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Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini~ Shot 10 (LAST)

Heya guys, remember me? I know you must have forgotten this story, so here is small summary to remind you about the plot.

Recap- Story start with Kunj Sarna one of the most eligible bachelor nd business tycoon of India, got his college friends Kartik nd Rehan’s call after a long time who invited him for Kartik’s marriage. On their insistence he went Bhopal nd collides with his Past, Twinkle Taneja at Kartik’s engagement party. Her presence reminded him her betrayal. He taunts her a lot, asked the reason of playing with his emotions but instead of clearing his misunderstanding or defending herself she was also rude with him. Then a day Twinkle nd Kunj have to leave for Jaipur for Rayna, Twinkle’s friend Chinki’s sister, wedding preparations as Twinkle was a wedding planner.

There he found Twinkle’s diary nd with the help of it, he got to know the Truth that how his Dad took advantage of Twinkle’s helplessness nd played with Kunj’s emotions to separate both of them, creating misunderstandings. He also found out that her Mom Leela nd sister Sanchi were dead which left him shocked. He was shattered nd heartbroken nd was blaming himself for Twinkle’s miserable condition. But later he also thought that whatever wrong happened with them, it could have been stopped by Twinkle but let it happen. He confronted her nd they had a big argument on this nd later Kunj said to her that he Hate her now. But do he really hate her or said in anger?

Read the next part to know your answer. Sorry if summary wasn’t good, I’m too bad in this :(.

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Kaash Hum Mohabbat Se Anjan Hote- TWINJ (SS) by Shalini ~ Shot 9

Part 10

I was in my room, I wanted to cry but I stopped myself. His words were ringing in my head, it was killing me from inside.

“What was my fault?”… he asked me. I know he did no mistake but

“What was my fault then? Why I had to suffer? Kis galti ki saza mili mujhe? Nd Sanchi.. what was her fault? Can anyone answer to these questions?”…. these were the questions I wanted to ask to Kunj but I knew that I’ll get nothing except just a silence or a sympathy which is no use of me.

I wiped my tears nd decided not to think about our conversation anymore. I can’t let it affect my job. I can’t let it affect my present. So I went to see the wedding preparations for tonight. Decoration were done perfectly. Catering services were also good.

Kunj didn’t come from his room till afternoon, I didn’t have idea that what was he doing there. I couln’t even go to him to ask about it. We both were hurt, we both were right on our places nd both of us were even wrong but nothing can be changed.

Sometimes later he came nd resumed his work for the preparation. He didn’t talk to me nd neither looked at me. I was fine with that, at least I won’t get distract. Well, everything goes on according to the planning. Nd finally the moment came, we’ve been waiting for. Wedding time, when priest called the bride. Rayna came with Chinki nd her cousins nd sat beside her to be husband. Nd then their marriage started.

After serving my dinner in a plate, I walked to get a table but all were full. Then a couple in their mid fifties offered me a seat on their table as other two people had just left the table. I thanks to them while taking a seat to eat my dinner comfortably.

“You’ve done very nice job. It’s very beautiful nd eye catching decorations nd all the preparations are also so good”… the lady complemented me

“Thank you Aunty”… I just thanks while eating my meals.

“She didn’t do it alone, her partner is also with her who is very supportive and hardworking, isn’t he”… her husband said, praising Kunj nd I admit it that without him it wasn’t possible to do such a beautiful arrangements

“Yes uncle. Actually all the decorations ideas were his, I just looked after the arrangements. So you should give all the credits to him”… I told them the fact

“Of course, but where is he?”…

“He must be busy with the groom”… I told them as I also didn’t know where he was

“May I ask you something?”…

“Ofcourse Aunty”…

“Is he your boyfriend?”… I started coughing nd stopped eating as I was shocked on her question. Why did she ask this?

“Arrey aram se khao beta”… She said while giving me a glass of water. I drank it nd after a few moments I became normal.

“Sorry Aunty”…

“It’s okay, you carry on”… I nodded nd resumed eating

“You didn’t answer me”…

“No… no Aunty, he is not my.. boyfriend”… I told them nd before they or me could say something else, we heard Kunj’s voice

“She is right Aunty, I’m not her boyfriend”… Kunj said while walking to us. He asked if he can sit with us through gestures nd they nodded yes.

“We are not boyfriend girlfriend Aunty”.. he said staring at me with a serious look. I don’t know why but I was feeling something wired in his look nd it was making me tensed.

