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Choti Sardarni 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kulwant enters the engagement

Choti Sardarni 25th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sarab applies medicine on Karan’s wound. He says I feel a lot better. Karan says I see Meher mama. Sarabasys but she will come to the engagement tomorrow. Seher you can also use the drops and see if you see mama. Sarab applies the drops and opens his eyes. He sees Meher. He’s shocked. Sarab says Meher ji.. Meher says don’t come near me. Good girls don’t come near their fiance. Sarab says why did you come here then? Can’t live away from me right? Meher says I came here for the kids. I am a mother as well. I will sleep with the kids.

Scene 2
Bitu and Rana play cards. Kulwant hits them and says you, useless people. I gave you one task and you both ruined it. Bitu says we did what you asked. Rana shows her the photos. Kulwant says one of you left the band there you idiots. Bitu and Rana say we have it. Rana shows his band but Bittu’s is missing. Kulwant says Meher is going to check it. You are gone. Bitu says I have a witness Rana. Bitu says won’t you help me rana? Kulwant says Rana I will give you all my property. Will you give a statement against him? Bitu says mummy ji please save me. Please do something. Kulwant gives him her band and says use this and do what I ask. She leaves.

Bitu says to Rana you were going against me for a property? Forgot that I have pen drive. Bitu copied the footage in pen drive so they can blackmail Kulwant. Rana says as long as we have it mumy ji can’t do anything. We will blackmail her and get the property. Bitu says mummy ji gave her band to me. What will she wear?

Scene 3
Meher asks Param can there be more of these bands? He says no Meher mama. One order has one code. There can be only 25 of each code. Once a band is tapped one square is filled. That means one person is left. Meher says that means I was right. Only 24 people would enter.

Sarab comes to Meher. Meher says you did facial? I haven’t seen a groom getting more ready than the bride. He says this brightness is on my afce since childhood. It’s natural. Meher says I never saw it before. Sarab says you also need eye cool drops. Sarab hugs Meher. He says do you know? You weren’t here, I missed you every moment. You are my life. Your love, your care, your anger, you fulfill the gap I felt after mom left me. And that is why the necklace my mom always wore is now yours. Sarab says to Meher the love I had for my mom, is for you now. He makes Meher wear the necklace. The song saath tere plays. Meher smiles. Sarab hugs her. Harleen says Meher get ready.

Kulwant gets Yuvi ready. He says why do you look tense? Kulwant says not feeling well. Yuvi says you should rest. Kulwant says it’s my daughter’s engagement. Param calls Yuvi. He says give me the photo you took yesterday. Yuvi says our net isn’t working. I have copied all the photos in a drive.

Scene 4
Harleen gets all the preps done. Meher gets ready. She works on her spy scanner set up. Meher asks everyone to scan their bands. Harleen says Meher? What are you doing on the gate? There are many helpers. Meher says I don’t want anyone to break the rules so I want to do it myself. Once I check the bands, I will come in. Harleen goes inside. Meher says I will catch the culprit today. Meher’s uncle and his family come. Meher says please scan your band here. We have to send the report to DM. A man comes in. Bitu and Rana try to sneak in. Meher scans bands of Sarab’s friends. Ginni and Jeeto get their bands checked. Meher says only five boxes are left.

Bitu and Rana also scan their bands and come in. Only three people are left, Tamana, Gulati uncle, and Kulwant. Meher says this means that driver was one of these three? It can’t be mummy ji. Why would she do that to Sarab? Tamana comes in. She scans her band. Gulati uncle scans his. Kulwant is left. Param gives the pen drive to Meher. Sarab says to Meher why are you doing this? Ask any helper. Meher looks at Kulwant. Meher says is it mummy ji? I hope that’s not true. Sarab hugs Kulwant. There’s no band in one of her wrists. Sarab takes Kulwant inside. Meher stops Kulwant and asks her to scan her band. She shows her band and says what do I do with it? Sarab says scan there. Meher scans her band. She’s confused. It scans and fills the box. Meher is relaxed. Meher hugs Kulwant. Kulwant recalls stealing Yuvi’s band. She asked Yuvi to run and hug Param. Yuvi ran in and Meher couldn’t notice. Kulwant says I am your mom after all.

Episode ends.

Preacp-Meher dacnes with Sarab. Meher checks the pen driver and sees the footage in it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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