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Are you my Soulmate ? Episode 12

The episode starts with Ridhima in the hotel room, all dressed up and try to remember everything happened last night. While Vansh is on his way to office, suddenly he remembers the moment where he gave Priya’s ring to Ridhima and asked her to wear it. He thinks no matter how drunk I was, how could I give Priya’s ring to someone and that too that Overacting star Ridhima. He asks the driver to turn around the car back to the hotel. Ridhima is in the lift while talking to her manager to come and pick her from the hotel. Vansh tries to call Ridhima but her phone is busy. He reaches the hotel and enters inside. He sees Ridhima coming there while talking on phone. He takes her phone away and cuts the call while Ridhima looks on. She asks him what type of behavior is that, why to took my phone, give it back to me. He asks her to give his ring back. She says which ring? I didn’t take any ring but he grabs her hand and shows her the ring on her finger and pointing out, this ring. It’s mine, last night I was drunk so I gave it to you by mistake and now remove it and give it back to me. But she pulls her hand and says no way, first promise me you will take me back in the film. Vansh tries to take the ring forcefully. He was going to remove the ring from her finger but suddenly all the media reporters came there and start clicking their pictures.

They start questioning them, did Vansh Raichand just proposed the movie star Ridhima Malhotra? are you both going to marry? How long have you been in relationship? Ridhima and Vansh both runs from there and take the car away. Vansh ask her what was that all about. How could she do that stunt just for a one damn role. Ridhima says it wasn’t me, even I don’t know who called them there. Moreover, it was your mistake, you brought me to your hotel room last night. I am a celebrity, media always keep on spying on us, it’s very common for a celebrity. Her manager calls her while Vansh’s manager calls him too. They alert them about the news of them being engaged is now viral and everyone is talking about both of you. Vansh says, don’t people have anything else to do rather than gossiping around about our private life and above all of that, they are trying to knot me with her…. Her… seriously. She asks him, what’s wrong with me? am I not attractive, hot, beautiful. He comes near her and smells her scent. Don’t tell me you haven’t even brushed your teeth, yuck and you call yourself beautiful and hot. You are not even closed to that, at least not for me. Plus, if you had easily given me back my ring on time, this might not even happen. Ridhima says you. Vansh say ok stop it, now think what can we do. He asks his manager to try and remove this news from everywhere if possible.

They both come to her house and their managers came there too. Vansh Manager says to them that at this point you both can do one thing. You can carry on with fake news and keep on pretending as a couple. They both says No way. N..O…W…A…Y No way, me and her/him in dreams. Vansh says you may even not eligible enough to come in my dreams. I on the other hand is a dream of lot of girls and smiles while setting his hairs. She says I am also a dream of my youngsters…. Youngsters… which you definitely aren’t (pointing on his age) they both start arguing again but their managers stop them and says this is not the time to fight like children, you both are adults, can’t you behave like one. Vansh sees his manager with serious eyes, you want me to behave like adult, fine. I should call Shreya (his secretary) to type a resignation letter for you because if you had done your work properly this might not even happen. His manager (Ryan) says I was just kidding, you look sweet while fighting like children. Vansh says you meant I am a child, Ryan says no no, who said you are child, you are not even human. Vansh says what! Ryan says I mean you are not human but superhuman. He massages Vansh’s shoulder while buttering him. Ridhima’s manager took Ridhima aside and tells him to grab this opportunity. Vansh Raichand is a brand. If rumor goes on and everybody in our industry thinks you both are couple and you will become popular again. All the movie directors will be ready to take you in their movie due to Vansh. Just pretend it for some time and after that when you will get some projects, just tell the media you broke-up. Break-up is very common in our industry and no one will suspect you. It just the matter of few times. Just be good with him, he is the key of your success. Moreover, he isn’t that bad, he is handsome, rich, popular, yes, he is little rude but who cares. You are not going to marry him, right. So, tolerate him for couple of weeks. On the other hand, Ryan tells the same to Vansh as they are going to sign a major contract next week with big companies, they can’t risk it now. Just keep on pretending for now. Vansh say but her…her. Why it has to be her.

Precap- they say the clause which they want to add in their contract (contract for their fake engagement)

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