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The Twisted game of Destiny- Entry or not? ep2. RiAnsh Fanfiction IMMJ2

Entry or not?

I’m back with my second episode. Thank you for all the comments in the previous update. Let me know how you find it in the comments section. From now there might be quite a few flashback scenes. I will also be posting daily so hope i get lots of comments from you! ❤  @Unnamed, @Gabriela, @Anoyinguser, did guess it right. 👏 We start with the episode.

A beautiful lady opened the door. She was all stylish, wearing a trendy outfit with light make up on. She was curious to know who these teenagers were. Riva went in to her thoughts

Riva: (thinking) isn’t she the lady Mom wrote about in her diary, on the second page….

Rivan and Riva are seen in a room, with two twin beds. They’re both seated on one of the beds and they’re holding a dairy. Riddhima’s diary.

Rivan: The first page (reading what’s written)

My Perfect Family!

Riva: (turning the page and reading)

Dear diary,

   My perfect family starts with this girl! We always lived like sisters, our bonding was better than her and her brother’s bond, my husband was her brother. Her name is Ishani. We used to hang out many at times together making my hubby jealous (laughs) He always whined about our bond but it never broke us apart, we were like marshmallows, sticking around together! 

   She’s a designer, a successful one! She had started off with her own company called Isha Designs, and now it’s soaring high up in the sky! I’m very proud of her!! When I read about her in newspapers and magazines, I always want to congratulate her and celebrate with her but I can’t. (sad) Whenever we had to dress up, she would be our designer, and God, how she used to ready us! We all looked so beautiful but she went ranting about that she was always the best (laughs) I miss all those lively and lovely moments together. Dear diary, I also have a pic with her, after seeing her you’ll definitely agree with me, that she was indeed very pretty!

Riva: Isha designs…… so dad’s sister is a designer. Mmm interesting, very interesting!

Flashback Ends

Riva: You’re Ishani right? The famous designer??

By the time she was about to answer her a husky voice stopped her and took it upon him. He was a middle-aged man wearing a Royal blue velvet suit. His hair set clean. A black beard bordering his lower part of his face while his eyes, deep brown. Full of attitude as he descended the stairs.

Unknown man: Ishani! Hold on…who are you both? (Descending the stairs from the first floor)

Ishani: Exactly who are? Never seen you here. You seem like you’re twins?

Riva: Hello! We’re are new here and yes, we are twins. And… (Was cut short by the husky voice)

Unknown man: And your names? (He reached them at the door, and they were looking at each other)

Rivan: (interfered) we will tell you ours, but would you please introduce yourselves so that we can familiarize!

Ishani: You’ve come here but you don’t know anything about the owner! Wow! Well, he’s the…

Angre: (interrupted and walked to Ishani) May you please give your introduction first, we don’t allow intruders! (Stern)

Rivan: Excuse me Mr muscular man… (Riva glared at him and he replied) What? They didn’t introduce themselves so what do you expect me to call them? (Back to Angre) Ya so Mr Muscular man, we are not intruders! We are normal kids.

Ishani: Please don’t mind but these are our house rules… you have to introduce first, then only you’ll be allowed here.

Riva: This is insane (surprised) house with rules!! A house with rules isn’t called a house Ms. It’s more of a jail!! (She taunted)

Angre: Can’t you two answer our questions with ease? Do you need to be so stubborn? (Getting pissed after all you know they’re stubborn like…..)

Riva: We asked you all a simple question too! (Sarcastic) We asked this handsome and tall man, wearing a royal blue suit his name too, but he didn’t reply! (Pointing to the man) But anyway I am Riva (smiled)

Rivan: I am Rivan! Expected our first meeting will go well but I guess it didn’t happen so I’ll just stick to nice meeting you! (Smiling) And you sir?

Angre: I’m Angre and she’s Ishani as you had said (pointing to her)

Unknown man: Did you call yourselves Riva and Rivan??

Rivan and Riva: Duhh! I don’t think we called our rucksacks that? (They let out a sarcastic giggle while Ishani had a smile on her face) Who are you??

Unknown man: I am the….. (Proudly)

Precap: realization and introduction.

So this was the second episode, I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Thank you.

I have a question for you:
Who do you think the man is??  And will they be able to enter the house?
 Do let me know in the comments section.


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