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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 12

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Episode starts….

Everyone was gathered in the house of the viyom…..they were enjoying their time and laughing….but there was no sign on the face of the two people…..

Ragini: Viyom, How you met her? I mean how your love story started?

Viyom: It was…

Vansh interrupted viyom and said, ” you guys talk… I am coming after some time I have to attend a call”. Everyone was just nodded…..

It was the best opportunity for Ridhima, where she can talk to him and sort out their matter… She wasn’t aware of the fact what will it turn into….may this increase their differences more….she only knows one thing that she has to pacify him at any cost….she had no idea how she would start a conversation with him.

Vansh was sitting in the balcony with closed eyes….it seems like was roaming in another world. His face was shining in the moonlight. It was like that moon giving him his coldness to removes his worries burying inside him. It was a little relaxing for him.

Ridhima came there and looked at the pale face of Vansh which was trying to relieve. For few minutes She didn’t take her eyes off him. After collecting lots of courage and thought she called his name”Vansh” with hesitation.

After hearing her beautiful voice he opened his eyes with a jerk and looked surprised at her. He opened his mouth to ask why is she there.

Vansh: what happen miss Ridhima?

Ridhiam with making face replied, “I want to talk to you.”
“Yes!! Go ahead, Miss” said casually.

Ridhima: I am Sorry Vansh. I….

Vansh interrupted her and said “for what. I didn’t remember anything that you did wrong with me since we met.”

Ridhima: vansh, please.

Vansh: what happened, miss? Should I call your finance Viyom?

Ridhima getting irritated by his weird behaviour and asked him “For God sake, vansh stop your drama. It’s high time now.”

Vansh: I think you mistook something. And what drama…I am not doing any drama miss. Since yesterday I have seen you eyeing me.”

Ridhima: Vansh you are talking like you don’t know me….

Vansh: yaa…100% I don’t know you….. except for one thing that you are the fiancee of my friend.

Ridhima heart was attacked by his words and broken into pieces….she held herself and said ” Vansh I know I did wrong with you…..please forgive me.”

Vansh with a confused look asked her “can you tell me what you did wrong with me….I don’t remember such thing”

Ridhima: I am sorry. I blamed you.

Vansh: It’s okay.

Ridhima: you forgave me.

Vansh: Hmm…

Ridhima with a happy face said ” really Vansh…thank you..thank you….thank you….thank you….thank you so much vansh….I can’t express my happiness in words…”

Vansh didn’t reply anything and just moved from there. Ridhima ran to him calling his name ” Vansh….Vansh, listen Nah…” He stopped and looked at her. She smiled at him but he was just expressionless.

Ridhima: kuch hua hai kya?

Vansh: what?

Ridhima: you didn’t say anything.

Vansh: you asked for forgiveness. I have assigned to you……now tell me what more you want from me…

Ridhima: you forgave me because I had asked for that….not because you feel like that..

Vansh: Yes! Miss Ridhima….. It’s my duty to help you after all you are my friend’s soon to be wife.

After hearing this, Ridhima was speechless. She didn’t know what to say and how her words will be mended by him.” Vansh now this is enough. You know what mujhe tumse baat krne aana hi nhi chahiye tha.”

Vansh: then who told you to come to me….leave nah…
She started looking at another side and ridhima was looking at him with disgust. Her eyes were filled with tears but she was not allowing them to come out as she didn’t want to break in front of him. She was holding these tears since her marriage.

Ridhima: yours this EGO nah…..” what ego. This is not My ego. this is my self-respect. For your kind information let me make you remember your words…

Ridhima: vansh you broke my trust and friendship too. From now I don’t want to stay in any kind of relationship with you….I want to divorce and after this I don’t know who are you….Never come to me….we have only one relation that is I am your friend’s fiance….nothing else.

Vansh: Now tell me what you want to say. I am obeying your words only.

He goes near to her and looks into her eyes. Both have teary eyes and they were finding peace in each other eyes.
Vansh points his finger at her heart and said ” Ridhima you are the one who made me like this….”(his throat coached) vansh took his eyes off and looked at another side.

Again he looked at her further said ” you made me away from you…Now there is nothing left between us. Now I am saying I don’t want to stay in any kind of relationship with you…Not even like your fiance’s friend. Good-Bye”

Vansh: one more thing…I will not able to come to your marriage. So ” Mubarak go tumko Saadi tumhari……”

Viyom: How many more days your going to stay here..

Ragini: I didn’t know.

