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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhansukhlal fails in luring the villagers

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ram ji tells Dhansukhlal not to be proud of numbers. The situation can turn against you some day. What will you do then? Go and leave us on our own. This fire will continue irrespective of the end result. Bhima tells Dhansukhlal that this fire will keep burning till the time they have hope.

Bhimbai tells Meera she will take food to school for Bhima and Ram ji. Meera tells her to understand that her son will fight all the odds his entire life. He will keep moving forward. He may lose sometimes but his outlook wont change because of anything. I know it will hurt but he wont change his mind. I am not sure if we should be happy about it or worry. Bhimbai smiles. I was so scared when Bhima took that burning log from here last night but I was so proud seeing him do all that in school. Which mother wont be proud of a son like him? He thinks and does what people from our society have been afraid to do. I feel like stopping him sometimes but then I also feel like he should do everything and become a big man one day. The second feeling takes over the first. I pray that he becomes such a big man that I will only be able to see him from above when I die. You too should understand it that it is our fate to worry and be happy for him at all the times. Ganga tells her mother that no one came to add a log in the fire even after coaxing so much. Bhimbai says I think I told you that I had many complications when Bhima was born. Rain stopped and sun shone brightly the moment he was born. This fire wont stop.

Dhansukhlal says it isn’t about studies anymore. They wont become Barrister by studying. There is no hiring in army so they will end up sewing shoes. Ram ji and his son have started a war on religion. Mangesh seconds him. They are trying to clear out the differences in our communities. We must end this hope somehow. It will be fun when Bhima will sew our shoes. He will understand his religion that day. Villagers laugh.

Villagers from Bhima’s community are discussing the pros and cons of the current situation. They are worried for their families. Only rich can fight these battles. We are nothing but hungry and in debt all the time.

Mangesh suggests Dhansukhlal to target the same problems. We should distribute good food in their area for a few days and showcase your strength there. Other guys like the idea. Dhansukhlal is reminded of Dhruv taking the Sakpal name. They have snatched my son from me. I will show them their place with whatever I have now!

Bhimbai brings food for everyone. Ambedkar ji is standing quietly. Ram ji asks him to go home and eat food. You wont eat this. Ambedkar ji agrees. He begins to go when he hears Bhima telling his mother he isn’t hungry. Bhima is looking at the board. Ram ji asks him why he isn’t eating but Bhima says I am not hungry. Even Ambedkar ji refuses to eat. Ram ji says history will forever remember this teacher and student. Satara will always be proud of it. I wont eat as well. The boys join in.

Mangesh, Dhansukhlal and 2 other villagers go to the area where people from Bhima’s community live. Mangesh tells them that Seth ji has brought food for them as he is very happy with what you have done. He will bring 2 meals for the next 2 days. Dhansukhlal says our ancestors wouldn’t have given you this land to stay if we had some personal grudge. We have no problem with your kids studying but we must do what’s required. You are welcome to support Bhima but we cannot bear it. It is also true that I will throw all of you from here if we get upset. Dhansukhlal’s friend asks them to have food. The villagers look worriedly at each other. One kid brings an empty bowl and extends it before Dhansukhlal. Dhansukhlal asks the villagers what they will do if they will lose their kids to hunger. Mangesh asks everyone to bring their bowls as well. You can eat together then.

Bala wonders if the villagers wont come. Anand says Bhima might have misunderstood them. Bhima denies.

Dhansukhlal tells the villagers this is a gift from them for their honesty. They are about to sit down when Bhima asks them what they are doing. Villagers are taken aback to see Bhima with his group there. Ambedkar ji calls them naive. You have been given this out of pity and you focus on your present instead of thinking about tomorrow. Ram ji says I thought you will ignore the momentary pleasures and look at the broader picture. A guy says we know that you and Bhima are right but we aren’t wrong either. We aren’t alike everywhere. Have you been short of supplies ever? Has anyone from your family been hungry till date? It isn’t the same with us. We don’t have enough supplies always. Another villager also points out that their needs are different. We don’t know if we are honest or liars but we cannot stop a kid from eating if he hasn’t eaten from 3 days.

Dhruv says I don’t understand much but I do understand two things well. He faces his father head on. The guy who was once my Baba is a big liar. He started selling gold with lies and started doing the same with all the other things. Even Bhima hasn’t eaten anything yet. You can come to the school if you don’t trust me. Bhima Kaki is still waiting there. He thought he will eat with his people but you all left Bhima the moment you got a chance. Dhruv asks Bhima to come. Those who support you are with you already. Let them decide on their own. They begin to go when the same kid calls out after them. He looks at Dhansukhlal and then keeps his food on the table. Others follow suit. Mangesh shouts at them not to fall in Bhima’s words but they all follow Bhima.

Precap: Dhansukhlal threatens the villagers. Ram ji tells them to snatch anything but you cannot snatch our right to live from us. Both sides engage in a duel with Bhima standing in the middle helplessly.

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