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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Imarti attempts to win Nandu’s heart

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Antra calling her Imarti and says Pinky and Imarti are both same for her. She says she is Pinky’s bua and asks him to do hello and hi with her. He says hello. Pandit ji asks him to do puja. Arjun tells that Imarti is important than puja. He tells that Imarti is more pure than the puja. Ram asks Arjun to value her as he can’t get such a good wife than her. Arjun thanks Ram for coming there. Antra asks Imarti to show her hand. Imarti asks her to come. Arjun takes the gift ribbon and signs to Revati. Revati ignores him. Imarti and Antra go to room. Pinky says she is Imarti now. Antra tells that she is in love with Arjun, although she has disguised herself in Imarti’s look, pretends to check her and tells that the matter is that you are in love. Pinky tells that they can never unite and tells that she has helped Arjun for humanity sake. She asks her to go home as Maa will be worried. She says it is good that you are not a doctor, else patients would have died hearing you. Antra says ok, and tells that she wants to have gol gappa today. Pinky thinks buyi says anything and goes out. Seema is leaving. Revati tells that if she is going? Seema tells that everything is clear now. He tells that she will cut down her observation period and tells Arjun that your daughter doesn’t know about your marriage. Arjun says I will tell her. Seema goes. Arjun tells Revati that he will not let her do anything wrong with imarti and tells that he is waiting for Nandu to come. Imarti asks him to go to work and earn money. Revati says thank you Chamcham. Imarti asks her to have oranges and tells that next time she will get ready seeing computer baba.

Nalini waits for Pinky. Antra tells that Bhaiyya wanted Arjun and Imarti marriage to be fine, so that Pinky doesn’t get close to Arjun. Nalini asks why are you telling me. Antra asks her to think as Pinky’s mother and not as Ram’s wife. She goes to have golgappas. Revati asks Seema to tell the truth to Nandu. Imarti asks what did you do and tells that Arjun ji will tell himself. Revati asks her to go to Seema’s place and asks her not to tell anything to Nandu. Imarti says ok and leaves from the house. Revati smiles and then calls Arjun, informing him that Imarti had gone to NGO to give prasad to Nandu. Arjun says Nandu doesn’t know about Imarti, why did she go? He drives the car to reach there. Antra sees Imarti and tells that she will also come with her. They come to NGO. Seema tells Nandu that Imarti is Arjun’s wife. Nandu tells that she hates her step mother and Appa. Pinky enacts a play and tells a story of a monkey. Antra asks her to dance like a monkey. Imarti dances. Nandu smiles. Antra asks will you take care of Nandu and asks her to tell what her mum asked you to do. Nandu asks do you know my mother? Imarti tells what Ananya had told about her. She says she had talked to her mother on phone and tells Nandu that her Appa misses her a lot. She says I can’t become like your Amma, but I promise that I will lie for you on Sunday. She asks her to tell Seema that she will not trouble her and asks her to come home. Seema asks Imarti to come and tells that meeting time is over, Arjun ji came outside and waiting for you. Arjun waits for Imarti to come. He sees her and asks why did you come here? Seema tells that she doesn’t think that Nandu will accept his wife. She says I can’t handover Nandu to you at this point. Revati comes there and smiles.

Precap: Antra asks Pinky to tell Arjun that she loves him. Pinky goes to Arjun and tells him that she is actually Imarti and Pinky, both. Arjun looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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