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My love for you knows no limit (Pranbir) Characters Sketch


In love with prachi when he met her in arhana marriage

Mafia ,  only SOME people know about it

Buisness man

Parents died when he was 13

Best friend of Aryan Sharma

Prachi Mehra

Lives with her aunt uncle


Sister of sahana


Sahana Sharma

Wife of aryan

Sister of PRACHI


ARYAN Sharma

Best friend of RANBIR



Son of Rema and Rakesh

Rakesh  Sharma

Dad of aryan

HUSBAND of rema

Father in law of SAHANA

Rema Sharma

Mother in law of SAHANA

Mom of ARYAN

Wife of Rakesh

Abhinaya Singh

Aunt of PRACHI


Wife of Vardan

Mom of  nikki

Vardan Singh

HUSBAND of Abhinaya

Uncle of PRACHI

TREATS PRACHI badly but less than Abhinaya

Dad of nikki

Nikki Singh

DAUGHTER of Abhinaya

DAUGHTER of Vardan

TREATS prachi badly

Spoilt Brat

Crush on RANBIR

Yash Kapoor

Spoilt brat

Thinks he love PRACHI but only has an attraction

His father and mother died

Left many properties for him

Points to be NOTED

Prachi and SAHANA are Vardan sister DAUGHTER

Prachi works in a part time job in restaurant

Yash is friend of nikki

Yash and RANBIR are rival

RANBIR and yash are CHILDHOOD friends

Rema and rakesh are positive CHARACTER

The Singhs treat PRACHI like a servant

Nikki is graduated but  she don’t do any work

Nikki always try to flirt with RANBIR

Sharmas treat PRACHI and SAHANA as their own child

Arhana had a love marriage

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