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The days of friendship and love Season2 ArDeep,MayRa,SharDaa SS Part 6

The days of friendship and love Season2 Part 6

Arohi’s house construction got over.Arohi invited Raya,Maya,Deep,Rudra and Amar for housewarming.

Actually Raya,Maya,Rudra and Deep were quite shocked to see Arohi’s house as it was a one storey house.

Maya whispered:Since Arohi is very rich,I thought that it will be a huge house.

Raya replied in a low voice:Me too.

Deep said slowly:Anyways the house is good.

Maya-Raya:That’s true.

Deep:Beautiful house Arohi.

Arohi:Thank you. I will introduce my parents to you.

Arohi called her parents:Papa…Maa..

Her parents came.

Raya,Maya,Rudra and Deep were quite shocked to see her parents.

Because Arohi’s father was their taxi driver Rakesh.

Arohi:I don’t have to introduce my father to you.You all know him.This is my mother Annie.

They said:Namaste!

Deep:Rakesh Uncle…Why did’nt you tell us that your daughter is working in our office?

Arohi:I told him not to tell you anything.He did not even know that we are friends.

Maya:But why?

Arohi:You all thought that I am a rich girl.I did’nt want to change that image until the right time comes.Now the right time has come.That’s why I revealed the truth to you as a big surprise.You all got surprised.Right?

Raya:It was a big surprise.

Arohi smiled.

Arohi:My mother is a Christian.So through church I got admission in a convent school.Since I was a good student I got scholarship for higher studies.So I completed my studies successfully.Since last few years I have seen saving money for the house construction.Now I can afford only a one storey house.But still I am on cloud nine.You know why?Because till now we did’nt have our own house.We were staying on rent.We did’nt know how one feels to live in our own house.So even a small house is a big deal for me.Our biggest dream was to have our own house.Now onwards we are going to experience the happiness of living in our own house.

Raya,Deep,Maya and Rudra smiled emotionally.

Deep looked at Arohi deeply:Arohi…now I respect you beyond you can imagine.

Arohi smiled.

Maya:I thought you were a rich brat.But you are too good Arohi.

Rudra:Never expected this side of a story from you Arohi.Really commendable.

Raya:We are proud of you Arohi.

Amar:You are truly an inspiration for everyone.

They hugged Arohi.They all smiled.

The house warming ceremony ended.They had food too.

Deep asked Arohi:You said you will look for NRI guys after the house warming function.Did you register in the matrimonial column?

Arohi:No,I have not done yet.Guess you are in a hurry to get married to a NRI.That’s why you are asking me about it.

Deep said in his mind:Hurry?I will be the last person to wish you to marry someone.

Deep:Nothing like that.

Arohi:Well…if I get a nice loving guy who is better than a NRI I might consider his proposal.So if anyone wants to marry me,do let me know.

Deep was surprised.He was very happy.

Deep looked at her romantically.


She nodded while blushing.

They both smiled at each other from the bottom of their heart.



Rudra and Maya were sitting in a restaurant and having candle light dinner.Rudra fed her food with his own hand.

He tried to get cozy with her.

Maya encircled her arms around his neck.

Maya:What happened Rudra?You brought me here…you are very romantic to me.

Rudra:Because I am very happy.If you know the reason you will be the happiest person.

Maya was eager to know it.

Maya:Really?Say Rudra…

Rudra:My mom has finally succeeded to convince my dad .So dad and mom are coming to your house to meet you.

Maya was excited:Really?


Maya:I am so happy Rudra…

In that happiness Rudra ordered wine.They fed wine to each other passionately.

Mrityunjay, Antara and Rudra came to Maya’s house to see her.

Deep and Raya brought Maya to the living room.

Rudra and Maya smiled at each other.

Deep:Dad…this is Maya.


Mrityunjay asked Maya seeing Deep and Raya:But who are these 2 people?

Maya:This is Deep and this is Raya.

Deep and Raya smiled.

Rudra:They are my colleagues dad.

Maya:They are my best friends.Raya was staying with us till she got married.Now only Deep stays here.

Mrityunjay was shocked.

Mrityunjay:What?You and Deep stay together here?


Mrityunjay got angry:Rudra,you want to marry a girl who is in a live in relationship with your colleague?Are you not ashamed?

They were shocked.

Rudra:Dad!You are misunderstanding Maya and Deep.They are just friends.

Deep:Yes Uncle.Maya,Raya and I grew up together in the orphanage.After we worked for sometime, with our savings we bought this house and started staying together.We are not in a live in relationship.

Rudra:This is the truth dad.

Mrityunjay:You are such a big fool Rudra.How can you believe this made up unbelievable story?A boy and a girl cannot live like friends under the same roof.How can you be so blind to not see how Deep and Maya are cheating behind you.

Maya was shattered.


Mrityunjay:Deep and Maya became like this because there was no one to give them moral values.After all they are orphans.Sometimes their unknown parents may also be immoral.So no wonder that they are also immoral.

Deep,Maya and Raya were scattered into pieces.

Maya could not control anymore.

Maya:Enough.Stop it.Till now I kept quiet as you are Rudra’s father.But not anymore.Even you have no moral values.If you had values in you,you would not have talked like this.

Mrityunjay got angry:How dare you insult me?

Maya:If you think that I insulted you I don’t care.Because you deserve it Mr. Mrityunjay Roy.


Maya:This is our house.So don’t think of roaring here.So get lost.

Mrityunjay looked at Rudra:Why is your mouth shut when your girl friend insulted me?

Rudra:Because you also insulted Maya.

Antara:You were too cruel Mrityunjay.

Antara looked at Maya.Maya felt sad to face her.

Maya:I am sorry aunty.

Antara:You are feeling sorry because you feel that through this behaviour you hurt me.But not at all.If you had kept quiet sacrificing your self respect I would have been hurt.I am happy that you did’nt do it.My blessings will be always there with you.

Maya’s eyes got filled with tears.

Mrityunjay:Whatever blessings you give her,I will not let her marry Rudra.

Maya:Even I don’t want to marry your son.

Rudra was shocked.


Maya:Yes Rudra.I don’t want to marry you.Because if I marry you,I will be always reminded of your father.

Rudra became upset:But Maya…don’t take such a hasty decision in anger.

Maya:I have nothing to say Rudra.This time like always you won’t be able to melt my anger.

She went to her room.

Rudra shed tears. Mrityunjay smirked.

Antara:Rudra…Maya can’t be blamed as he is deeply hurt.No girl with self respect will agree to married and come to our family where she will get only pain.

Rudra became very upset. Rudra and family left from there.



Maya was numb.

Raya and Deep hugged her.The trio burst into tears.

Raya:I never thought that you will also face my situation.

I also faced a similar situation.But you should not do the mistake I did.Don’t leave Rudra who loves you.

Maya was silent.



Amar came back from office.

Amar asked Raya:Did Rudra and Maya’s marriage get fixed?


Raya explained whatever which happened there.Amar was shocked.

Raya embraced him and cried.

Raya:Why Maya also had to face the same situation which I faced?

I can’t bear it.

Amar caressed her and said:Don’t be upset Raya.We overcame that bitter phase and united.Right?Like that Rudra and Maya will also overcome this phase and unite as they love each other a lot.

Raya:I hope so.

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