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Qurbaan Hua 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Aalekh plans to kidnap the children of Devpriyagh

Qurbaan Hua 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aalekh is sitting in the black clothes while Ghazala is sitting, Sahil comes showing the posters with his name explaining that this means they are waiting for him, Aalekh exclaims this is what he desires as his real target is the children, Ghazala gets tensed so questions what is he saying as he informed him they both are the means with which she can get the property of Mr Baig, Aalekh assures her that nothing would happen to them, he mentions they both are just one pawn in the way of his revenge because he has to take revenge from the entire village so would also kidnap the children who are studying, Sahil questions what would he do with those children. Aalekh shows him the newspaper article of the Mela mentioning the entire Devpriagh would not forget this mela as in it they would hear the screams of the children, he leaves with Sahil while Ghazala also thinks of going back otherwise it would cause a lot of problems, Agama is searching the house but is tensed as he is not even able to find a single bottle so decides to watch the video of the old party, he gets a call from Neel who mentions he has been given the gift of two free bottles, Agam is not able to believe it so rushes to claim his prize, Bopho exclaims that the plans of Chahat are worth mentioning, he vows to find Agam and would use him to foil al the plans of Aalekh.

Dua is playing the games when Shlok comes, she challenges him saying he cannot attain the points like her but she offers him a chance so he is not able to complete it but then Shlok vows to win the challenge, they sit on the bed when Naveli comes with Vyas je asking what are they doing as they must go downstairs and perform the pooja, Dua asks Shlok to come with her but he insists on playing the game so she leaves with him.

Alka has made the kheer for everyone, Ghazala seeing the opportunity questions what has she made, she asks her to call everyone as they would eat it together, she rushes when Ghazala mixes something in it thinking that she has to wait while everyone gets unconscious after eating it, only then the plan of Aalekh would be finalized, Godambari after coming is tensed questioning that Ghazala started eating without them but she mentions she was not able to control herself, they all are eating but Chahat refuses to take a bite.

Agam reaches the bar calling the owner, he turns to be punched by Neel who questions where Aalekh is but Agam refuses to accept he knows anything however after being threatened by Neel he reveals that Aalekh is hiding in the large house behind the Mandir, Neel sends him with Bopho to the police station after which he calls Chahat mentioning that her plan worked and he got the location of Aalekh, Chahat is relieved so prays for his safety.

Chahat is standing when she turns, Naveli forcefully makes her have the Kheer, Ghazala leaves saying she needs to have some water, Chahat gets a call from Neel who explains that Aalekh managed to run away from the house, Chahat is tensed when Neel asks her to be careful and not let Aalekh come near Vyas je as he would surely come but Chahat assures that she would not let anything happen to Vyas je, Godambari feels dizzy and starts seeing two Ghazala, she gets unconscious. Alka also falls which worries Chahat who tries to help them all but before she is able to call the ambulance she also falls, Ghazala plans to make the children fall unconscious.

Dua is performing the study with the other children when ghazala sees them so calls them for an ice cream break, she after handing them the ice cream exclaims they would play a game by which all of them would have to smell the napkin and tell her what scent it is, the child who gets the scent of the rose would be the winner, all the children one by one smell the napkin and get unconscious. Ghazala thinks now she would have to make sure Shlok is also unconscious.

Shlok celebrates in excitement as he would once and for all prove to Dua that he can also win the game, he rushes out from the back, Ghazala enters the room and starts calling Shlok but cannot find him in the room, she wonders where he might have gone.

Shlok reaches the hall, he gets tensed wondering why is everyone sleeping in the day, he tries waking them but cannot be successful, he therefore decides to go and inform Dua, Shlok is stunned to see that all the children including Dua are also sleeping, he hears the voice of Ghazala so wonders she might scold him thinking that all the children have gone to sleep because of his actions, he starts acting as if he is also sleeping, Ghazala comes, she tries waking him up the thinks he might have smelled one of the other napkin, she stands thinking now it would be fun to witness what happens next.

Precap: Aalekh exclaims he has Shlok and Dua, now they had humiliated him in front of the entire village so if they desire to see their children so should meet him within the next fifteen minutes, Chahat and Neel vow to protect the children even if they have to sacrifice their lives.

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