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Aapke Hai Kaun Hum? SamAina AvNeil SS Part7

Aapke hai kaun hum Part 7
After 2 months…

Sameer called Neil to his office:Bhaiyya…come home fast.It’s urgent.
NEIL:What happened Sameer?
NEIL:What happened to Avni?
Sameer cut the call.Neil became restless and rushed home.
NEIL:What happened to Avni?
Sameer,Harish and Avantika were quiet.
NEIL:Why are you not saying anything?
Avan:Avni is adamant that she should be the first person to talk to you about it.
Neil went to their room.He went near Avni :Avni…are you ok?
Avni:Why are you so upset Neil?
NEIL:No one is telling me anything Avni.Tell me what’s going on?
She smiled.
NEIL:You are also making fun? ok…fine.I am a fool.I admit.
He was really tensed.She embraced him from back emotionally:We are going to be parents Neil.I am pregnant.
A smile appeared on his face.He cupped her face:Are you saying the truth?
Avni smiled emotionally:Yes.

He was so happy that he pulled her closer and rested his forehead against hers.

Neil:Very soon a cute third person will be there between us.
She blushed.

Suddenly they saw Harish,Avantika and Sameer coming along with Mohit,Rano and Naina.

Avni was surprised:Mom…dad…Naina.
Rano:I am so happy for you beta.
Mohit:I can’t wait to see my grand child.
Harish:we too.
Naina:Congrats jeeji jeejaji.
Neil-Avni smiled.

Avantika,Rano,Naina,Mohit,Harish,Neil and Sameer fed Avni continuously due to happiness.
Sameer-Naina dressed up like Rahul Anjali of KKHH surprising everyone.
Sameer Naina danced singing to express the happiness.


Bhabhi tum khushiyon ka khazana

Pehli kiran jab se uge
Bhabhi meri tab se jage
Sabka pura dhyan dhare woh
Shaam dhale tak kaam kare
Kal tak raha, is chaon se
Mera bachpan anjana

Hogi meri shaadi kabhi
Kahte hain yeh mujhse sabhi
Khud apni devrani chunna

Baat kisi ki mat sunna
Tum dhoondh ke, rang roop mein
Apni parchhai laana

Kab tak rahun sabse chota
Aaye koi mujhse chota
Hansta bolta koi khilona
Ab in bahon ko do na

Tumse maange, ghar ka aangan
Pyara pyara nazrana

Neil:Today onwards no work for you.
NEIL:Doctor told you to be careful for 3 months.So complete rest.
Avni:But it will be so boring.

NEIL:Read books…watch tv.
Avni:But that’s not enough Neil.Atleast cooking i want to do.

NEIL:If you are that adamant about cooking you can do.No too much of cooking.I will also help you in the kitchen.
K:Why are you helping me?I can do it alone.
NEIL:No,I will help you.
Avni:No,I don’t want you to struggle hard because of me.I will cook.
NEIL:No..I will..
Avni:No,I will.
NEIL:We will stop arguing.We both will cook together.That’s final.
She smiled.
Avni pulled her ears:Sorry for arguing with you.
Neil too pulled his ears:I am also sorry.

They laughed.
Avni and Neil started cooking together in kitchen.
Avni:Thank you very much for helping me Neil.
Neil:Why are you thanking me Avni?It’s my love for you.

Avni looked at him emotionally:I am lucky to have a husband like you.
Neil:And I am lucky to have a wife like you.
They embraced each other.

Harish and Avantika came.
Avan:What is this Neil?You are making my daughter in law cook in this condition?
Avni:No mummiji.I want to cook.Neil did’nt force me to cook.
Avan:Beta..you need to rest well now.
Avni:I am not working hard.Neil is helping me in cooking.
Harish and Avantika burst into laughter:Neil is helping you in cooking?
Hari:If Neil cooks it will be worse than the old left out food.Avni beta…don’t cook now.I will tolerate our servant’s food for some time till you become fit to do work.But don’t take help from Neil and make us unhealthy.

Neil was embarrassed.They all laughed.

Neil made Avni lie in the bed.
Neil:You sleep well.
Avni:Neil…I don’t want to..
Neil:Shhhhhh…No excuse.Both you and our baby needs good sleep also.

Avni:Then I will sleep on your lap.
He smiled.
She lay her head on his lap.He caressed her.

Months passed…

Avantika rang up Rano.
R:Hello Avantika,how are you?
Avan:Fine Rano.Avni is really missing Naina and longs for Naina’s presence.
R:Since childhood they were very close to each other.Whenever they are in a peculiar situation they need each other.Avni is in last stage of pregnancy.That’s why she is longing for Naina.
Avan:Why don’t you send Naina here for some days?Avni will be very happy and Naina will also be there to look after Avni.
Rano:Sure sure.We will send Naina.

Avan:I will send Sameer to pick up Naina.
Sameer passed by.
Avan:Sameer…Naina is going to stay here for some time.You go pick up Naina.

Sameer was excited:Naina going to stay here?Sure mom.I will pick her up.

Naina was excited to go to stay with Avni.
Rano:Behave maturely there.
Naina:Ok mom.But will I get chocolates and icecreams daily there?
R:Still so childish.
Mohit:Naina…I have bought new packets of chocolates for you.Pack them also.Even in Maheshwari Mansion you can have them daily.
NAINA:Love you so much dad.
Naina hugged him.
Rano:You are spoiling her.
Mohit smiled.
Moh:I am not spoiling my daughter,I am pampering her.
NAINA:So sweet of you dad.
Mohit-Rano smiled.

