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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The person tries to lock the trunk.. Mahi shoves him. His head hurts. Mahi gets out of the trunk. Se runs. Mahi takes off’s his shawl. It’s Dhillu. Inspector says we are arresting you for forcing Mahi to marry you. Jogi says Mahi is not here not there. She must be in trouble. Please do something. Seema says to Rupa what have you done to my daughter. Rupa says it’s your family that has done harm to us. Seema says your son forced her to marry now hid her. Where is my daughter? Your son would rot in jail.

Dhillu takes off his beard. He grasps Mahi’s hand. Mahi says leave me. Mahi shoves him. Mahi picks a rod and starts hitting him. Mahi says do you think girls are toys. That Arjun wanted a caretaker, you want women for fun, Jogi married me without my choice. You don’t need to save us. Mahi hits him. Mahi says no one decides for us. Mahi says don’t dare to touch a girl again. No one asks me what I want. Mahi hits him and says don’t dare to come near me again. She leaves again.

Scene 2
Jogi says I won’t go anywhere until I find Mahi. He says how will you not go. Inspector picks a rod to hit him. Mahi holds it. Everyone is shocked. Jogi says Mahi.. Are you okay? Rupa says see, here is your daughter. Don’t say a word about my son now. Biji says Mahi save Jogi. He did it all for you. Seema says say it that he forced you to marry. Inspector says everything is on you. Did this wedding happen without your consent? Mahi looks at everyone. Seema says say it. Tell them. Shalu says to tell them the truth. Akash says yes didi. Jogi says are you okay Mahi? Seema says did he force you to marry you? Mahi looks at Jogi. Mahi says no. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says this wedding wasn’t forced. It has only consent. Inspector says then there’s no case. They leave. Seema says this means you lied to us.

Pappu says to inspector Mahi is doing this to save him. She’s innocent. Go and save her. She’s scared. He says let me see what can be done. He goes back in. Shalu says what are you saying. Inspector says are you giving this statement under any fear? Did anyone scare you? And this wedding would be accepted if it is registered. Shalu says what are you saying? He says we need two witnesses. Biji says I will be the witness. Inspector says who from the girl’s side? Jogi says to Rupa.. She says I will rather tear the papers apart. Inspector says no one is ready from the girl’s side. Shalu says I will be the witness. Everyone is shocked. Shalu says before that I have to talk to Mahi. She takes Mahi inside.

Scene 3
Shalu says Mahi you said Pappu caged me in a cage. And you.. At least I am a queen here. You are caged but there in that dirt. You kept making fun on me. You kept telling everyone that I have no brains and you’re the wise one. And see now I have this palace and you have that stinking tabela. You have no place. You made fun of me and you’re paying for that now. Mahi says you always got me wrong. I can’t tell you why I decided that. I have no other option. You will understand me one day. I did it for my family. She says I am not over smart like you. Time for your destruction.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seema breaks a pot and burns a dupatta. She says I have done Mahi Chopra’s funeral. I curse you that you never stay happy with him. Jogi holds Mahi’s hand and says I will be her everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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