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It’s Not About Me It’s About Us (Chapter 6)

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It starts with:::

Kabir and Ishani in Uma’s room

Kabir ( hesitantly)– Aunt we..Acualyy we want to talk to you..

Uma- What happened why you both seemed to be tensed?? Is everything fine??

Kabir– Acually ,,
Meanwhile Ishani cutting him in between..

Ishani– Kabutar tum rhne do tumse na ho payega🤣 Mom we are in love..

Uma– Whattt??

Ishani- Yaa mom and we want to marry.

Uma– Wait you both love each other and you are telling me now??

Ishani- Sorry mom, i told him but kabutar is of no use..

While in Riddima’s Room

Vansh enters the room and saw that Riddhima was not there.Then he realised opening of washroom.
He hid behind the curtain and threw a fake lizard on her..

She screamed but he kept his hand on her face and pinned her to wall.

she was scared and cut his hand.He left her with a jerk.

She started crying.

Vansh– Pls don’t cry It was just a prank.

But she crying loudly and said you knew naa I am scared of lizards.

Vansh-; Sorry but don’t cry otherwise mom is going to kill me..Now a days she is very possessive abot you.
But she didn’t stop.

Vansh fell on his knees pls stop crying pls i don’t want to be out of the home pls.

Eventually she stopped and started laughing seeing him.

Then he told her that mom has called all in the hall.

In the hall

Uma- I want to tell you all something.

Vansh- But what mom

Uma- Have some patience(in stern voice)

Ridd- Is it fine bestie?

Uma-Yess dear

Vansh made a face and all giggled

Uma-: Kabir and Ishani love each other and want to marry..

All were shockedd…

Aryan– Haaa tum dono kab se gulu gulu chala rhe hoo

Ishani blushed.

Uma- So I am calling Jay(Ridd’s father) today!!Then further decisions will be made..

All congratulated them.

At Night

Riddhima went to Kabir’s room.
Ridd -Bhai

Kabir-Riddhu!! Come

Ridd– Bhai I just wanted to ask you that are you sure?

Kabir–Yaa Riddhu Ishani is just like me. She understands me and loves me most importantly. I know you don’t believe in love and marriage but I just feel complete with her.

Riddima hugged him ..

While Uma was watching them she went to room.
She saw a picture and hugged her and said


So that’s it guys..
Hope you all liked and tell me in comments how was it..


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