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Bawara Dil 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Bawara Dil 25th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shiva holds Sidhi’s hand and helps her in kneading the flour, he gets conscious and moves away. Sidhi learns from him and he shows her how to make rotis. Sidhi shows him while rolling the roti. Shiva holds her hands from behind and helps her, he realizes how close they are and moves away. Sidhi shows him her roti and says it’s not round. Shiva laughs and says this..

Mangala tells Kaka that you can’t do simple work easily. Kaka says how did Shiva find it? Mangala says Ishwar must have found it and gave it to Shiva. She says I have to make Sidhi lose this challenge.

Shiva uses a cap and rounds the roti. Sidhi says this is such an easy way. Shiva says but this is not the right way. Sidhi says I will learn it. Shiva says you can use the easy method for now. Sidhi cuts a round roti and Shiva cooks it. He asks Sidhi to keep cooking while he goes to take a bath. He starts leaving but comes back and says mention naat? Sidhi says thank you. Shiva says it’s okay, you can teach me English some days so I am not ill-mannered anymore. Sidhi says taunting me? Shiva nods and smiles, he leaves from there. Sidhi smiles and says ill-mannered.

All family members are eating lunch. Mangala says I was dying to eat vijiya’s food, this roti is so good. Vijiya says these rotis.. Sidhi stops her. Mangala tells Sidhi to see how rotis are made. Bunty says I want pickles. Sidhi says I will bring it.

Vijiya asks Sidhi why didn’t you tell Mangala that you made the rotis? Sidhi says I didn’t want her to stop eating. I will tell her tomorrow. She takes some rotis and says someone will be happy to eat these rotis.

Sidhi comes to Malini’s house and shows her rotis. Malini is surprised and says you made these? Sidhi says yes, Malini says what I couldn’t teach you, Vijiya taught you. Sidhi says no, Shiva taught me this. Malini is surprised and says it means you both.. Sidhi says I have to get some books and goes into her room. Malini tells lord that I have seen Sidhi happy after marriage for the first time, keep her happy like this.

Sidhi opens her trunk and finds a new dress there. She brings it to Malini and says it won’t fit now. Malini says it will, Sidhi shows her the dress. Malini says it’s s*xy. She tells Sidhi that I am so happy to eat your cooked rotis. Sidhi says I will start cooking fully soon.

Sidhi comes to her room and puts the dress on the table. She can’t concentrate on her studies and thinks I have to try this dress. She looks at her sleeveless short pink dress and tries it. She models in front of a mirror and opens her hair. Shiva enters the room and is stunned to see her beauty. Sidhi applies perfume and wears some jewelry. She turns to see him standing there and gets tensed. Shiva moves closer to her. Sidhi tries to cover herself. Shiva can’t stop looking at her. Sidhi looks away, he looks away and says I.. um.. he runs out of the room and sighs. Jalwa tells him that I have arranged Akka Bai’s event. Shiva ignores him and asks him to leave. Jalwa asks if he is fine? He says yes, Jalwa leaves. Sidhi comes there fully dressed. She says I was just checking my old dress to see fitting. She says you could have knocked before coming in. Shiva says you could have locked the room. Sidhi says I am going. Shiva says I have to exercise now to calm my heart. Sidhi says your heart rate is up? Shiva says don’t question me like a masterni. Sidhi says I am going to study so don’t disturb me. Shiva says I am not that. Sidhi says yeah you are ill-mannered. She leaves from there. Shiva tries to calm himself.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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