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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza and Mishra get electrocuted

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mirza waking up and thinking fresh to be back in the haveli. He says he missed his haveli and the walls. In Mishra side of haveli, Mishra wakes up and feels great to be back in his haveli. He says there is no happiness like he used to have it here. Mirza thinks he will see inauspicious Mishra ji’s face here. He kisses the pillar and turns to see Mishra. Mishra says he has same problem with him. Mirza and Mishra have an argument and then ask each other to go. Mishra goes and sits on the chair to read the newspaper. Mirza goes and sit on the sofa to read newspaper. He thinks why the news is less in the newspaper. Mishra reads the newspaper and finds the middle papers. Mirza also notices that his papers are missing. The newspaper agent tells that he will give only half pages as they paid him half money to him.

Mirza and Mishra take their electricity bill and go inside their houses. Mishra gets 12 k electricity bill while Mirza gets 13 k bill. They get worried. Mishra comes to Brij’s room and switches off the fan, tape recorder and all the light. He goes to kitchen and switches off the electrical appliances. Mirza also switches off the lights in his side of haveli. Sakina looks at him. Mishra shows the electricity bill to Shanti. Shanti asks if I am responsible for this bill. Mishra’s son says he was studying and he switched off the light. Noorjahan scolds Mirza for switching off her fan which she was drying her hair. Inaam says it is good that he switched off the fan, now they don’t have to study. Mishra scolds her son. Mirza asks Noorjahan to call someone to rotate manual fan to dry her hair, being from Nawabi family. Shanti scolds Mishra. Sakina tells that she will burn the furniture to make the food. Noorjahan scolds her. Shanti threatens to change her bindi. Sakina says she wants to save the electricity.

Pappu comes to Mirza’s tea stall and asks him about Aashiq. Mirza says he is not here. Pappu asks Mirza to give tea. Mirza asks him to give money first and nothing on credit. Mishra also tells Bittu that he has increased the rates for Paan, due to hefty electricity bill. Mirza tells that he got hefty bill and that’s why increased the tea rates. Bittu and Pappu provoke Mishra and Mirza against each other, and tell that the other might be stealing electricity from his side of house. Pappu asks Mirza to settle scores with Mishra. Bittu also says the same to Mishra. They get provoked by them and go to fight with each other.

But they show the electricity bills to each other and smiles seeing hefty bills on both sides. Mirza keeps knife on Pappu. Mishra says even Mirza got hefty bill. Pappu tells Mirza that he is very innocent and tells that nobody in their locality gets the electricity bill. Bittu also tells the same thing to Mishra that govt let the open electricity wires on the road. Pappu suggests Mirza to steal the electricity while Bittu suggests the same thing to Mishra. They smile.

Later they come to the terrace and hide the wires which they are holding from each other. Mishra distracts Mirza and puts the wire on the electric pole to steal the electricity. Mirza also does the same. They both get electrocuted. Shanti and Sakina see them striking pose, and think they are romantic. They both feel shy and go from there. Mirza and Mishra faint and fall down on the terrace.

Later Sakina tells Mirza that she thought that he is romantic, but he got electrocuted. Mishra asks Shanti if she is thinking about romance and asks them to switch on the fan. His son says they have to save electricity. Mirza says he got saved from death and Sakina to switch on the fans and lights, as the electricity is free. Mishra tells that he took direct connection from the pole and asks them to use everything with electricity. The kids tell that stealing is bad. Mishra shakes his face while Mirza winks his eye. They ask the kids to use the free electricity. Bittu and Pappu see the electricity dept officials checking the wires in someone’s house and questions him. The guy tells that the wires are used for decorations. The officer cuts the wire and the bulb switches off. The officer asks his assistant to take challan of 80 k. The guy says I will give it. Bittu and Pappu tell the officer that they are impressed with his honesty. They offer him paan and tea. The officer says he is honest and asks his assistant to get them arrested. They eat paan and tea and tell that they bought it for themselves. Pappu asks him if he allow electricity stealing. Bittu tells that Haveli people steal the electricity and Sakina named you Akhil bemaan. The officer says he is Imaandaar and goes to haveli. Bittu and Pappu rejoice to trouble Mirza and Mishra, and hope they sell the house.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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