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Do you deserve me? Riansh os

Hello guyssss. I know i know no one missed me 🤧. Dint asked me where i am. I was not in anyone’s comment box. Hmm koi baat nhi🤧. Jao os dekho i will not tell anything. I am ghussa.

Big mansion,many reporters,family member,the host and the unknown person. What? Dint understood? Oh wait i will explain this words in this os.

So all knows here hero, heroin but is there any villan left? Yaa 1 villan and it’s ego. Whose? Well you know so why to ask.

Vansh was sitting on a chair with many reporters present over there.

Seems like waiting for someone vansh isn’t it?

Vansh’s wait was over when he saw the heroine (oh well you all know her) standing at the door.

So our heroine riddhima was standing at the door watching everything happening there.

Vansh smirked at her and called his wife. Oh wait a new actress she isn’t villan just doing her acting of mrs.vr she is oh come on i know you know many named her lizard she os ahana.

Riddhima was calmly watching there drama. Vansh was a little confused. Then thought

Vansh(thinking time): she isn’t reacting a bit. How shamelessly standing over there huff.

Vansh in that episode i was hell angry on you. God how riddhima forgived him.

Riddhima started doing something in her mobile. (no police ok)

Riddhima smiled looking at it. She typed yes and moved outside.

Vansh still confused was getting angry. He thought she will plead, claim to be his wife. He ended his press conference and camed out.

Riddhima was outside his mansion and was looking in her wrist watch continuesly.

Vansh got even more angry and camed near her.

Vansh: you don’t have any guilt? What are you made up of?

Riddhima looked at him and said…

Riddhima: thank god i don’t have emotions otherwise after watching this. I could have breakdown. (Calm)

Vansh: well riddhima you don’t deserve me this family.

Riddhima: you said correct i really don’t deserve this family. Thank god you said it yourself. I deserve much better.

Vansh(angry): you don’t deserve anyone. You are a cheater and gold digger.

Riddhima: and who are you to decide? Well don’t eat my brain i am waiting for someone….wait there they are.

Vansh turned and was shocked.

Uma along with sejal was coming. Riddhima raned to her and took her blessings. She blessed her and riddhima gave her support and camed near gate.

Vansh rushed to her and whispered

Vansh: mom!

Guys i will upload next part that is revelation soon. Ok so bye see ya and do comment and tell you review. Ok bye bye. Take care.

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