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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 38 # Caught update layi..layi layi..🙈

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

A big sorry for being gayab for so many days..

Finally mene episode likh hi dia …i thought i will write big chappy than usual as i didn’t post since 3 days..but i ended up writing this much only

Ps : Thk jati hu yr..8 bje ghr ayi hu boutique se😫..subah 11 bje gyi thi..

Let’s start

Scene 1

Vansh’s pov

I was running climbing the stairs holding my breath..

How can i be such a fool ..just like i being dumbass my subconscious mind mocked me..

i didn’t check my own room..🙄

Breaking the door with thuddd..i patted my back mentally for successfully becoming Daya ..not Daya tappu ke papa gada..🙄but Daya of CID🙈

Rolling my eyeballs in whole room but  still couldn’t be able to find any single trace of her ..

I sat on bed with a helpless expression

“Ridddhimaaa!! Jaan where are u🥺..your vanshu is missing u plz come back ” i shouted weeping the corner of my eyes..

Suddenly i felt some moments in my wardrobe..

I marched towards wardrobe in frustration and opened it..

My eyes pop out seeing the sight in front of me..

“Riddhima” i whispered slightly..

And there she is sitting folding her legs holding a packet of pop corn munching it..

As soon as i whispered her name our eyes met …

She averted her gaze and started wiping the non existing dust on wardrobe with her duppatta

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

I was enjoying my day with my pop corns in his wardrobe as it was the best place i got to hide …

I know he being impluslive will search me outside..

As soon as our eyes met i broke the eye lock and started wiping the dust with my duppatta in order to save myself from this devil..

“What are u doing here ” he said sternly..

“ i ..was doing cleaning here dusty your wardrobe is” i said gathering some courage continuously wiping that non existing dust..

“Out” he said making me flinch..

Bappa save me from this rakshas raisinghania..

And if u can’t then plz meri aatma ko shanti dena..

I jumped from wardrobe directly landing on floor.. holding his shoulder..

” Thank u” i said smiling trying to normalize the situation..but he glared at me and i immediately closed my mouth not to put my cavity on display

“SIT ” he said coldly pointing towards the bed..

“NO..i fine ” i said slowly..

“Going… going” i said trying to calm my racing he was shooting daggers at me continuously..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

She sat on the bed playing with her duppatta nervously..

“Care to explain” i said directly looking into her deep orbs..

She bow down her head not meeting my intense gaze..

” Speak or i will make sure u will stay in wardrobe for whole day that too without your popcorn” i said in my deep baritone

Is she become deaf..i am threatening here and she is not even bothering to look at me..

I holded her shoulder tightly digging my nails in her soft skin..

Her eyes brimmed with tears as she looked up into my eyes..

Her eyes contain innocence..she is the most innocent creature on this planet untill it comes to me.. because in my case she becomes Chudail ..i said in my mind.. obviously 🙄

I instantly loosed my grip on her arms as a lone tear escaped from her eyes..

Calm down vansh..jb sidhi ungli se ghee na nikle to dabba tedha kar lena chahiye

I softened my eyes as much as i could at that moment

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

His expression changed just like weather..

“Riddhima..” he said cupping my face softly..

I blinked my eyes several time to process this information..

Vansh being generous towards me after  my this stunt..eighth wonder of this world

I kept my knuckles on his forehead and then on his throat

” Are u having fever vansh” i said being confused …

” Riddhima..tell me why u did this..u know i was scared ” he said holding my hands..

That’s it..i couldn’t able to resist and hugged him tightly..

Damn..i was missing this colonge..his fragrance will surely be my death one day..

“Sorry..i know i made u worried but u left me  with this option only..

Do u know how much i was missing u since Yesterday..

U didn’t come even to feed me..not messeged me..

I know i behaved impluslive before but everything was new for me..this mansion this life..even u..i was used to of carefree vanshu but u are behaving as careless vanshu now

But i understand now.. something is serious.. either u are in danger or i…

But u don’t have to worry..your jaan is with u..we will fight together ..i promise i will be a good girl..i won’t trouble u now .” I said in one go sniffing into his shirt

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

f**k!! I wanted to stay away from her.. but she is behaving totally opposite..

She can’t be the part this mess..

I jerked her from my embrace and looked at her angrily

“Stay away from me..just because i got cozzy with  u  for one night u don’t have any right to be this much frank with in your limits ” i said with my blood shot eyes trying to make her petrified

She sobbed more looking at me.. afterall she never imagined my this side..not even in her wildest dreams..

” I..i just wanted to be with u..plz don’t go away from with me..plz..i want to stay with u Vanshu” she said between her sobs..

I holded her jaws in my palm tightly

” Fine..u want to be with me na..seems like u wanna see my hell in this heaven..

U will resume your work as my PA from now ..

U will follow me everywhere..u will do whatever i will ask u without any denial.. get that” i said clenching my jaws..

I wanted her to show that i am not getting affected by her presence but deep down my heart was pumping fastly seeing her tears..

Hell!! I didn’t expect this reaction from her….I thought she will deny..but this was beyond my imagination..

One part of me admired her for her innocene..

How innocently she nodded her head in yes smiling like a kid who got his favorite chocolate after so many pleading..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Even Bipolar word is so small in front of him..

He was soft and generous few minutes ago and now spitting fire from his eyes every next moment..

We should hang a sign board in our mansion for guessing his mood..

Anyways i got what i i will be with him for whole day..

I hugged him tightly in excitement but he jerked me very next moment..

” You are my PA..behave” he said with his evergreen cold face..

“U also missed me na..” i said smiling sheeply at him..

“No i didn’t ” he said trying to lie but failed miserably..

“Ridddhimaaa!! Jaan where are u🥺..your vanshu is missing u plz come back ” i said mimicking him..

Gosh!! His expression was worth watching..but he being fattu raisinghania instantly masked his expression and left without saying anything..

I promise i will bring back my old vanshu..very soon..

I looked at his photo frame with determined face..

Knock knock….i turned as i felt a knock on the door..

I turned and saw angre is standing with same expressionless face as of vansh.. raisinghania u spoiled my brother also..

” ***************** “angre said snatching my bachi kuchi happiness..

“What  …are u both out of your mind” i said almost shouting at him..

Pov ends..

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u like it..

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