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Shakti 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Harman reveals his name before Harak Singh and Preeto

Shakti 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Harman about his name. Harman tells his name as Harman. Harak Singh, Preeto and Mahi get shocked. Harman smiles. Shakti song plays…..Parmeet brings Nayan, Kamini and Virat to some place and says I have selected this place for Virat and Nayan’s destination wedding, and tells that DSP will come here. She asks Nayan if she liked the place and if she is happy? Nayan smiles. Parmeet asks Virat if he is fine. Virat says he is happy, he didn’t want Heer to involve in just house work, being the house manager. Parmeet smiles. Harman tells his name as Harman Singh Shekhawat. He asks what happened, why you all are looking tensed? Harak singh says our son’s name was Harman who had left us. Preeto comes to Harman and says our son used to do much mischief and was the life of our house. She says he left us many years ago and says I will call my son’s name due to your name. She asks if I can call you Harman. Harman says yes. Mahi, Raavi and Harak Singh get emotional too. Harak Singh says we have heard this name from someone’s mouth for the first time. Harman says you have started crying and says tiger man don’t cry. Harak Singh is surprised and says our son used to call us by our name, and asks him to call him Harak Singh. Harman says yes, Harak Singh. Preeto gets emotional and asks Soumya to show room to him. Soumya asks Harman to come. Mahi thinks something is happening between them, I have to find out. Rohan tells Simran that he has kept the stuff near her and asks her to take it whenever she wants. Simran thanks him. Rohan says we have come here as you needs complete bed rest. He says Nanu and Nani called us here, to take care and says we will celebrate baby moon here. Simran smiles. Parmeet comes there and keeps the gifts. She asks how is the baby and looks at her. Simran says baby is sleeping, don’t wake her up in excitement. Parmeet asks her to come to their house for few days. Simran says Rohan and I want to spend time together. Parmeet says you both have all the life, and tells that Sant Baksh wants to spend time with baby.

Soumya takes Harman to room and says why did you tell your name as Harman. Harman says I can’t help if you don’t accept me as Harman. Soumya says I will tell them truth. Harman says they were so emotional when they hear my name and tells that they will not let him go if they come to know that he is Harman, their son. He says when you come to know that I am real Harman, then you will not let me go, he says what a love story, your anger etc. Soumya says she will tell his truth to anyone and asks him to wait till tomorrow. She opens the door and finds Mahi standing. Mahi says she came to give water. She asks what they were talking in closed door. Harman says door was open and it was closed by wind. Mahi says what had happened, that you didn’t sense when the door was closed. Soumya says I was telling him about the family. Mahi asks Harman to tell if he knows Soumya since long. Harman says I met her in neighborhood. Mahi says it is just coincidence that you came to our neighborhood, helped in Simran’s delivery and then was standing on the highway and came here. She says it was strange coincidence. Harman asks her to make a list of coincidences and tell him when it is ready. Mahi says even today she is Harman’s legally wedded wife. She thinks something is brewing between them, once I find out, Soumya is out of the house and I will live life peacefully.

Harak Singh gets the glass of wine and is happy to hide it from everyone. Harman comes there and hides his wine bottle and glass. He asks Harak Singh what is he hiding? Harak Singh asks him to say what is he hiding? Harman says this old game will not work Harak Singh and shows the wine and glass. Harak Singh laughs and says Preeto will come. They sit and think to drink. Harak Singh asks Harman to say cheers and drink. They cheer and drink. Harak Singh says we will do a thing which I like. Harman keeps his hand on the table for arm wrestling surprising Harak Singh.

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