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Hamariwali Good News 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mukund and Meera face a problem

Hamariwali Good News 26th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Navya coming to Ritvik. He looks at her. He goes to sleep. She also sleeps. Mukund says I just love Renuka in this whole world, really. Meera thinks of Devika’s words. She says I won’t lose, I won’t let my past affect my present and future, I will prove myself for my, Navya and Ritvik’s happiness, I will fight and win also. Bharat cries. Meera wakes up from sleep. She goes out and asks what happened. Mukund says baby seems troubled, I didn’t change his diaper at night, how did I make such a big mistake. He cares for Bharat. He says how did he get so many rashes, how did this happen. Meera says sorry, I should have been careful. He says no, Bharat is my responsibility, I have to tell this to Navya and ask her, I will call her. She says don’t call her, Devika kept a puja today, Navya will get disturbed, I will find a solution on net. He says fine, do something fast. She goes.

Navya says I m worried for Bharat. Ritvik says get ready, I will drop you. She holds his hand and thanks him. They get ready. Ritvik says I have to drop Navya at her house. Devika says no need, Mukund is getting Meera in evening, Navya can go with him, its a rasam that a relative comes to pick the girl. Ritvik says then we have to pick Meera. Devika says yes, Navya can’t step out until kuldevi puja, bahu has to pray for the house prosperity. Navya nods. Devika says I know children don’t believe this, but I believe such customs. He says okay. Navya goes to prepare puja plate. Devika gets Meera’s call. Meera says we will get late to come.

Devika asks why is Bharat crying. Navya worries. Meera says he got rashes, we forgot to change his diaper, don’t tell this to Navya. Devika asks what, he got rashes, he would be in pain, call a doctor for him. Navya drops the puja plate. She runs and takes the call. She asks what happened to Bharat, how did he get rashes, does he have fever, stay there, I m coming. She steps out of the house. Ritvik calls her out and says let me drop you. Devika says oh no, Navya left the puja and went out of the house, you know its a big bad omen, something bad will happen. She scolds Meera. She says Navya doesn’t trust you that you can handle that baby, when Navya comes, ask her to stay with Mukund and baby, she doesn’t need to come back here. Meera worries.

Mukund says you suggested the right lotion, he felt better and slept. Meera smiles. She says how can Navya make such a mistake, why is she coming. Adi sees Ritvik. He says I told you, Navya won’t stay here for long, she was with me for five years, she was finding a chance to run away, its her old habit. Akki laughs. Ritvik gets sad. Meera thinks I will ask Navya to go home and do puja. Navya says I wasn’t here for one night and Bharat fell sick. Meera says you should do puja, I don’t know raising kids, but Mukund is with me, we have handled him, Bharat is fine now, you don’t have to worry, go home, you don’t trust me. Navya says fine, I don’t trust me, let me see my baby. Meera says I know your bond with Bharat. Navya says you are a stranger for me, I don’t know you, you aren’t my Saas, Renuka is my Saas, Bharat would have not got sick if she was here, I have a right to meet Bharat, how can you stop me. Meera says you had a right on this house, now I have a right on Mukund, this house and Bharat. Mukund comes there and hears this. He gets shocked.

Meera says yes, I m not Renuka, I don’t care for that, I m Meera, I want to run my house my way, you got married, go and manage your house, if you come this way, then you won’t keep yours and my family well. Navya says I won’t go without meeting Bharat, let me go, please. Meera asks her to go. Mukund gets angry and pushes Meera. He asks how dare you stop Navya, we just got married, you can’t command Navya. Devika and Ritvik come and get shocked seeing this. Devika shouts Mukund. Ritvik helps Meera. Devika asks how dare you raise hand on my sister, you psycho. Ritvik says enough Mukund ji, we have seen what you did with Meera, we didn’t expect this from you. Devika says you married her to raise hand on her.

Mukund says no, I made my hand away when she was holding my hand. Devika says thank God we came on time and saw this, you can’t digest food without raising hand on women. Navya says wait, what are you saying about him, you don’t know him, he didn’t raise hand on any women, this was a mistake. Ritvik says please, we have seen it, what happened that Mukund had to raise hand. Devika says enough, don’t know what will Mukund do with Meera, Meera won’t stay here, come Meera. She takes Meera with her. Meera thinks to go right now, else it will be an issue. Mukund says Navya… They hear Bharat crying and go to him. Devika smiles. Devika asks Ritvik to decide now, will he care for them or Navya. She says we have to take Meera to doctor, come. Mukund gets sad.

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