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Will He Fall For Me? – (Episode 5)

Hi friends I hope you all like it . Thanks alot for the comments in the previous episode it meant alot for me . Please do comment and tell your views guys . I hope I reach your expectation.


Riddhima’s dress

Riddhima's dress

Vansh’s dress

(Ignore the beard

(Ignore the beard . Just imagine him wearing this dress this white shirt with Blue  jeans tugged  as a school boy)

VaRiYan were  going walking together .

Aryan ( wishpers to Vansh ) : Vansh please manage riddhu for sometime . I need to meet sejal yaar please help me .

Vansh : Ok I will manage . But please tell me where  you both are meeting so that I will not leave her that side.

Riddhima : What  you both are talking . Come fast  the program will be starting .

VaRyan : coming

Aryan : Park

Vansh : Ok you go I will manage her .

Aryan : Riddhu you go with vansh I will meet one of my friend and come . Be with vansh till I come . Ok

Riddhu :(to Aryan ) Ok bhai (thought)  I know bhai you are going to meet  my future Bhabi but now sejal . I know she is angry on you . So be ready to face my Friend cum Future Bhabi’s angry . She is surely going to make you beg cause I have already faced her Anger .( smiles)

Aryan left from there

Vansh : Well riddhu how is your studies going on

Riddhima 🙁 thought ) Doesn’t he have any other topic than studies  . Always talking about studies( To vansh ) Its going pretty well . Such a Study Worm ( Murmers )

Vansh : Did you said anything

Riddhima : Nothing . Lets go

just then riddhima’s eyes fell on the ice-cream in the canteen

Riddhima : Vansh I want ice-cream . Come lets eat

Vansh : Riddhu its already cold and you want to eat ice-cream . If you eat ice-cream then you will get a common infection in which the mucous membrane of the nose and throat becomes inflamed , typically causing running nose , sneezing and a sore throat.

Riddhima : What do you mean ? ( confused look )

Vansh : In simple words you will get cold

Riddhima : Vansh please . If I get cold I will some more ice-cream so that cold will fly – away . Please vansh please please please.( with cute puppy eyes)

Vansh : Did anyone ever said No to your cute , puppy  attractive sense organ that reacts to light and allows vision.  ( Wow He is indirectly praising her)

riddhima : What do you mean ? (  again confused look )

Vansh : attractive sense organ that reacts to light and allows vision is the definition of eyes . I just thought you will know the definition .  In biology you would have studied na didn’t you ?( he proving that he is a biology student).

Riddhima : No I didn’t study because I hate BIOLOGY . If I study also I will delete it immediately from my mind from writing the test or exam . ( Even I hate Biology )

Vansh: What if in future you take Biology group . Then for 2 years if you  not wish also it will not leave you .

Riddhima : In any situation or  not even in my next 7 births I will take Biology group .

Vansh :Then after 7 birth will you take ?

Riddhima : fool there are only 7 birth  no 8th birth . If you want Ice-cream then come with me . And one thing please don’t  say the definition  for small words or else   I will not think once to kill you . ( Saying so riddhima went from there in anger )

When vansh turned towards the ice-cream shop he saw both ArJal eating ice-cream in a corner  . So ran towards riddhima and pulled her by her wrist . As he pulled her forcely her forehead hit his chest .

Riansh : Ouch . Its paining .

Riddhima : Why did you pulled me ?

Vansh : I   … I pulled you because ( just he sees a wire down behind riddhima ) you were about to stamp the wire .(Pointing towards the wire )

Riddhima : Thank you

Riddhima turn and walks towards the ice- cream shop

vansh ( shouted ) : Riddhima

So that it could be heard by ArJal. And his plan worked as ArJal heard it and hid behind a tree.Riddhima walked towards vansh in anger .

Riddhima : Now what ?( angry)

Vansh : Do have money to buy ice-cream ?

Riddhima opens her wallet and checks .

Riddhima : Yes I have enough money come

Both went towards the stall and bought ice-cream .

Riddhima got vanilla , strawberry and butterscotch flavour ice- cream  cones .

Riddhima : Vansh which flavour do you need ?

Vansh : I don’t want ice- cream .

Riddhima : Are you sure ?

Vansh : 10^infinity times sure ( I hope you guys understand it ) ( Its 10 to the power infinity )

Riddhima : have this with you I will buy some snacks .

Handing him two ice-cream cones .

She went towards the snacks counter . Vansh too follows her as a bodyguard . She bought some chips , chocolates and juices   .

Riddhima : If you don’t mind can you please carry this snacks bag so that I can have the ice- cream .

Vansh : sure riddhu

She gave him the bag and started eating the ice-creams . They both went and sat near the banyan tree where there was a slab . While  eating the ice-cream some ice-creams were on her nose and  near her lips .

Vansh : riddhu see there  are some ice-creams on your nose and near your lips .

She  tried to clear them but in vain .

So he took a tissue from the snacks bag and wiped the ice-cream . Though riddhima was feeling happy inside she didn’t show outside . After finishing the ice-cream she called sejal .

Riddhima : Sejal where are you ?

Sejal : Behind you

Riddhima turns and hugs sejal

Riddhima : finally you’re here what about the rest ?

 A Voice came from their back : here

They turned and found daksha, ragini and tara standing . Aryan also comes .

Aryan : Riddhu you sit your friends myself and vansh will be sitting just behind you guys .

Riddhima : Ok bhai

Riddhima and her friends goes to see the performance while VaRyan follow them .

Vansh ( to Aryan ) : Idiot why were you present in the ice-cream stall . What if see would have seen you ?  fool

Aryan : Sorry Yaar . Sejal  was angry on me . To calm her I brought her to the ice-cream stall . I don’t know that she will come there . But I must thank you for your timely help . Thank You

Vansh : No sorry and Thank You between friendship . I must say Aryan  Your sister is such a foodie . She ate 3 ice-creams and bought even some junk foods also .

Aryan : Even your sister is also a foodie . But I don’t know one thing these 2 girls eat alot but how come they aren’t fat . ( here Aryan refers Sejal as vansh’s sister since they share a bro-sis bond)

Vansh : Even I was wondering the same. Leave lets go and enjoy the programme .

All the 5 girls sat in the 6th row while Aryan sat exactly behind sejal and Vansh sat behind riddhima .

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