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#Collection of Riansh OS #Her Crush 😉

First of all, Riddhima’s crush is NOT VANSH.
Now, let’s begin,

April 5, 2033

Cool breeze was blowing..A car comes to the sight.

Riddhima and Vansh are sitting inside the car, going to the airport

Riddhima and Vansh are sitting inside the car, going to the airport.

Riddhima : Vansh, shall I tell you my  crush’s story??

Vansh : Yes, sure!

Riddhima : So, listen, I was twelve and a half years old, means 12 years ago, in 2021, when Covid was spread. It was lockdown time and we were getting bored sitting at home, except me..I was an interovert..

And Vansh got 440 volt shock listening this 😳, because now, Riddhima was an extrovert and a free bird who didn’t liked staying inside home..

Riddhima continued,”My brother anf sister started going to the nearby park, they used to tell me their experiences, but I was least interested..One day, my dad forcefully took me to the park and said, you should do outings…It was 11 June, I still remember…That day…”

Flashback :

Riddhima’s father, Mr. Harish, takes her to the park..There, Riddhima’s siblings, Karan and Gayatri ran towards their friends and Harish started walking and Riddhima followed him. After walking for approximately 25 minutes, Harish sat along his two friends and they started talking to each other. Riddhima was getting bored, so she made her way and started walking on the path..The clock striked 6:55. It was time for Riddhima’s show, Ishq Mein Marjawan : Naya Safar to come on Voot Select. Riddhima went to her father and asked permission to go. After getting ‘Yes’ , she made her way back, to the home.

Flashback ends.

Riddhima : Then, the next day, I wished to go to the park, I never felt like that before…And I went to the park…Days passed and I had more wish to go there..But I used to come back at 7, Monday-Saturday…One day…

Flashback :

Riddhima, as usual, went to the park, along Harish, Karan and Gayatri. After having a walk of 20 minues, Harish went to sat with his friend, followed by Riddhima..Harish and his friend started talking with each other, begininng from salary increase of Harish’s friend to the political issues, they talked for almost half an hour..

Flashback ends.

Riddhima : And that day, I kept on gawking dad’s friend, Mr.Siddhu, who was the reason to come to the park daily…Though, he was married and had two boys as his children, still I had a huge crush on him…Which I can’t explain! Slowly, slowly, I started bonding with his sons, one was 6 years smaller than me and the younger one, 11 and a half years…They both used to play with me, often…I’ll now tell you what made me like him..One Sunday..

Flashback :

After following the daily routine of park, Harish sat with his friends, this time, Rohit and Mr.Siddhu. Riddhima thought to walk more. So, she moved towards another corner and started walking…After a couple of minutes, Mr. Siddhu’s elder son, Samar, came to him and asked,”Dad, there’s Quality Walls wale bhaiya, I want an ice cream..”
“Hmm”, said Mr. Siddhu while looking at his phone.
“Dad!!” said Samar.
Mr Siddhu : Yes..Wait…
Samar : Hmm, fine
Mr. Siddhu : Mr. Dr!
He adressed Harish as Dr. in a fun away..
Harish : Yes?
Mr. Siddhu : Tuhade baccheyan nu ice cream khwa dayein??
Harish : What’s need?? Leave!!
He said refusing him in a polite way
Mr. Siddhu : My child will eat and yours not? Not fair…
After much of  force, Harish agreed. All this was witnessed by Riddhima, who just stood quiet and continued walking. As five-six children ate ice cream, Mr. Siddhu asked Gayatri about Riddhima. He gave her the Chocobar and said,”Give it to your sister” He left from there. Riddhima was hell nervous. Karan and Gayatri came towards her and gave her ice-cream…She refused it as a fornality..On being forced by, Karan and Gayatri, she took it and started walking towards Mr. Siddhu, who was paying to the ice cream wale bhaiya 😝 Riddhima went towards him and stood their quiet.
Mr. Siddhu looked at her and said,”Eat it, I’ve asked your father.”
Riddhima knew but still wasn’t ready as she was very shy. So, she looked at her father, who was sitting quiet a far away and didn’t noticed her.
Mr. Siddhu : Eat, dear!
Riddhima nodded at him slightly and he left from there. She ate the chocobar along Samar, Karan and Gayatri.
Flashback ends.

