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My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 2

My world is in your love Chapter-2

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Riddhima entered her room. Sejal said to Riddhima about the interview for a personal physiotherapist in a company. Riddhima conveyed the news to Sejal about Kabir’s proposal. Sejal was happy for her. Riddhima was on cloud nine. She started to celebrate the night with sejal by dancing. Sejal asked riddhima if Kabir would support her in all the decision. Riddhima said yes. Both had dinner together. Riddhima asked to sejal about the company name. Sejal replied as Ajay industries. Before, Riddhima was about to sleep, she was a little upset because of her past life.

Every day, before going to bed, she used to see her kindergarten ID card which is broken and a dollar chain which starts with the name ‘V’. In the ID card, she can only see her childhood photo and her name. The ‘V’ chain dollar is very close to her heart. She always used to wear this chain because this chain makes her more comfortable and safe. She slept peacefully by holding the chain in her hand and told herself that one day she would identify herself.

VR mansion

A tall guy who became consuming a cup of espresso in a single hand, studying documents in some other hand and bluetooth earphones in his ears got here to the residing room wherein a younger guy who became a tall guy’s secretary got here to him and whispered.

Young guy: Boss, the interview is at 10’00 clock and the interview segment begins offevolved at 11’00 clock for sia.

Tall guy: Angre, the assembly have to take region at an appropriate time.

Sia arrived and called the tall man ‘VANSH BHAI’. Yes, it is our Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh Raisinghania is a business man who is the Managing Director of Ajay and Rishi Industries of ARR (Ajay Rishi Rudra) groups. Angre is a personal secretary and a friend of Vansh. Sia is Vansh’s sister who is physically challenged.

Vansh: Sia! Good Morning, come to the office at 10.45 A.M.

Sia: OK, bhai.

Dadi joined the conversation.

Vansh: Dadi, make sure that sia is on time.

Dadi: I will take care of her vansh. Let’s have breakfast!

Gayathri had two sons, Ajay and Rudra. Ajay was married to Uma and had one son, Vansh and two daughters, Ishani and Sia. Rudra was married to Chanchal and had two sons, Kabir and Aryan.

Aryan, Ishani, Chanchal, Rudra came for breakfast except Kabir.

Vansh: Where is Kabir? Angre call kabir. He may be in his room.

Chanchal: No Angre, Kabir left in the morning itself.


Vansh: Kabir doesn’t care about his family members. I don’t know when he will become a responsible person.

Sia: Vansh bhai, you are here to take care of the whole family.

Vansh smiled, everyone began to eat. Chancal was in rage because Kabir couldn’t tolerate vansh’s dominance in the family, so he didn’t like to spend time with the family members.

Dadi: Vansh, Rohan is coming to India from London tomorrow.

Vansh: I missed him so much. Sia also missed him, dadi.

Vansh teased Sia. Sia smiled and nodded her head.

In Ajay Industries, 10:00 A. M.

Vansh started to attend the meeting. When the time was 10:30 A.M., the meeting ended. As usual, Riddhima went to the temple and prayed to Ganapathi bappa and returned from the temple. Vansh came to the reception and waited for sia with a bouquet of roses. Vansh asked angre to bring some water for sia. By mistake, the servants spilled the water on the floor. Vansh is getting into the angry mode. Angre asked the servants to clean the floor.

Riddhima came to the reception and didn’t notice the water on the floor. She was about to slip on the wet floor. Vansh threw the bouquet of roses from his hands in an upward direction and held Riddhima’s hands. Roses fell on both of them. The color of the roses is white. Riddhima and Vansh commenced to stare at every other. Soon they found out and got here returned to their regular position.

Riddhima: Hello, bro! Is this the way you keep your office clean?

Vansh: Are you talking to me? (Vansh was in anger)

Riddhima: Yes, bro, I am talking to you. You are working here, am I right? Do I know on which floor the interview is going to take place?

Vansh shouted at Angre.

Vansh: Angre! Take her to the 16th floor.

Riddhima thought to herself: This Mr. Rude man doesn’t know how to treat a woman? I will tell the company MD to fire him from his job today itself.

Sia came to the office. Vansh welcomed her. Vansh received a phone call from a foreign client, so he asked angre to take sia to the interview hall.


Riddhima’s interview section with sia and vansh

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