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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu’s lie comes to light

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Happu getting angry on Manohar and Makwana for calling him something. They tell that they will prove that he is Kaiyya. Happu asks did you get salary to insult senior officer. Manohar says one has to walk on many dead bodies to become senior. Happu asks what did you say? Kamlesh comes there and asks why did you call him? Happu tells that he don’t want TV in his house, as he has become sandwich in the house. Everyone is asking me to get TV fixed in their rooms. Kamlesh asks what shall I say then? Happu says tell that you couldn’t repair it. Kamlesh tells that he will not get any orders then. Happu asks him to say that TV couldn’t be repaired. Kamlesh asks him to give another excuse. Happu asks him to tell that when he was bringing TV after repair then it fell down and the truck rammed on it. Kamlesh says ok, you are very kaiyya. Makwana says you got the proof, accept it. Happu says ok.

Later he comes home and asks where there is so much silence at home. Amma says you have damaged the TV, I couldn’t drink anything. She says she is missing Deepak, her favorite serial. Rajjo says she is missing Suresh, her favorite serial of cunning Mother in law and innocent daughter in law. They ask Happu to call Kamlesh and ask when is he bringing the TV. Rajjo tells that she has emotional connection with TV, as she got in dowry. Amma tells that she gave when I demanded. Happu tells that Kamlesh was coming here with TV on his head. Amma slaps him and asks him to say further. Happu says when Kamlesh was walking slowly with TV on his head. He says TV fell down on the road and the truck rammed on the TV crushing it. Kat asks about Kamlesh. Happu says Kamlesh is fine. Amma says what will happen to Deepak. Rajjo says it was given by Avdesh. Happu tells that it was crushed now and asks them to pray for TV. Rajjo says it was my marriage memory. Hritik asks him to bring new TV. Happu promises that he will bring smart TV after some days.

Kat cries and tells God..why did you break our TV? She tells that I was watching that Tv from my childhood. Malaika says I didn’t see you crying so much ever since our childhood. She reminds her that Kamlesh had broken it. Kat says Kamlesh is responsible for the TV damage, I will not talk to him. Kamlesh comes there and says hi. Kat comes there and asks did you break my TV. Kamlesh says sorry. Malaika says I will beat him. She beats him for breaking her TV. Kamlesh says your Papa’s fault. He asked me to lie to you all, that TV came under the truck. Malaika asks really? Kamlesh swears on his parents. Kat cries more and says father…I will not leave you. Kamlesh leaves.

Happu tries to pacify Rajjo who is crying badly. Rajjo tells that her mother had brought that TV with her savings and tells that she will file case on the truck. She says TV was my brother. Kat comes there and tells that Kamlesh came to my room and told that Papa asked him to lie. Rajjo gets angry and hits Happu. She says I will tell your doings to Amma. Happu thinks all his kids ruin his life. Rajjo and Kat tell Amma everything. Amma tells that she will squeeze his lemons and shouts calling him. Happu and the kids come there. Amma slaps Happu for lying with them. Malaika says kamlesh said everything. Hritik says you shall feel ashamed of your doings. Amma slaps Happu. Rajjo asks why did you play with our emotions. Happu says I thought that until TV will be here, there will be no peace. He says I will ask Kamlesh to bring the TV. Kamlesh is repairing the TV and gets Happu’s call. He says sorry. Happu asks him to bring TV till morning. Kamlesh says ok.

Later in the morning, Ranbir sings song laga chunari mein daag….Everyone is happy and waiting for TV to come. Happu tells that the beautiful family will get ugly once TV comes. Amma tells that the remote will be in her hand and everyone will watch. Rajjo asks him to get it fixed in room. Happu says he was talking about that.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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