. This is my duty to our friendship. You can’t stop me from doing it. Don’t make me an outsider. Seher says I care about you. You have done enough.

Nikhil says to Dida I deleted all the footage. She says well done. Rajveer will get his love and I will get my son. My son will come. She sees someone’s photos.

Seher says for my hapiness and my brothers I can’t risk you. I can’t let you trouble your life and that’s final. He says what are you doing? Where are you going? Seher says to tell Dida everything and break this engagement. Rajveer is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap: Rajveer plays the CCTV footage in his laptop where Kunal sits in a car. Seher says he looks so happy and it’s not their car with that number plate. Rajveer says that he will take out all details of that car by tomorrow and they will be closer to find where Kunal is. Later, they are eating ice-cream together. Seher plays with a puppy. Rajveer says to himself, she’s looking so cute. I love you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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