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Mere Sai 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kashinath’s Struggle Against Alcoholism

Mere Sai 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kashinath writhes in stomach pain due to alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Merikar tells Sai that Kashinath’s body and mind booth are craving for alcohol, it is difficult to divert his attention. Sai says then we may have to do something else and walks away from Dwarkamayi. Santa and Panta who were watching hiding walk in holding alcohol and show fake concern for Kashi and insist Tatya, Keshav and others to pity on Kashi and offer him what he wants, showing liquor. Kashi walks to them holding his stomach. They pour alcohol in a glass and offer him. Kashi picks glass with his trembling hand while Santa and Panta rejoice and Tatya/Keshav look in shock. Bua reminisces Sai’s words that Ram name is very pure and nobody can impure it, but with its chanting even impure things will become pure. He chants Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Ram. Kashinath angrily throws away alcohol glass hearing Jai Sri Ram, leaving Santa and Panta disappointed and Tatya/Keshav rejoiced. Santa yells at Kashinath. Keshav warns them to get out of here, and they both walk away.

Bhola sadly looks via window. Renu asks reason. Bhola hugs her crying and says he wants to meet Baba. Renu says not now, even she wants to meet him, but Sai ordered to have patience; if he trusts Sai, he should stop crying, with Sai’s blessings, his father will be sober soon. She feels his body temperature high. Her relative walks in and showing fake concern on Bhola asks Renu not to tell lie to child, tells Bhola that he should get habituated to live without his father. She offers him old leftover besan laddoo. Bhola angrily says he doesn’t need them. Renu confronts her and asks why she is trying to manipulate a child. Jealous lady says she is telling truth, Bhola’s father will not return.

Sai returns to Dwarkamayi with Ragini and other children and says they will construct mud toy fort. Merikar asks Sai if he knows what Kashinath did. Sai says he knows and is proud of Kashinath; he thanks Bua for remembering last night’s advice. Bua thanks baba for his good teachings. Tatya seeing Kashinath writhing in pain asks what should they do now. Sai says it is time to play with kids and asks kids to bring raw material. They bring stones and mud. Sai asks them to start building fort. Kashinath holding his stomach thinks what is Sai doing outside, if he comes inside, he will take oodhi/holy ash from him. Children fail to build fort. Sai smiles looking at Kashinath. Ragini asks Sai why stones are falling down repeatedly. Sai suggests to keep trying, its step towards success. Kashinath thinks even he will keep trying and will not disappoint Sai. He walks towards kids and seeing them fail says he will help them. He says big stones should be laid first and bonded with mud. Sai asks him if he can help. Kashinath agrees and teaches them build fort. Everyone watching it clap for him, encouraging him. He smiles seeing that.

Bhola gets high fever. Baizamaa comes to see him and gets worried seeing his condition. Renu says since his baba/father left, he is remembering him and today relative also tried to manipulate and yelled. Baizamaa says she should learn to give back. Renu says she cannot confront everyone, once Bhola returns sob, everyone’s mouth will be shut.

Sai tells Kashinath that if he gets indulged in his favorite work, he will forget his pain. Kashinath realizes his pain is gone. Sai gives him holy ash mixed water and praises his talent.

Precap: Kashinath’s brother asks Sai if Kashinath has changed or is still same, why Sai is helping Kashinath. Sai asks if he doesn’t will they help Kashinath.

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