Riddhima : You might be thinking, what’s so special in this?? It’s that, he cared for everyone…And wanted if my child is eating something, then, his friends should also be…Vansh, he worked in PAU, and lived in opposite side of our house, leaving 7 more houses. I really liked his gesture 😍 I talked to my brother, Karan, about the house of Mr. Siddhu..and he said 7 houses away in opposite side…I nodded at it. Then, I was attending my online classes when wind started blowing and there was a power cut..I got sad and came out..There, I saw Mr. Siddhu in his balcony and I was just awe seeing him…He was wearing a light pink t-shirt with blue and whit pattern..I also had something like that, so I decided to do twinning with him…One the same day, i.e. 24th of June, a very happy incident happened with me…

Flashback :

It was Thursday..They all came to the park at 6:20..After having a walk of half an hour, Riddhima and Harish, sat on the bench. Mr. Siddhu had lifted his younger son, Avinash in his hands and was talking to a women.
Women : Yeah, my cousin needs accomodation for rent..
Mr. Siddhu : I have a person, you can check the house..
Women : When should I come then??
Mr. Siddhu : He is here only, wait…
“Mister  Doctor!” he called. Harish turned towards him and went near, followed by Riddhima.
Harish : Hanji? (Yes?)
Mr. Siddhu : She is ***** and her brother wants an accomodation, so our house is vacant, naa??
(The house was bought by Harish & his father, recently and Mr.Siddhu referred is as “ours” because here, in Punjab, people say “Apna naam ki hai? ; Apna ghar kithe hai?”)
Harish : Yes, yes..Just tomorrow gate will come and soon, paint will get over..
Mr. Siddhu, Harish and women talked about some stuffs. Then, Mr. Siddhu said,”Mr. Harish is an advocate and his Mrs. is a professor , he has one son, one daughter (he pointed at Gayatri and Karan) and she is ‘our’ elder daughter..He pointed at Riddhima and she had mixed feelings, though, she kept a smile on her face..
Flashback ends.

Riddhima : I was happy as he smiled at me while introducing me, but sad at the same time as he called ‘our daughter’ , I didn’t really expected this but was still happy..Then, a couple of minutes passed…

Flashback :

Same day, Harish saw an old man and both greeted each other..They started discussing about a few things and the list became longer, our Riddhima was getting bored while listening that as Mr. Siddhu was also talking to someone else, so, she got more bored. Then, Mr. Siddhu came, along his two friends, Rohit and xyz..
Mr Siddhu pointed at Riddhima and said,”You might be thinking that dad brings me to the park and gets indulge in his talks..I get bored, right?”
Riddhima just smiled at the statement. Mr. Siddhu talked about Riddhima with his friends and she escaped fron there being shy. He was saying,”Amongst her siblings, she is the most innocent one..etc..etc..” Then, finally, Harish & the old man’s talk got over..Riddhima was unaware about the time but she assumed that it was 7:30 or so as it was getting dark. Harish went where, Mr. Siddhu, his wife and Rohit were sitting along kids. There were four benches, in front of each other. Mr. Siddhu was on one bench abd Rohit and Harish besides it and Mr. Siddhu’s wife opposite to them..The kids were on the grass. Riddhima was standing keeping her wrist on the bench.
Mr. Siddhu : You can sit, we don’t charge any money to sit 😂 and this is ‘our’ park only..
(Mr. Siddhu was the president of the park.)
Riddhima sat on the bench.                   Mr. Siddhu : Harish! Your this daughter is very smart & intelligent..Well, I haven’t heard her voice till now, she remains so quiet and her siblings (looked at Gayatri and Karan) don’t remain quiet. Saying this, he giggled along Rohit and Harish. Riddhima felt shy but didn’t displayed on her  face.       Mr. Siddhu : I must say, one should have a daughter like this only..  And he smiled at Riddhima, who reciprocated with a wider one 😊

Flashback ends.  

Riddhima : Vansh, you know after that, the next day, I woke up for my classes, whole time, I was just waiting for him to come at balcony, it was 11:36 now, I looked at my phone as teacher was saying something..Then, I found him, his wife and kids going to the temple..Avinash, his younger child, bonded with me really well..And he went from there…I attended my classes, waiting for him, so that I can see him…I was called by someone inside, so I went, when I came back, I saw him sitting with Samar on his bike, he was wearing red and a coincidence, me too!! He left with Samar. I waited till 1:46 and he came back, you won’t imagine, what he was looking!! Sweat was clearly visible on his face and he looked handsome though…The most surprising fact is, I don’t know his first name!!! 