Naina took chocolate packets and started dancing with cute expressions.

Chocolate, lime juice, ice cream, toffeeya
Pehle jaise abb mere shauk hain kaha
Gudiya khilone meree saheliya
Abb mujhe lagatee hain saree paheliya
Yeh kaun sa mod hai umrr kaa………

Yeh kaisa divanapan hai kya janu, mai kya janu
Mushkil ho gaya khud ko kaise pehchanu mai pehchanu
Din katta hai kate naa ratiya
Kisse kahun mai yeh saree batiya
Gudiya, khilaune meree saheliya
Abb mujhe lagatee hain saree paheliya
Yeh kaun sa mod hai umrr kaa………

Man me tarange uthne lagee hain yeh kaisee, yeh kaisee
Abb jaisee hu pehle nahee thee mai aisee, mai aisee
Khilne lagee hain raho me kaliya
Ankhiya dhunde sapnon kee galiya
Gudiya khilaune meree saheliya
Abb mujhe lagatee hain saree paheliya
Yeh kaun sa mod hai umrr kaa……….(HAHK)

Sameer entered their house.
Mohit Rano came.
R:Sameer..you have reached.
SAMEER:Ya.I just reached now.
Sameer touched their feet.
Mohit:God bless you beta.
Naina got ready and came out.
Sameer-Naina smiled at each other.Their faces blossomed seeing each other.
Rano:Some more things have to be packed for Avni.I will do that.You give them to Avni.After that you leave with Sameer.
Mohit-Rano went inside.
Rano put those things in Naina’s bag.
Sameer:How are you Naina?
Naina:I am fine.How are you?
Sameer:I was 90 percent fine till now.Now I became 100 percent fine.
Sameer smiled looking at her deeply:May be because it’s your effect.
She blushed.
Mohit-Rano came with the remaining bag.
Rano:Take care Naina.
Naina:Yes mom.
Mohit:Take care of Avni also.

Naina nodded with a smile.
Sameer:Ok uncle aunty.Let us make a move.
Mohit_Ok.Have a nice journey.
Sameer:Thank you.
Naina left with Sameer.

Sameer and Naina were in the car.
Sameer gave her a chocolate box:This is for you.
Naina was surprised:For me?Thank you so much Sameer.I love chocolates.
SAMEER:I know that.Avni bhabhi had told me.That’s why i bought chocolates for you.
She smiled.
She tried to open the chocolate.
Naina:Sameer..I am not able to open it.
Sameer:Oh now itself you want to eat it?
She smiled.
He stopped the car and took the chocolate box from her.He opened the box and took a chocolate piece.
Naina held it to eat.But Sameer did not leave his hand.

He moved the chocolate towards her mouth.Naina who was surprised opened her mouth.
He made her eat the chocolate with his hand.

They both blushed.

After travelling a bit he stopped the car.

Naina:Why did you stop the car?
Sameer:I will show you something.
They both got out of the car.
He closed her eyes with his palms and took her somewhere.

Thandee thandee purvaiya me udatee hai chunariya hey
Dhadke mora jiya rama balee hai umariya
Dil pe nahee kabu, kaisa yeh jadu

Sameer removed his palms from her eyes.Naina opened her eyes and got surprised as she saw a beautiful garden before her.
Naina:So beautiful.

Yeh mausam kaa jadu hai mitwa
Naa abb dil pe kabu hai mitwa
Naina jisme kho gaye, divane se ho gaye
Najara woh harsu hai mitwa
Yeh mausam kaa jadu hai mitwa…

Naina ran around the garden.Sameer admired her cute gestures.

Sheharww babu ke sang mem goree goree hey
Aise lage jaise chanda kee chakoree

Phulo kaliyo kee bahare, chanchal yeh hawao kee pukare

Hamko yeh isharo me kahe ham, thamke yaha ghadiya gujare

Pehle kabhee toh naa hamse, batiyate the aise phulwa

Yeh mausam kaa jadu hai mitwa…

Again they got back to the car.After some time on the way they saw kids flying kites.
Naina:Sameer..please stop the car.Let us also play with kites.
They both went near the kids and took a kite from them.
Sameer-Naina started flying the kite.
They had a lot of fun there.

Sachchee sachchee bolna bhed naa chupana, hey
Kaun dagar se aaye, kaun disha hai jana

In the excitement of flying the kite successfully Sameer hugged Naina.
Inko ham le ke chale hain, apne sang apanee nagariya

Hai re sang anjane kaa, us par anjan dagariya

Coming back to senses he moved away and said:Sorry.

Naina blushed:It’s ok.

Sameer was shy.

Phir kaise tum dur itne, sang aa gayee mere goriya

Yeh mausam kaa jadu hai mitwa(HAHK).

They reached Maheshwari Mansion.
They all were happy to see Naina.
Naina hugged Avni:Jeeji!
Avni:Naina,I am so happy that you will be near me.
Avni:Me too jeeji.

Naina:Mom has sent your favourite home made sweets for you.
Naina unpacled her bagg and gave those sweets to Avni.
Avni and Naina fed each other happily.
They all smiled seeing the sisters’ moment.

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