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Kumkum Bhagya MYSTERY chapter 4

Mitali – this house is so big and royal

PRATAP- of course why shouldn’t it be it exterior and interior is done by PRACHI and it is own by PRACHI

Abhi – is it PRACHI house

PRATAP- yes mr . Mehra actually in my family everybody has their own houses in some place LIKE PRACHI has in Delhi my elder son in jaipur like that

Abhi- ok

PRATAP- now let’s get in

They go and THEY see a girl LISTENING to music on a headphone and a boy behind her TRYING to call her

She is

He is

Danish – Saanvi listen to me

After trying she takes out the headphone from

Saanvi – why did you take my headphones

Danish – I was calling you from when but you were not listening to me

Saanvi – sorry

Danish – it is okay

Sahana – Saanvi my sister

Saanish (saanvi plus DANISH)

Saanish – where is PRACHI/ di

SAHANA – you always care ABOUT PRACHI and not me

Saanvi – because my idiot sister east or west PRACHI is the best

Sahana – very funny danish what about you what do you think

Danish – I am with my SAHANA di

Saanvi – see when my PRACHI comes she will take class of you both monkeys

Pragya – Continue it when PRACHI comes now stop fighting

Saanish – YAY PRAGYA AUNTY you know what we missed you so much

Pragya – I also miss you my child

Danish – But dad where is di

Pratap – you know her she is so much dedicated to her she is fighting a case

Danish – ok dad but who are they (point TOWARDS MEHRAS)

PRATAP- they are PRACHI biological family

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