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Balika Vadhu Season 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anandi attends a function

Balika Vadhu Season 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan apologizing Anandi and says I didn’t think that you will be so hurt. I will not go away from you, I will always be with you. She asks her to smile. Anandi laughs. Ratan asks if she will come along with her to see Laal ji’s bahu. Kalpesh says even I will come. Anandi asks why are you interfering between us. He says you always cry. Anandi says even you cry when you got hurt. She says I will wear the dress given by Prem ji Kaka. Ratan says Anandi looks like angel in that dress. They have a hug. Kalpesh gets upset. In the morning, Ratan wakes up Kalpesh. She touches him and tells he has fever. Kalpesh says I shall get ready to go to school. Ratan says you will not go today and asks him to rest. Anandi comes there with Dingri and asks Kalpesh if he is really unwell. Kalpesh asks Ratan to see what Anandi is saying. Ratan says he is really unwell. Anandi and Dingri leave for the school. Ratan massages Kalpesh’s head.

In the school, Dingri circles the right answer. Teacher appreciates her and then calls Anandi to circle the right answer. Anandi is sleeping and wakes up. She makes smilie on the board. Teacher scolds her and says she will complain to her parents next time. Dingri asks Anandi why don’t she study and why she sleeps. Anandi says she feels sleepy hearing teacher teaching. She tells that they shall learn the things which comes to their use. She asks if she is coming to Laal ji’s house. Dingri says we are not invited. Hetal asks Laal ji’s wife about her bahu. Laal ji’s wife says we will begin the function once Sarpanch’s wife comes. Hetal asks if she doesn’t know who is sarpanch now and asks her to begin the function. Amba says I will call my bahu. Hetal taunts Ratan seeing her. Ratan gets angry. Leela calms her down. Amba calls her bahu. Hetal and Sarla joke that who will lift the veil now, and if Amba lifts the veil then she will become her friend. Ratan says it would be good if a mother in law becomes the friend. She asks Amba to lift her veil. Amba asks Anandi to lift the veil. Leela says you will get shagun too. Anandi lifts the veil and says she is very beautiful. Godaveri says she is not much beautiful as her.

Anandi goes to Ratan and says she is very beautiful. She asks everyone to see the bride’s face. Ratan, Hetal, Sarla and other ladies see her face and compliment her beauty. Hetal tells Amba’s son, how he will handle his beautiful wife, says coal brought the diamond and asks him to lock his bride in the lock, else someone will trap her. Everyone start dancing. Some guys come there. Ratan asks Anandi to call the bride to do garba. Anandi asks the bride to come and dance. The bride also dances. Amba’s son gets angry seeing his wife dancing while everyone stops. Anandi claps and says bhabhi does nice garba. The guy asks if she is Ranchod’s bride. I can’t believe. Other guy asks Ranchod to be careful while touching her, as her complexion might become like him. Ranchod gets angry and upset. Godaveri continues to dance. Sarla tells Hetal that today’s bahu are so shameless. Hetal says God shall protect Amba behen. Ranchod looks at Godaveri angrily and goes from there. Amba asks Ranchod where is he going and asks Godaveri to stop dancing.

Voiceover: To make a person the object of ridicule due to his body complexion, is not only an injustice but also depicts the ill-mannered understanding of society.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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