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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Kamlesh helps Happu get rid of Chandini

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu telling manohar that the paan has some smell. Manohar says I was thinking, the way you scolded Commissioner Saheb, you will get transfer or suspension. Happu says Madam had come here and asked me, that’s why I scolded Resham Pal. Resham Pal comes there and says I want to tell you something. He says you insulted me so much that day and also scolded me, all your words opened my eyes, I have understood that my wife’s love is my top most priority and I will never break her heart. Happu kisses on his hand and says it is husband’s duty to take care of his wife. Chandini comes there and says Happu ji, I brought food for you. Happu says why did you take so much efforts? Chandini says my love will not be in the food which you eat here and asks him to come home early, says he will come. He asks her to go. Chandini forcibly hugs him and goes. Happu says I don’t like this daughter. Resham Pal scolds him for having an affair with her and asks you shall feel ashamed to talk big and do cheap things. He says I will see in which PS, place is vacant, you will get transfer orders soon. He goes.

Amma waits for Happu to come and thinks how to tell him truth. Happu comes there and asks her to make tea, as day was very inauspious. Amma says even the evening will be the same. She tells that it was my mistake, I brought this trouble home, thinking Bahu will be jealous and come running here. She tells that she had promised to give her 15000 Rs, but now she is threatening me to give 2 lakhs else will get you suspended. Happu gets worried.

Malaika asks Kamli, how she spend her time. Kamlesh/ Kamli says she just sit at home. Malaika says they shall go for swimming. Kamli says she is excited to go, then realizes that his truth will out, and refuses to go. Malaika tries to drag her. Kat comes there and asks Kamli what is the problem, she says she will also come. Kamli whispers that she will be exposed. Malaika says she will take out Kamli’s fear and pulls her hand. Kat tries to stop Kamlesh. Malaika pulls Kamlesh’s wig and looks at him surprised.

Happu drinks with Beni. Beni says your gharwali went and bahar wali is inside. Happu says she is a cunning lady. Beni says you had said that Chachi knows her. Happu says Amma had done this to make Rajjo jealous. Beni says now think what you can do. Malaika comes there with Kamlesh and Kat and asks Happu to see Kamlesh staying in their house indisguise of Kamli. Happu says I told you that you can’t stay here. Kat says it is not his mistake, it was my idea. Happu says I don’t like him. Kat says she can’t see without roof and asks Kamlesh to apologize to him. Kamlesh apologizes to Happu. Beni wears Kamlesh’s wig and tells Happu that he shall forgive Kamlesh if he agrees to help them get rid of their problem. Kat says Kamlesh will do anything. Beni whispers something in Happu’s ears. Happu asks Kamlesh to go.

Amma brings tea for Happu and Chandini and asks how is the tea? Happu says awesome. Amma says she is an expert. Kamlesh comes there as a sheikh and dances holding recorder on his shoulder. Happu tells Amma that Sheikh is his friend from Dubai. Kamlesh greets Amma and tells that he was busy in Dubai with his 12 wives and 24 children. He says he doesn’t get time. Happu tells Amma that his friend have well of oils. He asks how did he come today? Kamlesh tells that he is looking like a smart secretary for him, and will give her 2 lakhs salary and also oil from well. Happu says there is no such girl in my sight. Chandini says she is ready to go with him. Kamlesh says I will take you to Dubai. Amma says you have done agreement with us and I will give you money. Chandini says I am leaving this job and don’t want money. Amma asks her to write in the paper that she is leaving job with her “will” and don’t want salary. Chandini writes on the paper and signs. Amma takes the paper and keeps it. Happu tells Kamlesh that he shall show the moon now. Kamlesh takes out his fake beard and get up. Chandini says a big betrayal and tells that she will go to PS. Kamlesh says I will call Police. Happu says I myself is a Police officer and says if this girl don’t go from here, then I will take her to PS. Chandini goes. Happu asks Kamlesh to sit. Amma is thankful that Chandini went. Happu asks Amma to beware next time. Malaika, kat and other kids come there, and tell that they are going to Mummy. Amma says nobody is going as she will call bahu back. She calls Rajjo and says hello. Happu says come home. Amma slaps him and asks Rajjo to return soon. The kids get happy.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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