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If Not Sayi, Then Someone Else – Episode 3 – Does Sayi Love Virat?

Hello, my dear friends. Back with next episode. Hope you will enjoy it.

The Episode starts…

“I went to Nasik to complete some rituals there. I remember very well how I met Pakhi. I wanted to show Pooja/ritual being done to my family, but unfortunately my battery was finished. I needed Power Bank. And then my fate decides me to meet Pakhi. She helped me. That ritual was completed because of her. Soon, we both parted our ways. But in hotel, I found that she is also staying in same hotel and that too opposite my room. We collided with each other many times. It was her camping trip. We spend 1 week there. Often, those nights seemed beautiful as there were plays, dances and Antakshri. We danced, we sang, enjoyed but more than that, we felt for each other. It was an attraction for me but for her, it became an obsession. I really enjoyed her company a lot. I thought it’s love. I thought to confess my feelings to her. But when I was about to propose her, my phone rang and I needed to go from there. Pakhi gave her number to me. But because it was destined, I couldn’t contact her. In rage, she ageeed to the alliance which came for her. It turned out to be my brother’s alliance. When she found out this, she was out of control. To pacify her, I made her the promise that I won’t give the love she deserved to any other girl. That was the biggest mistake I would have done in my entire life. I expected understanding from her when I married you, but my hopes were shattered when she confessed that she still have feelings for me”

There was tears in Virat’s eyes which were truly visible to Sayi. She couldn’t stop herself to sympathise with him. She gently placed her hand on his hand assuring him that she can understand. It was 3 and a half months to their marriage, but Virat never disclosed about Pakhi to Sayi. She was somewhat shocked thinking how can Pakhi didi even assume that there situations are still the same as were before marriage? How could she become so much obsessed with Virat Sir in just one week?

Sayi : Virat Sir, do you still have same feelings, same attractions towards Pakhi didi as you had before? (She asks with extremely heavy voice)

Virat : No, I don’t. Pakhi is my brother’s wife. She is my sister in law. How can I feel for her? She should move on, now.

There was some kind of happiness in Sayi’s heart from which she was unaware.

Sayi : Did you moved on?

Virat : I had moved on, Sayi. And the biggest proof is that I had married you.

Sayi : Virat Sir, it’s just a deal which we have shaped in marriage. Once I become doctor, our deal is over!

Virat : That means you will leave me?

Sayi (with much hesitation) : Maybe

Virat : How can you leave me, Sayi? (With some stubbornness in his voice)

Sayi : Virat Sir, it was a deal that I will leave from here once I become a doctor, once you fulfill your responsibility! I am just your responsibility, Virat Sir. But, why it is bothering you so much?

Virat (instantly) : Why shouldn’t I bother? You’re my life. I can’t live without you.

Tere liye main jahaan se takraunga
Sab kuch khoke tujhko hi paaunga
Dil banke main dil dhadkaunga
Main tera ban jaaunga
Main tera ban jaaunga

Immediately,  Virat realises what he said. And slowly bow his head and looks at the box which he brought with him. He opens it, kneels down infront of Sayi and

It’s true, Sayi. I can’t live without you. Because I love you. Each day passes, my love increases for you. It’s not an attraction or just a random feeling. It’s my pure love for you. It’s not your beauty which attracted me, it’s your nature which attracted my heart. I will die without you. I will die… Please don’t leave me”

Sonh teri main kasam yehi khaunga
Keetey waadeya nu umraan nibhaunga
Tujhe har waari apna banaunga
Main tera ban jaaunga
Main tera ban jaaunga

Sayi was shocked to the core as she haven’t guessed this. Her eyes were filled with those pearls but her heart wasn’t ready to believe what she heard.

Virat : Sayi, you too love me, na?

Sayi : No, Virat Sir. I can’t love you.

Virat get up from his kneeling position.

I can’t love you, Virat Sir. Pakhi didi still thinks that you are hers. I don’t want her to believe that I am snatching you from her. Until she accepts the fact that you are not hers, I too will never accept whether I love you or not. Whether I want to leave or not. She has to accept that you are not hers.