“Ohh I thought you both are in relationship as you both look perfect together, I’m sorry”… she said, her voice seems to be disappointed. I was uncomfortable

“Why are you apologising Aunty, you didn’t say wrong”… he said casually nd I couldn’t stop but looked at him shockingly

“What do you mean?”… Uncle asked

“She is my fiancee”.. Kunj said softly nd confidently as he was true. I was too shocked to speak. I couldn’t understand why he said this, what was running in his mind. How could he lie to them?

“Right Twinkle?”… he asked looking into my eyes. I was wordless. There is nothing between us anymore, even he said that he hate me then why did he make me his fiancee?

“Oh wow, congratulations. You just disappointed us by your first reply”…

“Thank you Aunty nd sorry too”… Kunj said. I was still too shocked to react. After a while I left from there angrily nd came into my room nd slamming the door behind me I threw my phone on the bed.

“Why are you doing this Kunj?”… I shouted frustratingly. Then heard door opening behind me nd then getting locked. It didn’t take me even a second to recognise the person that he was Kunj. I angrily turned to him

“How could you lie to them Kunj? Why did you say that I’m your fiancee?”… I asked angrily while keep pushing him back until he was stopped by the door.

“Bcz I didn’t feel it wrong”… he replied casually

“Really, it’s not wrong Kunj?”… I asked in disbelief

“Of course, nd why are you getting angry? Don’t you like it?”… he asked keeping his one hand on my cheek.

“Obviously not Kunj Sarna, I’m not your fiancee. There is no relationship between us, don’t you remember this?”…

“I remember that Twinkle but that was just bcz of a misunderstanding. But now it’s solved so the complications”…


“What so? There is no problems anymore we should continue our relationship”…

“Relationship, are you serious Kunj?”… I asked irritatingly nd angrily

“This so called relationship was broken a long ago nd nothing can happen between us. Why don’t you understand that we need to move on nd I’ve already done it. I’m going to marry someone else in some days nd..”… I said but Kunj held me tightly by my shoulders nd turned me around with my back to the door. He looked at me with furious red eyes.

“Don’t you dare to imagine your life with someone else Twinkle Taneja, you’re just mine”… he said angrily. I was scared to see his reaction. He lowered his hands down my arms nd gripped me tightly while coming closer to me..

“Our relationship was broken bcz of you, you knew everything still you let it destroyed. You can’t blame me for this”…

“You are only Mine”… he said gritting his teeth with furious red eyes. Our faces were too close to feel one another’s breath

“But.. you Hate me!”… I don’t know why I said that, I don’t know what I wanted to confirm but I was unable to believe his words

“Of course I do. I hate you a lot Twinkle Taneja bcz tumne mujhe meri khushiyan, mere sapne aur mere pyar ko mujhse chhina hai, tumne mera trust toda hai nd I hate you for that, I hate you for everything you did to me. I hate you as much as I loved you”…. he said tightening his grip on my arms causing me to wince in pain nd I shut my eyes

“What did you think that I’ll let you go easily? I’ll let you decide about my life all alone?”.. he asked while leaving my arms

“Then you’re wrong Miss Taneja”… he again held me by my arms.

“Aaj ke baad main har pal tumhare aas paas rahunga, tumhe iss baat ka ehsas dilata rahunga ki how it feels when you want to forget your past but it keeps coming in your present to remind you about the things you don’t want to remember. As far as you’ll push me away, you’ll find me closer to you, very close”… he said in my ear. Shiver ran down my spines.

“Meri life barbad karne ke baad main tumhe kisi aur ki life ko happy nahi banane dunga Twinkle. Mujhse mera pyar chhinne ke baad sochna bhi mat ki main tumhare saath kisi aur ke pyar ko success hone dunga”… he warned me making me speechless. I was unable to understand him.

“You said very easily that you moved on but I couldn’t Twinkle. Main na kabhi tumhe bhool paya aur na kabhi bhool paunga. Then how could you think that I’ll let you forget me? Never nd you better keep it in your mind”… he let go of my arms nd stepped back nd before I could understand he pulled me to him, causing me to land my hand on his shoulder. I was staring in his eyes unable to read it. His eyes were moist nd so was my. I was just listening to him

“You are mine nd will always be mine. It’s true that I hate you now but thst doesn’t mean that I’ll let you love someone else”…. he said nd let me go. I stood there numb recalling his words nd watching him leave the room while banging the door loudly.

