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Shakti 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Harman decides to marry Mahi for a plan

Shakti 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Virat asking Harman if he is sure? He says we shall not create a more big problem while trying to solve a problem. Harman says you knows me well and asks him to be confident and handle him if he stumbles. Virat says surely. They walk inside. Preeto asks Parmeet what do you think that your son will go away from here, if you insist. Parmeet asks don’t you feel ashamed to say this. Preeto, Harak Singh have an argument with Sant Baksh and Parmeet. Virat and Harman go there and search for the hidden camera everywhere in the hall, bedrooms etc. They continue the search. Preeto says we are silent and that doesn’t mean, you shall say anything whatever you want. Parmeet says there is a problem in your entire family and I feel ashamed to call your family as my daughter’s sasural. She says you people have two kinnars in the house and both of them have runaway girls. Preeto asks shall we ask you before keeping them here. She says they didn’t go for themselves, but for their family and sacrificed their happiness. Sant baksh says we are suffering since our son’s marriage and says this is sacrifice. Harak Singh asks him to handle his wife and asks what she is saying, tells that it is the children’s love. He says you came here as Virat’s father, and you came to insult us. Sant Baksh says we are not insulting you, but we were getting insulted ourselves. He says our son went to commit suicide and asks shall I support him. Parmeet says if that kinnar had not come in my son’s love then he wouldn’t have been in problem now. Preeto says your son’s love is truthful like my son’s love. Simran asks her parents not to stretch the issue and says Nana and Nani had already gone through this phase, you shall learn from them rather than fighting. Parmeet says you knows well that this is done by Heer. Harman comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Virat says let Heer return, then we will talk. He requests them to stop fighting. Harman says I want to talk to you all, I have thought something and goes to bring Mahi from her room. He knocks on the door and gets inside. She says I don’t want to fight with you and don’t have any strength now. Harman says I need to talk to you and asks her to come with him. He takes her out and tells that he has thought something and decided that I will accept Mahi. Harak Singh and Preeto are shocked.

Mahi gets emotional and asks what are you saying? Harman says this is what you wanted, you are my wife and I don’t accept you then you will take my family to court, that’s why I have decided to accept you. Preeto asks then what will happen with Soumya. Harman says when she returns, then I will make her understand and she will understand, we will separate, may be this is destiny. He asks Mahi if she is happy now. Mahi says I can’t believe your words. Harman asks how to make you believe? Mahi goes to the inhouse temple and brings sindoor from there. She shows him sindoor and asks him to fill her maang with his hand, then only she will believe him. Harman looks on. Mahi says you have chosen me among Soumya and me. Harman looks at Virat. He takes the sindoor bottle and says not like this, and says we will make the wrong as right and will remarry again with all the rituals, mehendi, haldi, sangeet will happen. I will bring baraat and then I will fill your maang. Mahi gets emotional and happy, asks if he is saying truth. Harman says yes. Sant Baksh takes Parmeet out. Virat thinks Heer said right that there is no lover like Harman Singh. Sant Baksh asks Parmeet to come with him. Parmeet says I will not come until Virat agrees to come with him. She asks about Daljeet and Angel and says your team is searching them. Virat hears them and thinks why mom is asking about them, rather than Soumya and Heer. Sant Baksh says search is on, their photos are sent to all PS. Parmeet asks him to tell her if he comes to know. Sant Baksh says he has much work and leaves. Parmeet sees Virat standing. Virat asks why she didn’t go with Dad, asks if she is upset with him. Parmeet says what to do that you are ruining your life, tells that Harman is more understanding than him. atleast he decided to marry Mahi. She looks at her mobile and goes. Angel looks at her phone and then tells Daljeet that Harman Singh is marrying Mahi and tells that Soumya will die herself knowing that Harman is marrying Mahi. She says if Harman had done this with me then I would have killed him.

Preeto and Harak Singh come to Harman. Preeto says Mahi is my mistake, you can’t marry her. Harak Singh asks him not to marry Mahi. Harman thinks to tell the truth to them. He gets the pic sent by Angel and thinks this is the fresh pic of this room. He thinks he can’t tell them truth and tells Preeto that she had always talked about Mahi’s rights, she can’t understand Soumya and my relation and that’s why I am going to make everything right else she will drag us to court. He says once Soumya returns, I will make her understand, I am sure that she will leave. He requests them to forget everything and make the arrangements of marriage. Preeto and Harak Singh are shocked. Harman goes out from there and hears Parmeet talking to someone and telling that she will tell him/her everything, whatever is happening here. He wonders to whom she is talking to, so late in the night.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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