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A five people are travelling in a car

Girl 1 (excited): drive fast na bhai , we have to reach fast

Girl 2 : (requesting)yes bhai , di is right , drive fast

Girl 3 :(annoyed and sarcastically) could you both hold your horns and sit quite , he is driving whole night , and was exhausted , but you both are still doing bajna (chanting) of go fast go fast , and go fast .

Boy 1 : Riddima is right , better you both hold your nerves for some more time , as we are near to kashmir .

Boy 2 : ishani and sia , don’t worry , we will be there in 15 min

Ishani & sia : yahhhhhh , thank you vansh bhai

Riddima : angre bhai , did you book the lodge , as when we will reach there , I can’t bear this monkeys torture anymore

Angre : of course riddu , there will be a separate room for these monkeys .

Vansh : we reached

Ishani and sia (jumping on the seat) : yahoo

Riddima : vansh , did ajay uncle and uma aunty bought these two idiots from any mental hospital or what ?? , I am right , these two are really monkeys , you see how they are jumping just like monkeys

Ishani : riddima yaar , don’t call us monkeys

Sia : yes , we will kill you

Riddima (sarcastic and acting like fear ): oh my god , oh my god , these two monsters will kill me , someone pl help me (laughs)

Angre : you three stop the fight and get out .

The three girls come out and everyone leave to the hotel they booked

Riddima : guys , I have so many plans to enjoy here , there will be kawaai people here , we can keep campfire here , better than sleeping in lodge . And yes , I will take a huge bundle of pics for my vlogs and post it in my insta account .

Ishani : wow , you are very well developed in technology , you have great plans

Riddima : not like you both , who will live as kids , when they are in mid twenties age .

Sia : pl don’t criticize us , we have our bhai .

Riddima : really vansh , you will support these monkeys ?? (Laughs)

Angre : guys you all stay here and keep quiet , I will be back after getting our room keys

Angre goes to the receptionist

Vansh : hmm , you selected a unique and best place for enjoying riddima .

Riddima : you see , I am always unique .(patting her back proudly)

Angre : here are the room keys , 1 room is for me and vansh and the other is ishani , sia and riddu .

Riddima : whatttttttt??????? , No way , I can’t bear these creatures anymore , I said you before isn’t it ?

Vansh ; of course riddima , but still, we can’t do nothing , as there are a very few rooms left , there are soo many people here , so they too need rooms isn’t it ??

Angre : no need to worry riddu , we will spend most of the day enjoying and outing , so you just have to sleep with them .

Riddima ; seriously bhai , I have to sleep with them?? , When I spent a girls night with them , they done a huge noises while sleeping , that I didn’t slept that night .

Vangre start laughing

Riddima : I am serious , and you both are laughing as if I am saying the joke of the day .

Angre : you should somehow bear them

Riddima : no need , I will better sleep in the tent .

Saying so she left , everyone else left to their room

They got freshen up and went to a famous garden there

When they are walking , a man came near riddima and proposed her

Man : I love you

Riddima : but I doesn’t

The man tries to convince her but later accepts the defeat and leaves

At Night , when everyone are sleeping , vansh wakes up and leaves

He goes to a hideout where the same man who proposed riddima is kept tied up

Vansh : how dare you to propose my sweetheart ?

Vansh beats him badly and later leaves him

After enjoying the trip , they leave to mumbai ,

At the dining table :

Everyone are eating the lunch , when riddima turns on the News ,

Reporter : Mr Shukla’s son Rohit died today because of an accudent.

Riddima suddenly coughs

Riddima : oh my god , he is the same person , who misbehaved with me 2 weeks back in the movie hall bhai

Angre : hmm , so poor , may his soul rest in peace

Vansh smirks

The Next day :

Riddima proposes vansh and he accepts

On the same day at night ,

Riddima gets a video recording , in which , riddima sees vansh beating
The man who proposed her before

She goes to vansh

Riddima : vansh , why did beat that person , who proposed me before and did you involved in the murder of Mr Rohit Shukla ??

Vansh : riddima , listen to me carefully , I ……….

Riddima : shut up vansh , you are just obsessed with me , it’s not any love

She leaves from there

Suddenly someone kidnaps her

At an unknown place :

A man : now you are mine

At the same time another person comes

Another : Interesting , Very Interesting ! , You kidnapped my sweetheart soo easily , but you can’t make her yours .

The man turns to see vansh in front of him

The man : you ???

Vansh : yes it’s me

Vansh beats him up and brings riddima home

Vansh : riddima , listen to me carefully , the man who proposed you is a fraud and he could try to molest you , so what I beat him up, and about rohit , he got killed accidentally , and I am happy , because , no need to give him any warning to stay away as he left this world permanently .

Riddima : really ?

Vansh : don’t you believe me sweetheart ??

Riddima hugs him , he kisses her cheeks

End …….

Guys as stuti Abigail di requested , I gave a happy ending , or else , all know obsession leads only to the destruction !!!!!!………..

Yours writer 😀

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