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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi decides to take part in the contest

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Seema asks Mahi to withdraw her name. Seema says people will start taunting me again. Renu says mummy did a sixer. Seema says people will say the wedding she should be ashamed of, she’s flaunting it. They will be sure you did it with consent. Will you do this? Mahi says in heart mummy I was doing this for you so I can give you the money. Mahi leaves in tears. Shalu says you should have pushed her more. Seema leaves. Renu says she will withdraw for sure.

Scene 2
Mahi comes home. She sees Jogi on cutches. He says see I am almost on my feet. We will rock Mrs. Abarsar contest. Mahi says bebe will be so happy. He says why do you look sad? Mahi says mummy spoke nicely. He says really? Jogi says if her curses are her love then what’s her love? You can consider me your friend and tell me what it is. Mahi says it isn’t mummy’s style to talk like this It looked like she was speaking for someone else. My mind isn’t working. Jogi says what is your heart saying? Mahi says it will break my mummy’s heart. He says let’s play a game. Mahi says your mom also asked me to withdraw. Jogi says way? Mahi says she thought we might come close and you will fall in love with me? He says I already love you a lot. Mahi says shut up. He says don’t worry about my mom. What about your mom? Jogi says she is living in Pappu’s house. She must be under pressure. What would she say if your mom was in her house? Mahi says she would tell me to go and win. Jogi hugs her and says win it. Mahi says what are you doing? He says being your mom. Jogi says to start the practice.

Mahi dances on yeh ishq haye. Jogi claps. Mahi hugs him happily. Mahi says I will never find a friend like you Jogi. Jogi smiles.
Jogi gets ready. Mahi says what are you doing here? He says it’s my room and my wife.

Scene 3
Pappu says migraine attack. Chanda says don’t even have time for good news? He says what? Chanda says your wife did something good for the first time. She manipulated her mom to ask Mahi to not participate. Mahi won’t say no to her mom. Pappu says it will help us anyway.

Mahi says Jogi.. Rupa asks what happened? Mahi says see there.. Jogi is on his feet. Rupa is shocked. Jogi says your son is well now. Rupa does his arti. Jogi says to Mahi I am okay because of you. Rupa says I got so scared. Mahi says this was his idea to surprise you. Jogi says I will come back in a bit. They both stop him. Jogi says don’t worry you bust I won exert my legs. And I will be your partner in Mrs. Abarsar. We will win for sure.

Shalu massages Pappu’s head. Seema says let me massage your head. He says I need peace. Seema says I don’t speak. Pappu says keep a finger on your lips.

Scene 4
Rupa says I thought you won’t take part. Mahi says there’s someone I listen to. He asked me to ask my heart. And I did. My heart said I should take part. Rupa says who’s that? Mahi says your son. She says so that idiot is smart now? You’re clever. You have to take part anyway but if you fail you will blame it on him. Mahi says but.. Rupa says let it be. Let me speak today. Rupa holds Mahi’s hand and says thank you. Because of you, my son is on his feet. My heart was sinking seeing him in the wheelchair. He looks good when he dances around. I can finally breathe. Mahi says I did my job. Rupa says the job of a wife? Mahi says no of a friend. I learned that from him. His heart is pure. He isn’t materialistic. He speaks so much but.. Rupa says if you ever listen to him sing you will be shocked. His voice touches the soul. Mahi says there’s only one person who sings like that. Rupa says who? Mahi says I don’t know the name. Rupa says where did you listen? Mahi says he sings here. Mahi says I am shocked Jogi sings. Rupa says if you listen to him sing you will forget your nameless singer. Mahi says I can’t forget him. Rupa says he’s shy. He doesn’t sing in front o anyone. Mahi says I will make him sing.

Episode eds.

Precap-Jogo says to Mahi remove the black and white filter from your eyes. Rupa looks at them and says they’re playing with fire. It’s very dangerous for them to come close.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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