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Siblings – Bond of Heart to Heart – Episode 10

Hey all!!!


Ishwari tells Dev-Sona about their marriage plans which shock them!!!

Mahir – Bela wedding!!!

Prerna – Anurag’s shopping!!!

Nivi – Neha’s union!!!

Ranveer’s wish of marrying Neha!!!

Mohini tells Komo about her wish which shocks her!!!

Episode 10

Scene 1

Komo is shocked to hear Mohini’s words…

Komo: Aunty, what are you speaking? Are you out of your mind?

Mohini: Komo, mind your words.

Komo: Aunty, you need to mind your words and also your ill thinking. If I had knew this before, I would not have come here.

Mohini: Komo, please listen to me. I’m doing everything for this family’s welfare.

Just then, Nivi comes home happily and hugs Mohini.

Mohini: Nivi, why are you so happy?

Nivi tells her that she has won the prize along with Neha and also about her conversation with her. Mohini feels elated.

Nivi: Ma, I’m going out with her now. I wanted to share this happiness with you. So, I came in person and told you. I’m going out with my sister for the first time.

Mohini: Nivi, please bring her to home.

Nivi: Ma, are you kidding? Papa will be here. How to bring?

Mohini: Please do something, I want her to come to this house.

Nivi: I’ll try my best.

Nivi leaves.

Mohini: Komo, see how happy she is. We will always be grateful if you marry Anurag.

Komo: Aunty, I need time to think.

Mohini: Ok…

She leaves…

Komo thins for a while. She calls Prerna then.

Prerna: Tell me Komo.

Komo: I need to meet you but make sure Anurag doesn’t know about this.

Prerna: Ok, is there any problem?

Komo: No, I’ll tell you everything in detail.

Prerna receives the address and she goes there to meet Komo. She welcomes her.

Prerna: Komo, what happened?

Komo: Prerna, actually…

Komo tells everything to Prerna which shocks her.

Prerna: I know about this issue but I thought aunty didn’t liked me but I was wrong.

Komo: She likes you Prerna but the words of pandit is stopping her.

Prerna: Komo, Anurag told me about the family issue and also my friend’s fiancée is Dev’s best friend. So, I’m thinking how to unite them.

Komo: Thank god Prerna, I asked you to come to tell this thing only. I want your and Anurag’s wedding has to take place in a peaceful manner but at the same time, you need to fulfil aunt’s wish too.

Prerna: I’ll take care of that. Our wedding will happen infront of two families.

Komo: Anurag is blessed to have a girl like you.

Prerna smiles…

Scene 2

Nivi and Neha tend to go out just then Anupam and Ranveer show up.

Nivi: Anupam, Ranveer what are you both doing here?

Anupam: You sisters are going out at this night. So, we thought to give protection for you.

Nivi and Neha look at each other and smiles.

Nivi: We are strong and we’ll take care by ourselves. You both can leave.

Anupam: Nivi…

Neha: Didi, let them come. Afterall he is my future jeju.

Nivi: What?

Neha: I came to know about everything from Ranveer.

Nivi: Ranveer, you cheat…

Neha: Didi, now we’ll go out, come…

They all go to a restaurant…

Anupam: I’m very lucky to have a Sali like you.

Neha: Even I’m lucky to have a smart jeju like you.

Ranveer: Acha, I’m here, the smartest.

Neha: Jeju, your brother is less smart than you.

They make fun of Ranveer.

Nivi: Arey, why are you making fun of him. I’ll stand with him as his bhabi. You Sali-jeju duo is making too much.

Just then she realizes what she has said…

Everyone are happy…. She cries, Anupam hugs her.

Anupam: I know you love me but your dad issue is stopping your love. But don’t worry, our marriage will happen with his blessings…

Nivi smiles…

Neha and Ranveer also smile looking at them.

Ranveer: They both make a great couple, right?

Neha: Yes.

Ranveer: Even, we make a great couple. Think about that.

Neha sees him surprisingly…

Scene 3

It’s night and the weather is pleasant in Mumbai!!!

Dev is in his room thinking of his mom’s words and sits in a confused state.

He goes out for a walk…

Meanwhile in Sona’s house…

Asha: Sona, we were about to tell you but…

Bijoy: Sona, they are good family and we are near to each other…

Dadi: I like Dev, he is smart and handsome.

Sona: Dadii….

Asha: Sona, you think and answer. Take a good decision.

Saying this everyone go to sleep. Sona sits in a confused state. Just then it rains. Sona gets happy seeing the rain. She comes out and enjoys in the rain. Dev who is walking in the road sees Sona playing in the rain like a child and smiles seeing her.

(Kuch Rang Ke Pyaar Plays!!!)

Sona sees him…

Sona: Arey Dev, come it’ll be fun.

Dev: Sona, I’ll get cold and fever.

Sona: Dev, we’ll have that on other days too but rain it won’t come often. Come….

She drags him and they both enjoy in rain!!! They dance too…

Asha sees this and video calls Rhea.

Rhea: Aunty, is everything fine?

Asha: Rhea, do you need to watch a super-duper romance?

Rhea: I don’t understand.

Asha: Take the phone to Ishwari ji.

She takes the phone to Ishwari…

Asha shows them Dev and Sonakshi enjoying. They too fell happy.

Ishwari: Finally, my son has grown up from being a ma ka pallu beta.

Asha: What does it mean?

Ishwari: He is a doted brother and a son. He always be with me even in parties. So, everyone will tease him like that.

Asha: Let these both realize their love.

Ishwari: The rain united them finally.

They smile and end call. Asha wards off bad sight on them.

Scene 4

Mahir and Bela come to the hotel.

Mahir: Bela are you sure, you want to hide this?

Bela: Yes, there is no other go.

Mahir and Bela enter the room.

Bela gets thirsty and sees a juice bottle and drinks it. Mahir is shocked to see her drinking wine.

Mahir: Oh god, she drank completely. How will I leave her at home?

He calls Prerna and informs her that Bela will be staying with Neha today. She also agrees.

Just then Bela gets highly inebriated and hugs him. Mahir senses this.

Bela: Mahir, today is our first night.

Mahir: Bela, first you come and sit here.

But Bela forces him into a physical relationship and seduces him. Mahir also carried away by the feelings and they both consummate!!!

The next day,

Mohini sees Prerna in her home doing Puja with Anurag.

Anurag: You look beautiful in this saree.

Prerna: Shhhh…. It’s prayer time, we’ll keep our romance later. Now pray…

Mohini gets irritated seeing them.

Meanwhile, Ishwari sees Nivi and Neha’s picture in the newspaper and kisses Nivi’s face!!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Precap: Sona-Dev agree for marriage!!! Mahir feels guilty infront of Bela!!! Ranveer persuades Neha!!! Prerna – Anurag’s wedding date is fixed!!! Everyone gets shocked to find about Nivi’s pregnancy and gets shocked!!!








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