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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer fools Amrit with false goodness

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 25th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Veer asking Uday and Vashma will you get married. Amrit says but what will we tell Bhanu and Saroj, we should not tell about Vashma’s past. Uday asks what will we say. Veer says Vashma will meet everyone, they won’t know that Uday met Vashma before, leave it to me, I will do a brother’s duty for her. Vashma says he is a great man, how did he change. Vijender and Nalini like the hoarding. Randhir thinks of Amrit. Nalini asks why did Veer send you. Randhir says I m fine, don’t worry. She asks how did Veer’s behavior change towards you. Randhir asks did he do this with you, does he show love and fight sometimes. Nalini says yes, when he wants something from me. Randhir thinks. Veer dances with a pagdi. Kahin pe nigaahein…plays….

Amrit comes. She asks why are you helping us. He says think I want to win you. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean I want to win you and get your friendship, time has come for you to leave, I want you to remember our friendship and my goodness, not my evil, you would be thinking that I m acting. She says no, how did you get ready to send your wife with her lover. He says fake wife. She says I know you can’t lose your respect, tell me the truth. He shows Amrit and Randhir’s wedding invite. He says I m telling you, this is the truth, about my respect, I will gain more respect this way, I lost my brother, then my mum’s love, then that girl whom I loved, I know pain well, I don’t want you to lose anything else, if you get your love, then I will think I got peace, you will get the answers when you get what you want, can I regard you a friend, tell me. She holds his hands. He makes her sit. He says get ready to take your brother’s baraat first. He thinks I have a plan, it will help me in winning you. She thinks maybe I was misunderstanding you, he wants to unite Uday and Vashma, Randhir and me.

Randhir goes to Veer. Veer picks his brother’s pic. Randhir doesn’t see it. Veer says its my last pic with my brother. Randhir asks did you love him. Veer says he was my brother, what’s this question. Randhir says I m thinking if you have a heart to love someone for real. Veer says you mean I can’t love anyone. Randhir says I m joking, show me your brother’s pic, let me see. Amrit comes. Randhir doesn’t take the pic. Veer and Randhir say we have a plan. Veer says I have a plan for them, I will take Vashma to temple, Saroj and Bhanu will meet her, Vashma will act surprised. Randhir says we will go to cast the vote, I think Vashma will collide with Bhanu there. Amrit says I think Randhir is right, we all should be with Nalini. Veer says I think temple plan is better, temple plan is fixed, final. He goes.

They reach the temple. Veer asks Vashma to do as told her. Randhir says we should be at the voting office. Amrit asks him to come aside. She says I know you are not happy with Veer’s plan, our plan is succeeding, Uday and Vashma are uniting. Randhir asks do you trust Veer. She says yes, he has changed now, he is doing a lot to unite them. He says he is uniting us also. She says yes, I got courage, we will unite forever. Randhir says Amrit, we will unite at any cost, I have seen Veer closely, Nalini doesn’t think he can change. She says love has much strength, maybe our love strength has changed Veer, we should give him a chance. Randhir says tell me truly, if Veer frees you, then will you come to me, will you cheat me, say the truth, you still love me the same right. She says no, I love you even more, my love has become more deep for you, but why are you asking this to me suddenly, don’t you trust me. Randhir says I had trusted you, I trust you. She says I would never lessen trust on you. She goes. He worries.

Bhanu says I got troubled because of you, you did a mistake by getting that girl from the brothel. Uday says I have left her at the railway station. Saroj says we will get Uday married. Uday smiles. Bhanu and Saroj go inside the temple. Vashma collides with Vashma. Vashma meets Bhanu and says its me, Vashma. Bhanu asks how are you. She says I m fighting the situation, how is everyone. He says all fine, this is your Bhabhi Saroj. Vashma hugs Saroj. She asks about Uday. Bhanu says Uday has come. Uday hugs Vashma and asks how are you. Amrit comes and hugs Vashma. She says thank God, we came here and got our Vashma back, we won’t let her go anywhere. Randhir says yes, when Uday and Vashma met now, we shall get them married, Bhanu you know everything about them. Saroj asks did anyone ask you to talk, we will sort our family matter, we don’t need a stranger’s advice. Amrit asks Saroj to apologize to Randhir. Saroj says Amrit is in Randhir’s control.

Amrit says we should get Uday and Vashma married. Saroj says no, never. Veer comes and asks why not, I heard about them from Amrit, I want to get them married, its a good deed, its my wish. Saroj asks how can I refuse to you. Veer says good. Randhir says so its decided, come, Nalini is waiting. They leave from the temple. Veer pushes Saroj in the cow dung. Randhir asks her to be careful. Saroj says you pushed me in the cow dung, how dare you. Randhir says I didn’t push you. She asks will you take such revenge. Veer says I know Randhir, he can’t do this. Saroj says you don’t know him. Amrit says Randhir will never do this. Randhir looks at Veer. Bhanu says its a mistake, don’t make it an issue. Amrit says we will go back, Nalini would be waiting. They come back to the palace. Vijender says Nalini will win the elections. Bhanu says people said they gave votes to you. Nalini says its Randhir’s hardwork. Randhir smiles. Veer leaves. Vashma asks Randhir not to worry. Randhir says but, I didn’t push Saroj, who pushed her then. Veer gets a champagne bottle. Nalini says let the results come fast. Veer says you will surely win. He plays a song and dances. Everyone smiles. Veer serves drinks to everyone. He signs Randhir to drink. Randhir gets some sparkles on his hand. He thinks such sparkles were on Saroj’s clothes, it means Veer did this.

Veer does a drama. Randhir says you don’t know this man’s drama. Amrit takes Veer’s side. Veer asks the man to take Randhir’s get up and come. He says Amrit will be mine

Update Credit to: Amena

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