I was left shattered. I fell on the floor against the bed recalling his words, his furious red yet teary eyes. I didn’t have idea that what the game my life was playing with me

Kunj’s pov

I walked out of her room angrily. I know what I said was unexpected for her but it was truth, a bitter truth. I don’t know how much I was wrong but I didn’t want to think about it, I didn’t want to justify my love or hatred anymore. I didn’t want to think twice about my words. I was fed up of living my life according to others. Now I’ll live my life the way I want. Nd I know I was doing nothing wrong being selfish.

I went back to venue nd joined the everyone. All the rituals nd customs goes on during the wedding. I didn’t went back into my room but stayed near the wedding hall nd was looking after the preparation. I wasn’t even going to the mandap where Sachin nd Rayna were completing their marriage rituals bcz whenever I was going there it was reminding me the days when I was planning for my nd Twinkle’s marriage, when I was dreaming to make a life with Twinkle but it all was broken. Nothing happened like I’ve planned instead it turned out a worst nightmare. It became a memory which was just giving me pain nd I was tired of getting hurt again nd again.

Well, finally Rayna nd Sachin tied into marriage bond. They were happily married without any problem or trouble. I was happy for them, I was so happy for their successful love story. They got what they’ve wish for. Both were going to make a new life, a new world together. I was really so happy for them.

All this while Twinkle was with Rayna nd Chinki. I don’t know what she was thinking. I don’t know if she was also recalling our past or not but I was sure she was upset nd if it was bcz of my challenge, I gave her into the room then it was not surprising for me. I was glad to see her upset bcz of me. I was happy that she wasn’t able to avoid me even in her thoughts. She needs to keep me in her mind nd heart always to remind herself that she belong to me.

It was morning nd Rayna’s family was bidding her farewell with their moist eyes. It was a emotional moment for everyone. Well, Sachin left with Rayna nd his family nd friends nd our job was also done. I was glad to see people’s response on Twinkle’s effort. I know ideas were mine but she also did good job while adding her own experience.

“Thank you so much Twinkle for your efforts. You didn’t disappointed us nd impressed Rayna’s in-laws so much by the decorations nd other preparations”… Rayna’s Mom said to Twinkle.

“It was my duty Aunty nd I’m glad that you all liked my work. I’m happy to see the positive response from Rayna’s in-laws as I was so nervous since Chinki told me about their choices nd expectations”… Twinkle said delightfully. I was just listening their conversation.

“Well Aunty, you should give these credits to Kunj bcz if he was not with me, I wouldn’t have done such beautiful arrangements”… she told her. I wasn’t surprised as she has already done it bcz she had been saying it that she doesn’t want our personal issues affect her professional life nd create disturbance in career. So I just passed a pleasant smile to her while she appreciated nd thanks me.

Later both of us went to our respective rooms as we also have to leave but I was so exhausted due to staying up all night nd walking here nd there to look after the arrangements. So I did nothing but threw myself on the bed nd as soon as I closed my eyes, I dozed off.

“Kunj!”.. Twinkle called me

“Hmm”.. I mumbled

“Kunj, what are you doing? Don’t you want to go back?”… She asked me. Her voice seem to be very low as she was asking from distance.

“Kunj open the door”…she again asked. But I said nothing.

“Kunj!! Open the door”… this time she shouted at me causing me open my eyes nd then I realised that I was hearing her voice in my sleep. I looked at my watch while rubbing my eyes nd saw the time. I slept for almost three hours. I climbed down the bed immediately nd walk to door.

“Kunj!!”… she again shouted. Her voice was telling me her irritation.

“Why are you shouting?”… I asked irritatingly while opening the door.

“Don’t you want to go back? Nahi agar yahin rehna hai to bol do so that I can leave alone peacefully”… she said annoyingly

“Sorry Twinkle, ye do kaam to main tumhe nahi karne de sakta. Ek to akela nahi chhod sakta dusra peace”… I said winking at her nd in return she just rolled her eyes.

“Give me just fifteen minutes”…

“Okay”.. she said nd walked away. I also went into the washroom. After taking a shower nd getting dressed, I went in the hall where Twinkle was talking with Chinki. After having a little breakfast, we went to airport.

We were in flight. As Twinkle was tired nd didn’t sleep for even a little time so she dozed of in the flight. Her head was resting her head on my shoulder. It was reminding me some moments from our past.

