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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha makes a plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prisha saying I have to tell Rudraksh, he is also finding you. Balraj says oh God, anything can happen to Saransh, call him fast. Rudraksh says I will go to Bunty. He gets Balraj’s call. He answers and says its good you called me. Prisha says I m with Balraj uncle. He asks is this his plan, tell me. Prisha says I m fine, Saransh isn’t with Balraj, he doesn’t know about Saransh’s kidnapping. He says he is lying, I will talk to him. She says stay at home, I will come home and tell you. Niketan is leaving. He asks what happened, Rudra, sorry, its time for my flight, I have to report at the airport soon, I couldn’t meet Prisha and Balraj. Balraj comes home. Rudraksh asks where were you, where is Saransh. Balraj asks how would I know, Prisha told you. Rudraksh says you can’t fool me, tell me, where did you keep Saransh. Niketan asks did you kidnap Saransh, he is just a kid. Balraj says what rubbish is this. Niketan says you used to shout on him, but kidnap…. he is your grandson.

Balraj says wait a min, he isn’t my grandson, I don’t know anything about him, I didn’t kidnap him. Rudraksh says I beg you, please tell me where is Saransh, you can make me agree to anything. Balraj asks did you go mad. Rudraksh says I will call the police. Ahana asks him to believe Balraj. They argue. Prisha comes and says Rudraksh is saying the truth, you kidnapped Saransh. Balraj gets shocked. Rudraksh says you agreed to me, right. Balraj asks Prisha what are you saying. Rudraksh says just talk to me, I will get Saransh back, I will not tolerate anything, I will call the police. She says I called the police. Balraj says you are blaming me. She says yes, I got the evidence now, Saransh’s kerchief was in your pocket. Balraj says I don’t know. Rudraksh asks how much will you lie, you took away Saransh, police will make you say the truth. Balraj asks them to explain Rudraksh. They leave.

Prisha says I don’t trust Balraj. She asks Niketan to go with Rudraksh, he knows the commissioner too. Niketan says I have my flight. Prisha says it will take some time. Niketan says fine, I will go. Ahana and Mishka see the drama. Ahana says I can’t digest that Balraj kidnapped Saransh. Sharda says we will get Saransh fast. Prisha says yes, call Rudraksh home with the police. Sharda says how, you sent him to the police station. Prisha says Balraj didn’t kidnap Saransh, someone else did, I will tell everything later, just call Rudra home, we have to find Saransh. Sharda calls Rudra. Prisha checks Niketan’s room. She gets the red saree.

She says I have to find Saransh. She cries. She hears Saransh and says I have come, I will find you. She checks the bed trunk. She finds him inside. Sharda asks Ahana to not go out. Ahana says we are going out. Mishka says we are going to give the bag to dad, he is helping everyone. Sharda says call Rudra, she has to give her an urgent message. Ahana asks her not to cry. Sharda says Balraj isn’t the kidnapper, real kidnapper is someone else. Ahana says Prisha is acting, I will call Rudra, its ringing, he isn’t answering my call. Sharda asks how can I give him the message. Ahana says we can call dad. She calls Niketan and asks did you reach the police station.

Niketan says no, reach airport, we will meet there, get my bag. She asks is Rudra with you. He says no, he maybe driving, when I reach there, I will tell him. She says I have to tell Rudra to get police here, Prisha thinks culprit is someone else. Niketan says that’s nice, get my bag to the airport, I will tell Rudra. Ahana says calm down, dad will give the message to Rudra. Sharda says Prisha said she will tell the truth when she gets evidence. Ahana says so much drama, why the suspense, who kidnapped Saransh. Sharda says you are saying this about Saransh. Mishka says its fine, we shall go, dad would be waiting. Ahana says I want to see the real culprit. Prisha frees Saransh and hugs him. She says I m not a good mum. He says you won’t leave me again, right. He gets dizzy. She asks what happened. He says I m feeling sleepy. She asks who did this. He gets shocked seeing….. Prisha turns to see…

Sharda says Prisha asked you to get police home, she knows where is Saransh. Rudraksh says Prisha is in a big problem. Someone shoots her. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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