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Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 4

Shaurya n Mehak were busy in discussing about kitchen area n necessary grocries for kitchen. Mehak was giving many ideas n Shaurya was impressed by her as he found someone who is equally responsible n passionate as he is..his college friend Rajeev knocked on door n Mehak excused herself..Rajeev was staring at her..Shaurya knew that Rajeev is lustful n playboy n he asked him many a times not to stare his female staff with those lustful eyes but he never paid any heed to him..this irritates him the most because he don’t want any type of disturbance due to him in his doubt he is handsome n a girl could easily fall for his charm but still girls prefer not to give him any chance due to his lust n stories of one night stand how he used girls as a piece of paper..come Rajeev Shaurya said with a fake smile..O are you buddy Rajeev asked hugging him formaly..they both how you came..I mean is everything fine Shaurya asked with a disgust..yeah bro everything is fine..just want to see your progress of new restaurant..sorry forget its name Rajeev replied..WHITE LILIES Shaurya are done with new staff Rajeev asked..grow up Rajeev..

still you are planning how to use any girl from my new staff..I won’t let you do so n you know that Shaurya replied getting up from chair..what to do bro you appoint so beautiful girls..only you get fun of their charm Rajeev said with a evil look..Shaurya gave him a disgusting look n started look out of the window..Mehak was busy in working..he smiled a little anyone can’t say that he smiled but Rajeev noticed that n stand beside him..he too looked at the direction he was looking but there was a boy not Mehak who went to take some grocery..are you gay Shaurya Rajeev asked confusingly..nooo..who said Shaurya too was confused..then why are you looking at that boy like this Rajeev asked..actualy I was thinking something..I am not looking at him Shaurya replied back..ok..but who was the girl with you Rajeev Rajeev not she Shaurya warned him..god I am just asking Rajeev tried to cover up..whatever Shaurya replied n your wish..ok see you soon on opening of your restaurant..bye Rajeev said hugging him..see you never bus***d Shaurya said in heart..Rajeev left.

Vicky get up late in noon..his head was heavy n spinning too..he was not able to recall what had happened last night..last thing he remember was just this that Shruti was with him n they were in club celebrating one of their friend’s b’day n what happened after that he was not able to recall..Karuna came with a glass of lemonade..before she could say anything or put the lemonade on table Vicky got up and threw the many times I have to tell you not to come in my had lost the place in my room 23 years back..I hate you Mrs. Khanna..just get lost he shouted at her..she broke down in tears n left from there..Vicky somehow managed to reach bathroom n took a bath..Shruti called him n told that she is leaving for US tomorrow so don’t try to reach her or contact her as she had to get pack her stuff..Vicky got angry on her tone n disconnect the call..he lie on bed n tried to relax himself but can’t..he get up n start typing something in his laptop..whenever he was not able to relax himself then he upload his blogs on internet that will relax his mind n blogs too get uploaded..he was quite good in it.

Shaurya get busy in arrangment n didn’t even realized that its evening n the whole staff had left except Mehak..he called her in his cabin..Miss Sharma I am glad that you share the same passion for work as I..because of you the arrangment n pending work of restaurant is done in just 3 days n I was expecting it to be completed in 5 to 6 days but you have done a great job..well done keep it up Shaurya appreciated her..she smiled n thanked can rest until the opening that is on 4th day from today Shaurya told her that made her excited..come I will drop you its too late Shaurya offered getting up from his Sir I will manage n its not too late n also I don’t want to spoil your expensive car..thank you Mehak taunted him indirectly n left..he was in verge of anger after seeing her so-called middle class attitude..he too left.

Mehak reached her appartment n get freshen up..everything happened today was spinning in her mind..she was so tired n was going to bed but just then her door bell rang n she went to open the was Shruti on door..she was shocked to see her at this hour..won’t you let me come in Shruti asked..yeah come Mehak welcomed her..Mehak I want bto discuss you something important..please come n sit with me Shruti said..Mehak was still confused but sat with her..I know you are new here that’s why I came to you..I too came here with so many dreams in my eyes but when I met Shaurya my life changed..he befriend with me n we started spending so much time with each other..soon it changed into love n it was my b’day when I told him about my feeling..he hugged me twirl around in happiness..he told me that he too feel the same for me n then we spent so much time..n one day he was so sad..I was not able to see him in that condition so I went to him but he said to me that he want to make me mine..I was a bit scared but he emotionally blackmailed me that I don’t love him n all heart permitted me because I love him n he took me to his bed..

he crossed all the limits that night..I was scared..he spent some nights with me like that n then broke up with me..I was heart broken..I left him alone n stepped ahead in my life..but one day I threw up in morning n realized that I m pregnant with his child..I thought that he will accept this child n me too but when I went to him he refused to accept the child n asked me to abort the child when I opposed then he pushed me from stairs n my child died before coming in this world..after that Vicky came in my life n he is a good guy..yesterday also he forced me to hug him n talk as a flirty in front of you otherwise he will harm Vicky that I don’t want.. Mehak I m telling you he is not a good guy..

he is womenizer who only knows how to use them..he changes girls like he changes clothes..every night a new are also away from your family n he use those girls who are new here n away from family..I told you just for your safety..okay I have to leave for US tomorrow so I have to leave..good night..take care Shruti told her whole story n left with a smirk..Mehak was shell shocked after listening to her.She decided to maintain distance from Shaurya n not to give him a single chance to use her n slept.
Next morning Mehak woke up n after taking shower she called at her home n talked to them for some time n thanked Nehal for sending those stuff to her..after disconnecting the call she done her breakfast n decided to see Mumbai..she was so excited about that so she left to explore Mumbai..she went to market, malls, beaches n many other places..she was feeling so happy n free..she loved to be like that.

Shaurya was busy in working on new schemes of his new restaurant when Karuna called him n asked him to accompany her to her friend’s house but he was so busy so he refused half heartedly..Karuna understood that he must be busy so she told him that she will go at her own..she left with driver..after meeting her friend she decided to go to market n buy some new sarees for her future DIL..she went to xyz mall n found Mehak was there too..she wanted to go to her but she was in crowd n due to that she fell from stairs..

no one was readfy to help her when Mehak came n took her to hospital..she was not aware of her name but recognized her as Shaurya’s mother so she searched Shaurya’s profile n found out her name..she filled her form as her daughter..doctors examined her n told Mehak that her head is hurt n its a small cut soon she will be soon as Karuna gained consciousness she found Mehak beside her..she smiled n thanked her for saving her..Mehak called Shaurya n as he got the news of her mother he left all his work n rushed to the hospital Mehak mentioned..Karuna decided to not to tell her anything now but afterwards..she took care of her as a daughter till Shaurya reached there.


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