Well, we landed in Mumbai where Kartik was already waiting for us. We seated in the car nd drove off. After half an hour we reached to the hotel.

“So Mr. Sarna, how was your experience with my Twinkle?”… Yash asked funnily while side hugging Twinkle, as we reached the hotel.

“You should asked this question to Ms. Taneja”… I replied while staring at Twinkle.

“He is right Yash, Twinkle should tell about her experience with Kunj, what say Twinkle?”… Kartik said wrapping his left hand on my shoulders.

Twinkle’s pov

“Hume to Kunj ki company mil jaye toh jungle me bhi koi problem nahi hai”… Seher said proudly. I was just staring at Kunj who was looking at me back. His gaze was intense. I couldn’t stay for long with them nd left for my room while excusing myself. I heard Kunj also said to leave in his room. I went to washroom to freshen up nd them walked into the room. Kunj’s words were echoing in my ears, his intense look nd unreadable face was running before my eyes. I didn’t know what was going on in his mind. Our lives were already too complicated to handle nd I was just hoping that Kunj shouldn’t do something which may increase the complications.

Well I was so tired nd wanted to sleep so I stopped thinking about Kunj nd walked to the bed nd laid down. I woke up after about two hours when Survi came to wake up me.

“Twinkle, ab tu meri shadi tak kahin nahi jayegi bcz you’ve to help me to select my dresses nd jewellery designs, samjhi?”… she warned me annoyingly

“Han baba nhi kahin nahi jaungi”…

“Good girl. Now let’s go for lunch. You must be hungry”… Survi said. It was like an order. I nodded yes nd went to washroom before leaving the room.

“Twinkle, today we have planned to go to the beach. Are you also coming with us?”… Uv asked on the dinning table.

“Of course she’ll come. Sabhi chal rahe hain to akeli kya karegi yahan?”… Yash said before I could reply. He mentioned ‘all’.. it means Kunj was also going.

“I’m sorry guys but I’m not in mood to go anywhere today. You all go nd enjoy”… I said immediately

“Are you sure?”… Seher asked


“Guys, I also won’t come with you bcz of tiredness, sorry”… Kunj said in next moment nd I couldn’t stop but looked at him. He was also staring at me with a little grin on his face. He said it bcz of me, to stay around me nd I could understand it by his face expressions.

“What yaar, tum dono ne mood hi kharab kar diya. Ab main bhi nahi jaunga”… Rehan said annoyingly. I was guilty. I just wanted to stay away from Kunj but I forgot that he is never gonna do anything in my favour.

“Rehan I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you but I’m really not in mood go out”… I apologise to him to convince him

“Don’t be sorry Twinkle. We should’ve understand that aaj hi tum Jaipur se ayi to shayad rest karna chahogi”… Rehan said with concern but I know he was disappointed as well. I also knew that if I change my decision then Kunj would also do same nd create some awkward moment so I said nothing.

“Ok guys, just relax. We would plan for some other day. Why are you behaving like a kid?”… Mahi said while scolding them.

“All are here, we can do a small party nd have fun”… Mahi added further trying to cheer up everyone’s mood

“That’s not bad idea. I agree with Mahi”… Survi said so others also agreed. Kunj was speaking nothing nd I could feel his gaze still on me.

All this while I realised that Aryan wasn’t speaking anything. I know that he is a quiet guy but today he was looking upset. He was lost in himself. He was sad about something. I don’t Kunj knew about this or he was just busy in staring at me. But I also can’t ask bcz I knew that he wouldn’t share with me.

Anyways, time passes nd it was around nine pm nd All of us were at poolside except Aryan.

“Where is Aryan?”… Uv asked after not seeing him there.

“He has to make some presentation Dad has given him. So he doesn’t want to come”… Kunj replied. I felt something wrong. I wish I could ask it.

“Arrey toh kal kar le jo bhi kaam hai use. Hum sab yahan masti kare aur wo room me akela, achha nahi lagta”… Survi said

“Yeah, Kunj call him too. I don’t want any excuse. Wait, main khud jata hun”… Kartik said nd left. After a few minutes he was back with Aryan nd no doubt that he was dragged forcibly.

“Twinkle, you are looking gorgeous tonight”… Yash complimented while pecking on the back of my palm. Nd unwillingly I looked at Kunj. His eyes were filled with anger. I pulled out my hand from his hand immediately.