Virat : Then to whom I belong Sayi?

Sayi (without thinking) : Obviously, you belong to me. (She realises what she said)

Meri raahein tere tak hain
Tujhpe hi toh mera haq hai
Ishq mera tu beshaq hai
Tujhpe hi toh mera haq hai

Saath chhodunga na tere pichhe aaunga
Chheen lunga ya Khuda se maang laaunga
Tere naal taqdeeran likhwaunga
Main tera ban jaaunga
Main tera ban jaaunga

Their eyelock is interrupted by waiter who comes with the food they ordered.

After sometime ; Sairat in home…

Pakhi : Virat, today your wife had crossed every limit. She had given Ashwini Mami some allergic medicines. In the name of headache medicines.

Bhavani : Ae! Nowadays you had even started plotting against family members to kill them.

Sayi : Kaku, why would I do such act? First tell me where is Aayi? How is she now? And where is she? I want to meet her.

Ninad : You won’t go to Ashwini. You had already tried to kill her? God knows what is your next move?

Sonali : Ho na, and she’s behaving as if she even worries for Ashwini Vahini?

Sayi : I can’t understand which fool had eaten you today! I know very well, I gave Aayi headache medicines only. Don’t try to stop me! I will meet aayi at any cost.

Sayi is adamant on her decision. And she goes towards Ashwini’s room when suddenly a voice stops her. She couldn’t believe that the man who just now appeared so much loving is now disbelieving her once again.

“Stop there, Sayi. Don’t even try to move a step ahead. Or else you’ll face the wrath of ACP Virat Chavan”.

Sayi is not a foolish to not understand his voice but she was startled listening such a thud in his voice.
She turns to see Virat who is boiling red in anger.

My Aayi accepted you. She treated you as her own daughter. And what you did? What you did, Sayi? If I accept it, that you didn’t do it intentionally! Then how could you be so careless, Sayi? How? ( He shouts )

Sayi is shocked but not afraid after seeing his harsh behaviour. She just couldn’t digest the fact that her Virat Sir is mistrusting her again.

Sayi : Virat Sir, when you came to Gadchiroli for asking forgiveness,  I thought you had literally changed. You are truly regretting for what you did. But after seeing you today, it seems that was just an act.

“Well, I don’t need to give you any explanation but still I am telling. I could definitely say that this is just your family members tactics to create misunderstanding between us. Regarding aayi, I am truthful that I didn’t gave her any wrong medicines. And now you only told na, that aayi always treats me like her own daughter, then you don’t have any right to stop me from meeting my aayi!

She goes from there saying this to meet Ashwini. Virat tries to stop her but in vain.

Now starts the real brainwashing of Virat by family members but mainly  Pakhi.

“Did you saw, Virat? How she doesn’t listen to anyone? Ashwini Mami never liked me, but still I always respected her. But, Sayi… Ashwini Mami always loved Sayi! But see what she did! Your mother is ill because of Sayi. I didn’t even thought in my wildest dream that Sayi will do such cheap act!

Virat : Who told you to even think also, Patralekha vahini?

Pakhi : What you told, Virat? Vahini?

Bhavani : Chalo! Today only one good thing happened. Virat referred Patralekha as Vahini.

Pakhi was irked enough.

Pakhi : Badi Mami! He is just diverting the topic by calling Vahini and all that. We are talking about Sayi, Virat!

Virat : Who even told you to talk, Vahini? Please mind your own business. And regarding Sayi, I know what to do! You don’t need to explain me.

Omkar : Virat, you are disrespecting our Patralekha! Mind your language.

Virat : When I disrespected Vahini? Infact I am giving her respect by calling her Vahini.

Pakhi gets super irritated by hearing vahini.

Virat : If she gets disrespected talking to me, then please, vahini, don’t talk to me. Currently, I am going to meet my aayi.

                         Episode ends here.                         

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