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The feeling that I had (Part 1)

So guys, I was thinking that yes its true that i am having health and study issues, that’s why I had ended my previous ff as OS. But now I am feeling that if everyone keep on taking break then who will be left here to write?

So am ending my break for my love to Riansh.

So this ff can be boring ,I am just writing randomly,but I will write.

Episode starts with Riddhima sitting on breakfast table and meshing her food in bowl with spoon thinking about something,

She then felt a light push and turned to see it was her mother who had done this to take her out of her thoughts, she softly smiled to her.

Uma: Stop playing with your food and eat it fast

Riddhima glanced at her food which had meshed completely on her thoughts and started eating it.

She was dressed up in normal white top and denim shorts with a high messy bun and was eating small bites like a child.

Uma was staring her seriously, Riddhima raised her eyebrows to ask her mother that now where is she lost?

Uma: Look at you ,you are still not grown up. Why had you chosen this sort of work?

She then held her face up and softly caressed her hair,

Uma: Riddhi please beta ,leave this job.  We just want our daughter and nothing else.

Riddhima smiled and held her hand and blinked her eyes as saying to trust her.

Riddhima was about to speak when she recieved a call and left food midway to attend it,her mother didnt like it and frowned ,lifting up her plate as she knew that now she is not going to return for hours.

Riddhima reached her room and picked up the call ,

Riddhima: Hmm..hmm sure .Send me the details ,ya …hmm yes I am ready.

With this she opened her laptop and started working on it ,something appeared on screen which made her eyes widened.

She recieved a message that reach by 9 PM at airport.

She got up fast and started packing her bag back which she had not even completely unpacked.

She felt a figure staring her,she knew it was her mother, she had no answers for her concern so she just kept packing.

Precap: Riddhima: You have your family with you,just stay with them and let me do my work.

And with this she moved out of the house while her mother kept looking at her.

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