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Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sherlin manages to steal Akshay’s mobile

Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kritika stops Prithvi explaining he is truly really a nice person, she explains he knows they have the mobile yet he still did not ask for her videos but she knows he will not be able to see them as a husband, Prithvi thinks that he doesnot care for her videos but only desires to delete his photo, she reveals that they have even cracked the lock but there is still a lock on the gallery which they have not been able to, Prithvi immediately asks her to give him the mobile because he has friend who is really clever and can surely help them, Kritika says she doesnot have the mobile as Preeta has it, she has now gone to meet Karan, Prithvi asks her to give him the mobile when Preeta comes back because he would be able to help them, Kritika is really glad that he has stood by her even after knowing the truth behind her past, she is really glad then Prithvi hugging her explains that she is not mad at all because Kritika is the only one has in his life and seeks permission to attend the bathroom.

Sameer is standing when Mahesh comes, Sameer helps him sit, Shristhi comes calling out to Sameer not knowing that Mahesh and Rakhi are with them, She apologizes when Mahesh says there is nothing to worry about because they all know she has come to talk about Akshay’s mobile, Shristhi explains that the truth is they did not find the mobile but instead stole it, Mahesh is shocked when they explain that they stole it from Megha’s house because she had it, Mahesh is shocked to know that the police were not able to find it, Shristhi reveals they also came to know about it when Preeta was called to sign some legal documents, they ask about Preeta, Shristhi, Sameer respond she has went to the police station, Mahesh thinks she might have gone to hand the evidence to the police but they say she went to meet Karan, Rakhi immediately starts explaining how they should give them both some time as they are husband and wife, Mahesh stops her saying there is no need, Shristhi explains she is really glad they both are the in laws of Preeta as they are the best Father and Mother in law, Rakhi questions that since she is sure they are the best in laws so would she be interested in becoming the wife of her youngest son Sameer who is still a bachelor, Shristhi gets tensed so leaves making an excuse of calling Sarla, Rakhi turns to Sameer who also runs inside, Mahesh asks why did she have to scare the children.

Sherlin is waiting in her room, Prithvi enters but she pushes him saying he must leave the room, Prithvi demands the reason, and she replies she has to do everything by herself because he has got the golden trunk Kritika so why does he have to worry and he will marry her attaining the entire wealth so what would have nothing to care about even if she dies, Prithvi scolds her saying there is no need for her to talk in such a manner but then says he would not fight with her because she is pregnant and the hormones change, Prithvi reveals that the reason they were able to get the information was because of the way he acts with Kritika and they know the mobile doesnot have a battery giving them a lot of time, Sherlin mentions he must not be so nice because he will go and get the mobile today from Preeta’s room, Prithvi however even refuses to think of going into the room because he is not afraid from anyone except Preeta so cannot go into her room, he leaves which irritates Sherlin, Mahira enters asking if she needs her help because she mentioned that Prithvi is really selfish as he did not care that she is doing all of this because of him, Sherlin thinks that Mahira doesnot know the mobile has a huge proof against her, she agrees to allow Mahira. Pammi standing outside the room wonders what are the up to so decides to find out and keep a strong eye on them.

Shristhi reveals these days everyone has same mobiles just like Prithvi and Mahira but why does Akshay have such an old model, Preeta doesnot care however explains she is tired so will go and freshen up, Shristhi also decides to go into the kitchen and eat something while also prepare tea for her, She advises Preeta to lock the door, Mahira listens to their conversation so calls Sherlin explaining Preeta has returned so they can steal the mobile however there is a problem as she has locked the room, Sherlin reveals they would have to do anything to attain the mobile but she will disguise herself as a man and she should also change into the clothes of a boy so no one suspects them. Pammi comes back into the lounge thinking she must find the truth about them.
Prithvi is really restless in his room, he wonders what the cause is so decides to get the mobile thinking of what would happen if they were able to unlock it and find the truth about him, he decides to get the mobile today and hand it to Sherlin, so she is also able to trust him once again.

Mahira is waiting for Sherlin wondering where she has gone, Sherlin comes disguised as a boy, Mahira is really impressed but asks what she would do about her face, Sherlin replies that she doesnot forget so has brought the face mask, Sherlin enters the room using the back window while Mahira is waiting outside for her she is not able to find the mobile first then asks Mahira about it, she points her towards it, Pammi comes calling to Sherlin, they both get worried, Pammi sees Mahira she questions her about Shelrin but Mahira is stunned, Sherlin decides to close the window because if Pammi sees her inside the room then would start questioning her, she manages to secretly close the window and start her search once again, Mahira breathes a sigh of relief, seeing which Pammi questions what is the reason and she might be saved but Mahira explains she has a breathing problem so came to the back hall, she advises Pammi to go and check for Sherlin in her room however Pammi replies that she is not there which is why she is searching for her.

Sherlin is able to take the mobile when she hears Preeta coming out of the bathroom which worries her, she thinks she might be caught.

Precap: Shristhi says that if all the windows of the room are closed then this means the thief is still inside the room and has stolen the mobile, Preeta is about to lift the curtain behind which Sherlin is hiding, she is really worried about what would happen to her.

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