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Hamariwali Good News 26th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mukund supports Akki

Hamariwali Good News 26th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Meera saying you made Navya leave Adi’s life, you both always supported each other, when there is a chance, then make him a successful man. She says Adi should take up the responsibility of his child, sorry Akki, I can’t help you further, Mukund has refused to accept Adi as his son, he cleared it that he can’t stay in the same house as Adi, I don’t know what will Devika decide now. Akki asks Devika. Devika says no ways, Akki married Adi by her wish, there is no place for Akki and Adi in this house, once Akki learns a lesson, she will come back to my house, I don’t want Adi to stay here forever. Adi says enough, I m taking Akki with me, we are leaving from here. He asks Akki to come. Akki asks where will we stay and what will we eat, you don’t have any work. He says come with me, shut up. Mukund stops Akki. He says you can’t feed yourself, how will you feed Akki, she is pregnant, I don’t want her to tolerate more sorrow, you have ego, go and earn money first, prove it that you can feed your wife and baby, then you can take Akki with you, till then Akki will stay here in this house. Meera smiles.

Devika thinks he is paying rent to stay here, he talks big things. Meera says everyone doesn’t see Mukund’s goodness, Adi will work hard for his family, look at Mukund, he is giving rent to stay here, Adi should also have such self respect, Adi should take this as a challenge and leave the house right away. Adi says I will earn a lot of money and come back, I will show you all who I m. He goes. Meera asks Akki to let Adi go and work hard. Akki cries and goes. Devika says Meera played a good game, I have to stay alert of her.

Ritvik gets angry on Navya. Navya asks are you still upset with Mukund. He says I did what you felt right, but whatever Mukund did with Meera wasn’t right, I will never forgive him. She says I know, but it was just an accident, you have seen it yourself, you have seen how mum has left us, then you have seen Adi, even then Mukund didn’t worry for himself and just took care of Meera, we have seen it, right, it was not intentional, but I m sorry from his side. He stops her. She says don’t get upset, please. He says fine. They have a talk and smile.

Devika sees Tiwari house banner and shouts who has changed my house board. She shouts a lot. Meera comes and asks why are you spoiling my sleep. Devika scolds her. Meera says Akki is going to give birth to a baby, he will also be Tiwari, its better you accept this. Devika wakes up from the dream and worries. Meera feels thirsty. She gets up to have water. Mukund wakes up and feeds her the water. He cares for her. Ritvik gets a gold chain for Bharat. He says my Dadi made me wear this with her hands, now you will wear it. Navya asks are you sure you want to give this chain to Bharat. He says he is our son, whatever is mine is of him also. Navya hugs him. Devika looks on angrily. Mukund asks how are you feeling now. Meera says better, I wanted to thank you, you stopped Akki from going. He says you always say that we should do whatever our heart says, shall I get something for you. She signs no. He says then sleep. He also goes to sleep. She looks at him.

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