“Yeah, he is right. This dress look so beautiful on you”… Mahi also said. Today I had worn a simple yet beautiful black casual gown.

“Right Kunj?”.. she asked making me shocked nd Kunj was also surprised. Why she asked this question to him? He was staring at me but I was trying to avoid the eye contact with him.

“Mujhe to ye hamesha se har dress me achhi lagti hai”… Kunj replied casually. My heart beat was fastening. Mahi, Yash nd others looked at Kunj to understand what he means. He also stared at me while begged him not to create any problem through my gestures nd my folded hands.

“Ab aise kya dekh raho ho mujhe? I just replied my opinion. Since I met her, I always find her pretty in every outfit. Don’t you think that?”… he simply said changing his point. I sighs while he gave me a serious look.

“You are right Kunj, she looks pretty always”… Yash said agreeing with him.

“Oh hello, wo akeli nahi nahi hai yahan. Three more girls are present here so thodi tareef humari bhi kar sakte hai aap log”… Seher said annoyingly nd I couldn’t stop but smile at her.

“Why? Rehan don’t complement you?”… Yash asked to tease her while Seher glared at him angrily.

“Well Yash, if you don’t mind may I ask you something?”… Kunj asked

“Yeah of course”… Yash said while gulping his soft drink. I was so nervous thinking about his question.

“Don’t you feel bad when some other guy praise Twinkle’s beauty in a way I did?”…. he asked. I don’t know what he wanted to do. Yash looked at me nd I just passed a smile to him.

“Nah, I don’t mind about it. In fact I love when people praise her for what she is”… Yash replied while smiling at me.

“Even I don’t mind as long as Survi like it. But suddenly tu ye kyun puch raha hai? If you were in our place, would you not like to hear complements from people for your Love?”… Kartik asked

“No!”… Kunj said nd I just shut my eyes tightly. His possession had overcome his mind. All were shocked by his reply nd I could see it by their face expressions.

“If the complement is in a flirty way then I would never like it. Bcz this is just my rights”… Kunj said. He was becoming dangerously possessive nd I was scared that he’ll again ruin his life bcz of me.

“Omg, psycho saiyan”… Seher exclaimed excitedly.

“Bro teri baatein sunkar I’m feeling that you’re also in love with someone”… Rehan said in disbelief.

“Kunj, let’s talk about your love life tonight”… Yash said with curiosity. Kunj stared at me intensely nd so did I.

“Who is the girl? Where you both met? Where is she? Why did…”… Kartik was asking in one go but Uv stops him..

“Kartik! Kartik.. calm down bro. Saans to lele”…

“Tum log jaisa soch rahe ho waisa kuch bhi nahi hai”… Kunj said. I can’t understand what he wanted to prove. First he was giving them a hint nd then he was lying, why?

“Tu nahi batayega so it’s foolish to waste time in arguing with you . Aryan ab tu hi bata de”…. Rehan said. Aryan looked at me nd Kunj.

“Aryan, please tell us if you consider us also your friends”… Seher said, emotionally blackmailed him.

“Who is that girl?”… Kartik asked again. Yuvi, Yash, Mahi nd Survi were not saying anything as they met Kunj just a few days ago.

“What does it matter who is she?”… Aryan said looking at me.

“Why?”… Rehan asked.

“They’re not in relationship anymore. They broke up”… Aryan explained them

“What?”… all asked at the same time shockingly while I shut my eyes nervously bcz of their loud voice.

“Broke up? But why?”… Survi asked this time. I was feeling like to leave from there. I wasn’t able to stay there for more times bcz of the torture Kunj was giving me emotionally.

“Kunj, tu itne time se humre saath hai aur ek baar bhi bataya nahi tune?”… Rehan asked with concern

“Toh humne bhi kahan pucha iski life ke baare me?”… Kartik said angrily on himself.

“Oh come on guys, stop your melodrama like girls. It’s not a big issue. Most of the people go through such phase. I’m not the only one”… Kunj said rolling his eyes. I couldn’t understand him now.

“Yeah, I know that but I also know that you are not like those guys who make spectacles of love”… Seher said.

“What happened between both of you that you had to part your ways?… Rehan asked with concern. Kunj stared at me. His eyes were red nd moist. Was he planning to tell them about our past? Was he going to blame himself or me? I was scared just with a only thought that will he reveal my name. I don’t know what Kunj was going to say. I also looking at him with teary eyes.



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