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Anupama 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupama misses Paritosh

Anupama 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anupama and Vanraj staying upset. He says I thought to sit here and do my office work. She says I was thinking to clean Methi and keep it. Samar finds them sad. He says I wish Paritosh could see their state. He comes to help Anupama. He says Paritosh is fine, please sleep. Paritosh comes home and says mum and dad would be waiting for me. He recalls Vanraj’s words and cries. Vanraj goes. Paritosh gets flashing light on his face. Samar knocks the door and says police has come with news. Vanraj and Anupama rush. Vanraj asks what happened.

Inspector asks do you identify this. Anupama says its Toshu’s. Vanraj says wallet is of my son Paritosh. Inspector says accident happened, we got this wallet near the dead body. She shouts and wakes up. She runs to temple and prays for her son. She says never make me see such a dream again, I will get upset with you. She sits outside the house for some time. She goes to Paritosh’s room and sees Pakhi sleeping there. Samar wakes up and asks what happened, did you see a bad dream. She says yes. He asks her to have water. He calls Paritosh.

He says his phone is off, I will call his friend. He calls Kinjal. He says sorry to call at night, is Paritosh fine, mum is worried, just let us know he is fine. Kinjal says give me two mins. She sends Paritosh’s pic. Anupama sees Paritosh sleeping. She says he isn’t sleeping comfortably. She cries. Samar hugs her. Anupama prays in the morning. She says send my son back, I wish I could change the situation. The family prays to Ganesh. Anupama does the aarti and asks Ganesh to take away all their problems. She prays that Vanraj gets Paritosh back. She looks at the door. She sits in Baa’s feet and cries. She says I know Baa, you are upset, you can get angry, I will do any puja to get Toshy back.

Baa says Kanha ji said a farmer’s name as his big devotee, Narad felt bad since he used to take Kanha’s name all day, he asked why, Kanha gave him a water bowl and sent him to take a round of the earth, Narad returned and said he couldn’t take his name while keeping the water safe, Kanha said that the farmer has many work still he takes his name, he is a bigger devotee. She asks Anupama to have faith, its mum’s biggest strength. Anupama goes to kitchen and cooks food. Jhilmil says we have to make Ganpati’s fav food. Anupama says yes, I will prepare food for Paritosh with faith. Samar asks how did this come in your bag. Pakhi says my classmate kept it. Anupama comes.

Rakhi comes home and says I kept conditions in front of Paritosh, he agreed to become Ghar jamai. Vanraj says we have no relation with Paritosh from now, he is dead for us. Anupama gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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