Angre: Ragini, we know you love then why you are not confessing to him.

Ragini: we are very well aware of his behaviour. I want to make him release my love by action. We know there is only one girl that is me to whom he allowed to stay close to him. Aaj nhi to kl vansh ko mera hi hona hai….so why is rush.

Viyom: But Ragini there is something that you don’t know.

Ragini: Don’t tell me he like someone else.

Viyom: yes.

Angre: But she is his past…you still have a chance…otherwise you will lose him.

Ragini shouted in anger” this can’t happen. Vansh is mine only mine. I can do anything for him. By the way who that girl.

Angre: Ridhima

Ragini with shock ” what?? Are you mad…she toh viyom’s fiance”

Viyom: you are misinterpreting things. She is different and Vansh is searching like made.

Ragini: what?? Searching…where is she now.

Angre: They had one misunderstanding so she left him.

Ragini: Better for her…she left my vansh otherwise I am going to kill her.

Viyom: she left him or you made her leave…

Angre: whatever??? I hate her from bottom of my heart.

Viyom: why you hate her so much….what she did with you…..ooooh now I got it….she snatched your love vansh…

Ragini and Angre both started beating viyom….” Pagal hogaye ho kya tum dono……it is bitter truth….leave my..”
“I said leave me…I am sorry….majak kr rha tha….” They stopped and sat beside him.

Viyom: why you were beating me.i said nothing to you.

Ragini: But said about my Vansh nah…

Viyom: ooooh… But where is the….call him to come here…

Everyone retired to their bed. Ragini was thinking about ridhima, how will she throw Ridhima out of vansh’s life…Viyom also thinking about ridhima, how she changed his life…..Angre also thinking about Ridhima, how will he make her stay away from Vansh.

Vansh was also thinking about Ridhima.” How can I forgive you….you were no there when I needed you most. You think so low about me. I never knew that you didn’t have faith in me. Now no more hurt…I will not allow you to come close to me and again…and again hurt me and break my heart.”

On the other hand, Ridhima was thinking about Vansh. How she hurt by his words and he didn’t show any attention to him. How can he changed this much?…earlier he always respected her emotions and never talked like this.
” Vansh chahe jitna gussa ho lo…maafi to Mai le ke rahugi…I know I did wrong to you…but I was not only at fault….you were equally responsible for that…But Don’t worry The Great Vansh Raisinghania soon you will with me….”

In the morning when Vansh woke up. His side table contains a rose bouquet with a Good morning note. There a cup of coffee with a smiley face.

Vansh felt good with this effort and a smile crept on his face. When he saw Ridhima was peeping from the door, soon his expression got to change with frown.

Vansh: what you think these things will change my mind. so you are wrong…nothing going to change between us. I will never forgive you.

Ridhima came inside and said ” I am doing this to seek your forgiveness. I am trying to befriend you.

Vansh gave her a death glare look. ” so will you become a friend ” said she.

Vansh: I don’t need any friend.

Ridhima: But I need a friend…please.

Vansh: I don’t need a friend like you who blindly blame her friend for every bad happening.

Ridhima felt pain in her heart. She wants to speak but her throat was choked. So she stood like a statue and looking at vansh with helplessness.

Vansh: move out of this room or you wants me to move out.

Ridhima: I accept that I did wrong to you…give one chance to me…..tum bolo Mai Aisa kya kru jo tumjhe baat krne logo….vansh you are hurting me with your behaviour….Vansh please try to understand my situation. If you were in my place then what would you chose…..I know I should listened to you….please tum bolo Mai kya kru jo tum door mat bhago…….

Vansh: mere dil me joo dard hai… Ushe mito skti ho…..you know what when you come close to me it increases….If you are able to do this then I am ready to forgive you. By the way, why you want my apology…I mean there is no need to do this. Itane logo me agar ek insan tumse baat nhi krta hai to kya farak padata hai…you enjoy your life nah…why you are wasting time on me. What the need for this?

Do one thing, just stay away from me. Try to never come in my way.

Ridhima with a heavy voice ” vansh, please don’t say like this….just give me some time we will sort out every this. We have an understanding…”

Vansh interrupted her ” understanding….seriously Ridhima…It was my misunderstanding that we had an understanding….if we had understanding then you wouldn’t blamed me….if we had understanding then you at least once tried to understand me….if we had understanding then you didn’t blurt out that.

Precap: Ridhima: what??? You love Vansh….(to herself: how is this possible….)

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