While this, Vansh was listening very calmly as he wasn’t jealous of him..He knew Riddhima is his’s only..

Riddhima : Vansh! But now, it has been years meeting him..We shifted to Canada and there I lost many more things, that’s why as I turned 18, I quickly made my Visa done and came back to India…but still I didn’t meet him..Anyways, I found you, and we married..

She hugged him from the side and said,”Don’t worry, you’re my husband and my first priority.” She smiled at it and Vansh reciprocated. Vansh stopped the car, by now, they reached the airport. After boarding the flight, they sat on their seats.

On the most left lane, they had their seat

On the most left lane, they had their seat. The special thing was that the seat could rotate 180 degrees towards right. (I know, you might be thinking, how? Then, everything is possible in my stories  🤘) Riddhima sat on window’s side and Vansh besides her. Then, came four people, one of them sat along Vansh, while other three on the behind seat. Vansh looked at the person and smiled.
Vansh : Hey bro!
Heyy dude!!!” said the person. Vansh introduced the person to Riddhima, saying,”Meet Mr. Samar, my business client, friend as well as brother by heart..” Riddhima smiled at him.
Meet my parents!” said Samar pointing towards back. Samar, Riddhima and Vansh turned their seats and found a man, a women and a boy sitting.
Samar : My brother, Avinash, my dad and my mom.
Vansh : Hello Mr. Avinash! Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Siddhu..
He greeted them and then introduced Riddhima,”Meet my wife, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania..” he looked at Riddhima and found her teary eyed.
What happened?” he whispered in her ears?
Sid..Siddhu..” she said in the same tone. Vansh got surprised and looked at Mr. and Mrs. Siddhu. Riddhima greeted them…After a couple of moments, she excused herself to go to use washroom.
Vansh : Mr. Siddhu, did you recognize her?
Mr. Siddhu : I feel like I’ve met her before, but can’t remember when and where?
Vansh : Riddhima…Mr. Harish’s daughter, Riddhima..Now?
Avinash : Riddhu di?
Vansh : Yess..
Neetu (Mr. Siddhu’s wife) : That girl who shifted to Canada?
Vansh : Yes, yes!
Mr. Siddhu : Then, how’s she here now?
Vansh : She wanted to persuade her career here, in India, so, she came back and then, we both married each other…and are going for Honeymoon..
He had a blush on his face.
Mr. Siddhu : Oh good!


When, Riddhima and Vansh’s taxi arrived at their resort in Singapore, another taxi followed it. It was of Siddhu family. They all got down..
Vansh : You here, again?
Avinash : We can ask the same question, though!
He laughed.


Dinner Time :

The family decided to have dinner along RiAnsh. While, they all were chit chatting and eating, Riddhima started coughing. Vansh rubbed her back and gave her water.
Are you okay?” he asked being panicked.
She wasn’t able to speak.
Oh no! She is allergic from capsicum..” said Mr. Siddhu. Vansh quickly lifted her and went to the room. He made her drink water and gave medicine. After coming back to the dining table, Vansh asked,”How do you know?”
Once, we did a pizza party in the park and she told me” said Mr. Siddhu.
Ohh!” exclaimed Vansh and continued,”That’s why I was thinking, I haven’t done anything then, why was she feeling like this” on which Riddhima glared at him with a sharp gaze and he winked at her.


During breakfast, everyone was waiting for someone.
Riddhima : Whom are you waiting for?
Your crush” said Avinash and Samar trying to control their chuckle. Riddhima glared Vansh angrily and asked,”Did you?”
Sorry, sweetheart!” he chuckled. She pulled his ears and started pulling him towards their room. Mr. Siddhu was arriving to the restaurant when he saw them.
What happened?“, he asked.
Did you tell him also?” Riddhima eyed Vansh on which he nodded slightly and she made an angry pout..Everyone giggled.


That’s all for this OS. The reason for the delay is my online classes have started, so I’ll be updating twice a week only, and this goes for all of my stories..Hope you’ll understand..Coming onto the story, this is my own story (just flashbacks and narration) I really wanted to write this in an OS form as I want to express my own happiness, which I’m feeling these days…Enough of my blabbers now, it’s time to bid adieu! 

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