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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rishi Vashisht finds out that Ayodhya’s fate will change

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anjani telling Maruti about the food items which she packed for him. She asks Jaamvant to make Maruti eat the laddoos. Maruti thinks if he is going for the war and tells that he will get late. Anjani says she can take back the permission. Jaamvant assures her that he will make Maruti have food. Anjani tells that she will miss Maruti very much. She says he will miss us too and then you have to take care of him. She says Maruti is understanding boy, but still a child. Jaamvant assures her that he will bring Maruti back, just as he is going. Anjani thanks him and hugs Maruti. Kesari smiles and praises Anjani in his heart. Maruti promises them that he will not do anything wrong. Kesari asks him not to accept defeat, even if any trouble comes his way. Maruti says lets go. Jaamvant says I am ready. Anjani asks Jaamvant to make Maruti have laddoos whenever Maruti feels hungry. Jaamvant assures her. They leave. Anjani gets teary eyes and tells Kesari that if he sees her tears then his aim will stumble. Kesari praises her. Anjani says I am his mother.

Kaikesi sees Maruti’s reflection and thinks this is the reflection of a vanar. She asks who are you? I will destroy your entire clan. She finds the fire there and tells that her lanka can’t be destroyed. Lankini comes there and says lanka is fine, but I feel that it won’t be for long time. Kaikesi tells that the reflection was of a vanar and tells that she won’t let her lanka made with gold to get burnt. She swears Nikumbala that if a Vanar is a threat to Lanka then she will destroy Vanar Clan Sumeru and Kishkanda. Jaamvant and Maruti are on the way. Jaamvant says you have forgotten your kaka behind you. Parvati tells that Maruti is walking on the path for what he is born. Mahadev says Maruti’s bhakti leela has begun. Maruti recites Shri Ram Jai Ram……

Anjani comes to have food and asks where is Maruti plate. Kesari reminds her that he had gone to Ayodhya. Maruti says don’t know if he has eaten the food or not. Kesari says he can’t defeat his hunger. Jaamvant gets tired and sits down. He says Devi Anjani asked me to feed food to you. Maruti tells that he is happy and will eat food after reaching Ayodhya. Jaamvant says I will also eat there. Maruti offers to take the food bag, but Jaamvant tells that he will hold it. Anjani tells Kesari that Maruti forgets to eat food when he is doing some work. Song plays…..

Rishi Vashisht comes to his Ashram and tells that today he has felt a divine sound. He says I can’t express you in words, but can make you feel it. He asks her to give her hand in his hand and says Om Namashivay. She hears Jai shri Ram and tells that this voice is of a boy. Rishi Vashisht tells that he has found that this can solve the problems. She asks if he will stop Dasharath from leaving the palace. He sees the dried plant getting a leaf and tells that he has to make Dasharath wish for a son, then he will not leave. He thinks to find about the divine boy. Maruti is dancing and coming there, chanting Ram Jai Ram Shri Ram Jai Ram. Rishi Vashisht sends his soul to Maruti and finds out that the boy is the rudra avatar of Mahadev. He tells his wife that he is coming to change the fate of Ayodhya. He says Ayodhya’s fate will change now. Maruti is coming to Ayodhya.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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