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Shubharambh 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani proves her innocence

Shubharambh 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Gunvant throws the shoes in the mud. Rani rushes to him and says why are you doing this? Gunvant says we want Raja back in the shop. Rani glares at him. Gunvant says I have the papers ready which says that I will make Raja my slave and he will work in my shop till I want, I want you to go on your knees and apologize to me. Rani sighs and says fine. Raja comes there. Rani joins her hands and says I am sorry, forgive me, I will ask Raja to sign the papers. Raja asks what are you doing? Rani says we don’t have any other way. Gunvant made Bhavan think we are thieves, they sent you to jail too. Kritida laughs and says yes we sent him to jail. Rani says you have crossed all the limits. Gunvant says we know way more than you think. When Kritida was in the shop making it look like a robbery, I was the one to show the CCTV to Bhavan and made him think you were stealing there. Then I got the news published in the newspaper so nobody would give you the job. You people have no way to go. Rani asks Raja to sign the papers. Raja says how can you lose so soon? Rani says I don’t want to fight anymore, we have lost, please sign the papers. She brings the begging bowl with papers in it and asks Raja to sign them. Raja sadly looks on and is about to take the papers but Rani throws it away.. All turn to see Bhavan entering the house. Rani smirks. Kritida and Gunvant are shocked to see him. The flashback shows how Rani called Bhavan and told him that we want to sell some shoes and I am from Gunvant’s house. Bhavan said that he saved me from stealing so I will come to meet him, the flashback ends. Bhavan says I can’t believe a businessman like Gunvant can stoop so low. Rani tells Kritida that I talked about the shoes selling in front of you deliberately so you would fall into my trap. Rani tells Gunvant that you have thrown old shoes in the mud, we still have our shoes with us. Asha brings them and smirks as she was part of Rani’s plan too. Rani says sorry to Bhavan for lying to call him there, she says we have done a deal with this shoe brand but I knew we had to prove our honesty first. I am sorry for lying about my relationship but sometimes we have to lie to destroy evil. She asks Raja to tell him about the shoes. Raja sells shoes to Bhavan. Bhavan smiles and says I am giving you an order of 200 shoes. Raja and Rani are elated. Bhavan says I am buying these because people selling them have good hearts. Gunvant and Kritida look on. Bhavan makes a cheque and gives it to them. They both take it together. Asha smiles. Rani thanks, God. Bhavan says sorry for not understanding them, he says I am ready to file a case against Gunvant. Raja says it’s not needed. Bhavan says you both got alleged in the city because of me so I will make it fine. Raja goes to put the shoes in his car. Rani tells Gunvant that we have got our respect back, I am never falling in your feet to beg. Stay away from us as we are going to shine like a sun and you will get burned by it.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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