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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Shanti and Sakina doubt Bachchan and Mirza

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 25th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shanti and Sakina come downstairs. Sakina says she is waiting for tea and Mirza is making tea cold. Mirza says I will bring tea there and asks them to go. Later Sakina searches for the cupboard keys and says it is missing, where to keep these stuff. Mirza says we will keep it here, later on we will keep it in almari. Sakina says this is my precious Eid clothes. Mirza says you had gone to meet Shanti Bhabhi, asks her to go and see if it is there. Sakina asks him to go and ask her. She thinks there was duplicate key too and wonders where was it? She calls Mirza and tells that she has found duplicate key. Mirza runs upstairs and gets shocked seeing Sakina opening the almari. He shouts begum. Sakina asks what happened? Mirza says you got the keys. Sakina asks him to keep the stuff in the almari and tells that she will go and get ready. Mirza asks her to go and feels relieved. He opens the almari and finds the dead body missing. He calls Bachchan. Bachchan asks if everything is fine. Mirza says dead body is missing. Bachchan says I made it missing from your almari, else your wife would have made you dead body. Mirza asks where is the dead body? Bachchan says in the extra bathroom where nobody goes. Mirza says we have to do something once everyone sleeps. Bachchan says before babu ji uses the bathroom, we have to get rid of dead body. Mirza asks him to make the dead body rests on his bed tonight. Bachchan says he is single, but can’t sleep with dead body. Sakina comes back and asks Mirza if he didn’t keep her stuff inside. He says he is keeping.

Later Bachchan and Mirza come to the gallery bathroom and take out the dead body. Mirza tells that he is seeing everything red. Bachchan asks him to remove dupatta from his head. Mirza takes it out and keeps it in dead body’s pocket. Brij asks from where are they coming? They hide the dead body behind the mattress and lie to him. brij says he is going to gallery’s bathroom to use it, and tells about his diarrhea problem. Noorjahan says she has medicine which she will give him. Mirza and Bachchan take the dead body in the latter’s room. Mirza comes to his room and finds awake. He tells that he is restless. She asks him to change the kurta and sleep. She asks why is it torn? Mirza says Bachchan had worn it before and I used it without washing just as you like it. Sakina finds basanti’s pic from his kurta and gets doubtful. Mirza sleeps. Sakina suspects him. She sends Basanti’s pic to Shanti and asks her to check in Bachchan’s room. Shanti overhears Bachchan taking to dead body and telling to get rid of it. Shanti thinks he brought bhabhi before marriage. The dead body is actually alive and turns his head. Bachchan gets scared and reads mantras. Mirza wakes up and tells Sakina that he saw a bad dream. Sakina says I want to ask you something and asks did he give the kurta to bachchan? Mirza says yes, and asks if he did a crime? Sakina says I was just asking. Mirza sleeps.

Next day, Mirza wakes up and thinks what to do, shall he call Bachchan or not, have to get rid of dead body too. He finds Sakina coming there and asks how did she wake up so early. Sakina tells that she couldn’t sleep all night and asks why did he wake up? Mirza says to run. Sakina asks shall I accompany you. She asks if she is not suitable for him now. Mirza says he can’t imagine someone else in her place. Sakina hopes so. Bachchan wakes up hearing Shanti calling him. He takes the dead body behind the door and opens the door. Shanti tells that she brought tea for him and insists to get inside, but Bachchan closes the door. Mirza comes there and says I am Mirza. Bachchan opens the door and tells that dead body can’t let him sleep. Shanti and Sakina doubt bachchan and Mirza. Bachchan tells that they can get saved from court, but can’t get saved from Sakina and Shanti’s terror. Shanti and Sakina think not to leave Bachchan and Mirza whoever is guilty. Mirza and Bachchan pack the dead body in a bedsheet. Mirza asks Bachchan to bring him as the line is clear. Shanti and Sakina come there. Mirza gets shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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